Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces

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Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces

What you need in your core closet

Below is the life-changing solution to your wardrobe and style troubles. This style solution has changed my life. It will do the same for you!
Capsule wardrobe is about creating a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories you love to wear. The idea is you build your wardrobe from a checklist of fashion and accessory pieces that suit your lifestyle. 
All your wardrobe items have a purpose and a place. 
These key fashion essentials make getting dressed easy. This is because they are there for a reason - deliberately chosen to coordinate with each other.
You stock your wardrobe with intent, only buying what you need to coordinate with the other pieces.
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Having a core closet of fashion basics means that you have an abundance of outfits. All the pieces you have will be easily interchangeable and create a large range of outfits.
You will spend less money and feel like you have more to wear.

These are 20 key pieces you need in your Capsule wardrobe!

Items are from sustainable and ethical retailers - includes affiliate links, no cost to you.

Capsule wardrobe Checklist

1. Everyday Bag

Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces - everyday bag -ownmuse
~ OwnMuse Recommends ~ 
Anya Hindmarch - Recycled Shell Shoulder Bag
Cuyana - Canvas Tote


It may sound obvious but do you grab your every day and think - "wow I am so pleased with this bag". 
Does it make you feel good every time you use it? It should.
You only need one every day bag, invest in the best quality you can afford. It will last longer and bring you daily joy.

2. Cami / Tank

Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces - cami -tank -ownmuse

~ OwnMuse Recommends ~ 
Bassike - Waffle-knit Cotton Tank in Ecru
Skin - Colbie Organic Pima Cotton-jersey Tank in Black


This little gem fashion basic can be worn all year round. 
In hot Summer months it's ideal as a night time going out top, worn with shorts or layered under a dress.
In the in-between season Spring and Autumn a cami is easy to wear under a tailored jacket, biker jacket or denim jacket.
During the colder Winter months wear a cami layered. Add under a sweater, jumper, or a tailored or denim shirt, ideal for in office wear, every day wear or just about any occasion.


3. Tailored Trousers

Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces - tailored trousers -ownmuse
~ OwnMuse Recommends ~ 
Everlane - The Straight-Leg Crop
Theory - Demitria 4 stretch-wool flared pants


Tailored trousers are an outfit saviour, highly versatile, you will be able to wear them everything from a T-shirt through to a classic business shirt.
Anywhere, anytime, dress them up or down from street style casual to office timeless chic. Make sure you have a pair you love to wear in your year round capsule wardrobe.
Choose trousers that are flattering for your body shapes, are comfortable and made from quality fabric which will endure the test of time.

4. Street Style Sneakers

Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces - street style sneakers -ownmuse

~ OwnMuse Recommends ~ 
VEJA - Sneakers


Practical, versatile, the ideal shoes for all occasions, street style sneakers are an essential year round capsule wardrobe item.
Sneakers are the ideal shoes for all seasons. Enjoy their cool factor, comfort and versatility.
Wear your sneakers, with jeans, trousers, skirts and dresses for a fashionable street style look. 
Join the Vogue Editor's and wear them to the office, casual, night and day!

5. Denim Skirt

Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces - pleated skirt -ownmuse
~ OwnMuse Recommends ~ 
Wolf & Badger - A-line Denim Skirt
ÉTICA - Juliette Notch Hem Cutoff Denim Pencil Skirt


You can change your outfit aesthetic easily with a denim skirt. Add any top, from shirt, sweater or a shirt, they all match and create a different look and feel.
Choose a sophisticated cut that can be used for casual wear and work wear. Invest in a well made, quality, and heavier weight fabric. 
Get this year round capsule wardrobe fashion item right and it will be an instant wardrobe solution the whole year round. 
The same goes for shoes, from flats to heels, sneakers to boots.
In summer months wear with a cami and in winter add tights, boots and a sweater - yes the same denim skirt can be used through the entire year.
In the way of styles, a midi length pleated denim skirt is a guaranteed success.

