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Sustainable and Ethical Necklaces

The secret to a winning aesthetic outfit!

A necklace can have short or long chains, the chain can be fine to medium and the pendant is anything from tiny and detailed to a larger more statement piece. 
Try wearing a necklace layered or solo both style options work well. If you try layered, choosing different lengths of gold chain works very well. 
The pendant aka charm on your necklace can be quirky, cute, minimalist, or religious - you chose what suits your style.
A necklace is a capsule wardrobe fashion essential must-have for a reason, it's a highly versatile fashion piece that will work with any aesthetic outfit. 

Why necklaces are important in a capsule wardrobe?

A necklace can be worn with basic t-shirts, shirts, and dresses. Wear your necklace solo or layered, choose a charm that suits your personality for a quirky touch.
Necklaces instantly finish off an outfit and create a stand style that is uniquely you!

Sustainable and Ethical Gold Pendant Necklaces

Ethical Sustainable Necklaces

Supporting businesses who are making a BIG difference caring for people and the planet.

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laura lombardi - Sustainable and Ethical Gold Pendant NecklacesLaura Lombardi designer

Laura Lombardi 

Laura Lombardi focuses on up-cycled and recycled materials when creating jewelry.

Often pieces are made using vintage unused jewelry, remodelled into recycled new designs. Maintaining a commitment to the local community and giving back through charity donations. Striving for individual equality.
Lombardi’s debut collection “Wall Street Lady”, which drew attention from Vogue, Refinery 29, and Glamour, explored the diverse fluctuation of wealth and poverty in Lower Manhattan during the New York City Financial District’s resurgence.
After Lombardi relocated to Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights became the inspiration for "The Eclipse" collection which draws on the iconic New York City neighborhood's neoclassical skyline and cobblestone streets. This collection marks Lombardi’s addition of design sketches to her pre-collection process.
The brand’s "Neapolitan Summer" collection draws on Laura Lombardi’s love for Italy and features her first long bead necklaces. Guest artist Annemarie Vlek added strands of silk to the collection to create an antique yet modern look.

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Sustainable and Ethical Gold Pendant Necklaces
Soko artisans and model


Soko is a female lead, ethical jewelry brand proving work for artisans in Kenya.

A certified B Corporation meeting the highest standards of transparency, accountability, and performance. Soko is helping artisans in Kenya connect with a global audience and proving them access to technology.
Fair working conditions and pay, support and access to technology is creating a sustainable economy to help solve the social and environmental challenges our world faces today. 
Financial inclusion and economic power or control are the keys to lasting impact and change. We continue to work towards reducing inequality and poverty, building a healthier environment, stronger communities through the creation of high-quality jobs with worth and purpose.
Reducing corruption and abuse of communities – from our factories – by streamlining fair, traceable, and ethical sourcing practices. Soko believes that a strong company begins with strong values. Our values guide our decisions. We're rooted in those values to build a brand that matters

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Gucci designer Alessandro Michele
Gucci designer Alessandro Michele


Off-the-grid sustainable jewelry collection by Gucci, with recycled, organic and bio-based materials.

Gucci has a core mission statement to reduce environmental impact and emissions, their overall environmental rating is strong. Seeking out a continuous improvement of its economic, social and environmental performance. These values are integrated into the strategic planning and economic activities of the company, translated into the annual budget and kept under constant review. Since 1990, Gucci has incorporated a dedicated programme to analyse the environmental and ethical impact of its business activities. 
Gucci is actively involved in supporting charities and contributes to the creation of social and economic development programs for artisan women and families in need, artisans who suffer from serious illnesses, and orphans or disaster-stricken people who have lost their family members while striving to contribute to the younger generation. 
Careful selection of all its suppliers is standard practice with social and economic compliance audited on an annual basis; supporting all its employees with respect to health and wellbeing, giving every opportunity for training and development, offering flexible working policies and providing competitive remuneration; creating employment opportunities for economically disadvantaged groups; supporting the communities in which the company operates by helping to improve water, sanitation, health and education.
The development and implementation of environmental and social policies and programs at the strategic level is in the spotlight: in particular, the sustainability of the raw materials, collection and management of waste, the application of energy and water-saving standards, the development of collaborations with local businesses, communities and local authorities, the commitment to the development of the talents and valorization of the creativity and potential.

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When you purpose shop you have items that mean more, connection to items we own brings us joy. It is far better to own something you enjoy wearing, that lifts how you feel when you put it on. A necklace completes an outfit and transforms your feelings about how you look which makes a big difference. 
Hope it's a good day!
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