6. Everyday Dress

Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces - every day dress -ownmuse
~ OwnMuse Recommends ~ 
Everlane - The Linen Open-Back Dress
Lisa Marie Fernandez - Scalloped Linen-tweed Mini Dress

The aim of this dress is to easily and effortlessly be styled to suit different occasions - from office, out-and-about, to special occasions. 
This dress can be worn Summer through Winter. The ideal layering piece - dresses work perfectly with denim or leather jackets, boots, sneakers or sandals. 
Add, a long-sleeved top underneath or a collared shirt. Add a sweater over the top so your dress can be also worn as a skirt.
For an inspiring selection of capsule wardrobe dresses read this post - The Stylish Dress - A must-have wardrobe staple.

 Tailored Jacket

Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces - tailored jacket -ownmuse

~ OwnMuse Recommends ~ 
Theory - Staple Collarless Blazer in Good Linen
BITE Studios - Belted Organic Wool-blend Jacket

A wardrobe classic, the tailored jacket or blazer effortlessly transcends your style from day to night. 

From casual to corporate and sophisticated to rock chic - a hard working key essential capsule wardrobe piece.
The ideal all year round capsule wardrobe item, keeps your shoulder warm in air conditioning. Style tip: wear as a cape draped over your shoulders, oh so classy fashionista.

How do you build a capsule wardrobe?

You select a core range of basics that make many outfits.
All these fashion pieces will be easily interchangeable - meaning they can be mixed and matched to make a large selection of outfits. Making looking stylish easy and quick. 
A capsule wardrobe helps you save money. You buy basics that fill a need rather than an impulse. 
Would some extra style ideas be helpful? Have a look at - 8 Best-kept style secrets of stylish women - How to look more stylish.

8. Classic T-shirt

Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces - classic tshirt -ownmuse

~ OwnMuse Recommends ~ 
Ninety Percent - Jenna Organic Cotton-jersey T-shirt in White 
Ninety Percent - Jenna Organic Cotton-jersey T-shirt in Black


Owning a selection of t-shirts in your chosen base colours is recommended. This makes life easy and getting dressed quick.
If you are struggling with feeling like you have nothing to wear owning a variety of classic plain t-shirts will help tremendously.
Basic t-shirt go with jeans, trousers, any skirt, shorts and basically you can wear from office wear through to the most casual of clothing. Add a suit tailored jacket, denim jacket of biker jacket to step up the dressed up factor. 
Find t-shirt fabrics that wash and wear well - basics that are made to last.
Caring for your clothes properly and reading the care instructions will help you spend less and have your clothes look good longer.
** Organic Basics - Perfect fit and feel t-shirts. Long lasting, durable, organic and soft - size up suggested 
Organic Basics t-shirts - SHOP USA | SHOP EU

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Capsule wardrobe styling tip:

Pendant necklaces are a stylish accessory which works with any outfit, they quickly make and outfit complete. 
A pendant necklace particularly suits a sweater or jumper. You can wear one chain or layer for a street style look.
For pendant necklace style advice and online shopping recommendations why not read - Pendant Necklaces - A contemporary classic creating a simple statement in style.

9. Cotton Jumper / Sweater

Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces - cotton sweater -ownmuse
~ OwnMuse Recommends ~ 
Baserange - Tauro Ribbed Recycled Wool And Organic Cotton-blend Sweater
Everlane - The Organic Cotton Crewneck Sweater

Sweaters, jumpers or pullovers name them what you will - the point is you need one in your capsule wardrobe collection. 
A 100% breathable cotton option is a must in a year round capsule wardrobe.
Lightweight, quick to wash and perfect through the seasons.
From cool Spring and Autumn days and nights - travel, cooler offices, cinemas or classrooms.
Add layers underneath to increase warmth in Winter - a denim jacket or black biker jacket on top for a really snug style.

10. Tailored Shirt

Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces - tailored shirt -ownmuse

~ OwnMuse Recommends ~ 
Nanushka - Mandine Satin Shirt
Caes - Organic Cotton-poplin Shirt


A tailored shirt is the perfect clothing item to pull your outfit look and style together quickly.
On those days when you aren't sure what to wear, start with a shirt! Add jeans, trousers, a skirt, layer under a dress any of these options will work.
You will feel put together, stylish and will get dressed easily and quickly. A tailored shirt is an essential item in your year round capsule wardrobe.
Any bottoms you have with your wardrobe will work with a tailored shirt - creating an effortless outfit aesthetic.
Dependable, faithful, always ready to go, a tailored shirt is an absolute capsule wardrobe essential must-have.
Wear your tailored shirt tucked in, out and loose or tie a knot at the front. Fashionista street style tip: 'Google' wearing your shirt buttons at the back, this is how Vogue Editor's style their shirts.

11. Striped Top

Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces - striped top -ownmuse

~ OwnMuse Recommends ~ 
Alex Mill - Dave Stripe Slub Jersey T-Shirt
Banana Republic - Scoop-Back Thong Bodysuit


A classic top inspired by chic and timeless French style, choose yours to match your core year round wardrobe colours.
Know as the sailor t-shirt top or the Breton, made famous when the one and only Coco Chanel wore it with trousers in 1928. Making it forever an iconic and stylish fashion piece.
This top is one you will wear over and over as it mixes and matches easily. Where is with jeans, skirts or tourers, change your shoes and jackets to change the look and feel.
Buy in quality fabrics, so you have a wardrobe item that lasts and keeps its shape well, wear after wear.

12. Perfect-fit Jeans

Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces - perfect-fit jeans -ownmuse
~ OwnMuse Recommends ~ 
AGOLDE - '90s Cropped Organic High-rise Straight-leg Jeans
Blank NYC - Tie-Dye Hem Sustainable Baxter Rib-Cage Pants in Smile and Wave

How many jeans do I need in my wardrobe?
The focus isn't on numbers but on fit. 
How many jeans do you have in your wardrobe that fit you, perfectly?
Owning many blue jeans, black jeans, white jeans etc is great if they fit you well. But all those many pairs mean little to enhance your personal style if they don't make you feel good when you wear them.
When you wear a pair of jeans you know look good on your body - you feel good. Jeans that fit perfectly make you feel empowered, confident, and ready to conquer your day.
Look for long lasting denim which is made to last, double stitched seams are a must.
The less stretch the better, they will keep their shape longer and flatter your form throughout the entire day and the next wear without needing to be washed.
Second hand shopping is a sustainable approach, Levis 501's are a classic worth looking out for. Due to their well made and classic style you can size up, belt and cuff the hems. This more casual street style look work perfectly with a tailored short, classic t-shirt, sweater or biker jacket. Many many outfits from the same pair of jeans.
Care for your denim according to the care instructions and they will last you ages.


13. Biker Jacket

Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces - biker jacket -ownmuse

~ OwnMuse Recommends ~ 
Deadwood - River Leather Biker Jacket
Deadwood - Original Leather Biker Jacket


Choose wisely and this item can last you a lifetime. 
Look for your biker jacket in vintage and second hand stores - online thrift shopping can be found in this blog post.
Many designer brands are using reclaimed leather and hide which would otherwise be in landfill. This is not just more sustainable but it it also more ethical - resulting a fashion item made with respect, love and care.
A good quality leather jacket gets softer and more stylish as it wears. In hotter months a biker jacket is still useful in the evenings, layered over a cami top or summer dress, looks fabulous draped over your shoulder in air conditioned environments.
As the seasons change you will inevitably wear your biker jacket most days as it goes with everything in your wardrobe. A biker jacket is one of those essential fashion items you will wonder how you ever lived without. 
Have you read this blog post about biker jackets? How to choose a lifetime biker jacket to invest in.

14. Ankle Boots

Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces - ankle boots -ownmuse

~ OwnMuse Recommends ~ 
Everlane - The Italian Leather Square Toe Chelsea Boot 
Claudie Pierlot - Leather Ankle Boots


Ankle boots are just as useful during the warmer months with skirts, shorts and dresses as they are with jeans and trousers in cooler months. Don't let them sit in your wardrobe, wear them all year round.
Possibly the most versatile shoes in your wardrobe, helping you to make many different styles of outfits.
When you invest in quality boots they get better the more you wear them - and more comfortable.
Ankle boots made to last shopping ideas - Ankle boots - capsule wardrobe collection - quality craftsmanship and timeless style.


15. Wrap Dress

Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces - wrap dress -ownmuse
~ OwnMuse Recommends ~ 
Hannah Artwear - Yulara Floral-print Cotton-gauze Wrap Midi Dress
Mara Hoffman - Agnella Organic Cotton Wrap Midi Dress


This is a wardrobe item people comment on time after time. I love that dress on you! A wrap dress that looks and feels good is a dress you want to wear again and again.
Easy to wear all summer, and spring, add a denim jacket, or biker jacket as the seasons change, wear through the colder months with a long sleeve, or skivvy underneath.
Mix and match your shoes to change the look and style, from stylish flats, sneakers to ankle boots - they all look good with a wrap dress.


16. Midi Skirt 

Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces - midi skirt -ownmuse
~ OwnMuse Recommends ~ 
Arch4 - Alison Organic Cashmere Midi Skirt
Stine Goya - Jada Midi Skirt


This capsule wardrobe piece transcends the office to casual, weddings, day and night welcome the midi skirt into your wardrobe. 
You won't believe how you ever did without this wardrobe essential and how easy you will find stying this piece in a magnitude of ways.
Skirt styling ideas - Midi skirts - capsule wardrobe collection - must-have versatile black skirts

17. Tailored Coat

Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces - tailored coat -ownmuse
~ OwnMuse Recommends ~ 
Stella McCartney - Nyla Wool Coat
Harris Wharf London - Long Belted Wool Coat


A beautifully cut tailored coat never goes out of fashion and radiates a sophisticated well styled look. 
Choose a light to medium weight coat so you can use it all season. Perfect for adding over a summer dress for special occasions, in air conditioned environments and evenings when the seasons allow.
When the colder months come layer with a sweater underneath and a scarf. Ideal for most seasons and definitely useful to have available all year round.

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8. Sculptural Shirt

Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces - sculptural shirt -ownmuse
~ OwnMuse Recommends ~ 
Esse Studios - Women's Puff-Sleeve Striped Cotton Shirt
aaizel - Ruched Cotton-blend Poplin Shirt


The perfect sculptural shirt fabric is; crisp cotton, poplin blend or cool linen fabric. These are breathable and will keep their shape well.
Sculptural shirts are versatile, classic, and can be easily mixed and matched to create many different outfits. An elegant and stylish multi-use top to include in your year round capsule wardrobe.

19. Stylish Flats

Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces - stylish flats -ownmuse
~ OwnMuse Recommends ~ 
Jessica Black Vegan Leather Snaffle Loafer
Wolf & Badger - Cape Town Ballerina Flats In Charcoal Black


Choose stylish flats that make you smile when you look down.
Consider stylish flats with personality, comfort and that are well made. When you include all these aspects in your purchasing criteria you will be rewarded with year round capsule wardrobe flats.
You want to own shoes that make you feel good every time you wear them. Comfort is paramount, no one wants shoes that hurt your feet.
Look for quality workmanship so that your shoes are made to last. Make sure you love the look of them and that way you will enjoy wearing them. Less is more, it is far better to find the perfect pair you adore than to own many shoes your only sort of like.
The right stylish flats will add a touch of personality to your style, empowering you and making you feel good.
Stay true to your core wardrobe base colours this will make sure your stylish flat can be easily matched with any outfit you choose.


20. Pleated Skirt

Year Round Capsule Wardrobe - 20 Essential Pieces - pleated skirt -ownmuse
~ OwnMuse Recommends ~ 
Reformation - Maisie Pleated Floral-print Crepe Midi Skirt
Caes - Organic Cotton-poplin Midi Skirt


Wear your pleated skirt with a classic t-shirt, sweater or shirt and add a biker jacket for street style chic.
Mix up your look by adding sneakers, boots or flats, create a different style on a different day with the same pleated skirt.

Wardrobe Planning: The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Guide - EBook'The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Guide' | SHOP NOW

Happy organising.

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