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Perfect companions

This workbook is your hands-on working solution, it's the perfect companion to your 'The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Guide - Style Book'.
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The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Guide
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Arm yourself with the skills you need to build a smart wardrobe for yourself today

I want you you to feel excited, inspired and good about your style every day.
To take control of your wardrobe clutter, to have a buying plan, to feel energized when you look at your clothes. To let the frustration and a feeling of being overwhelmed go - to embrace a style that works for you. A style that suits your life.
Today is the best day to start.
You can do a complete wardrobe upheaval or section by section.
These books will talk you through the why, the how and give you the means to maintain your wardrobe.
Plus once you buy these editions you will receive any future updates free forever!

What is included?

  • Relief from the daily struggle of creating outfits, your clothes will be able to be mixed and matched like never before.
  • Your wardrobe will inspire you.
  • You will be able to effortlessly create outfits fast and that you enjoy wearing.
  • No wardrobe clutter, your wardrobe will be simplified.
  • Fabrics knowledge; textures and weaves which last and which don't. How to stop quality, fabric care and ways to buy clothes and accessories that last.
  • Ethical fashion choices, buying purposely, sustainable fashion and buying clothes that last.
  • A wardrobe that transcends trends and will last you longer than a season.
  • Clothes that are all your favourites, that you cherish and love to wear.
  • Confidence in how you look. 
  • More money - you will spend less and have more to wear.
  • A style strategy, a style plan - a solution to refer back to over and over.
  • A wardrobe which is full of clothes specifically tailored to suit your lifestyle and budget.
  • Over a decade of fashion insider knowledge, advice and tips from and Vogue.
  • Updated versions free forever.

I am Harper a busy mum who has spent so many years working in fashion.
From my career beginnings in the design room of a leading fashion label. To my time at Net-a-porter in London and then Vogue Australia.
This being said style goes beyond fashion. You can spend all the money in the world on designer clothes, this doesn't make great style or even a style you feel good about.
Style is not about spending lots of money on clothes, style is about who you are.
Your style needs to directly reflect your life, what you do, who you are to yourself and how you want to be to others.
This workbook will help you uncover more about yourself than you thought possible.
This workbook will help you answer for yourself what style you need to create for your life. An exclusive wardrobe specifically tailored to suit you.
The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Guide - Style Book and Workbook will help anyone and everyone, from a casual wardrobe through to professional, weekend wear, activewear or travel.
It's all here.
There are worksheets on brands, budgets, editing, sourcing and planning.

This solution changed my life - it will do the same for you

Most women's wardrobes are full of clothes but they struggle to piece the clothes together. Beyond this very little in their wardrobe they truly love?
The aim of this stylebook and workbook is to have a wardrobe full of all your favourite clothes and accessories that are all your favourites.
But every very real and these books together will get you there and keep you there!
Stop feeling frustrated trying to create outfits?
Stop looking at your wardrobe full of clothes and think argh?

Style the mood maker

What we wear and how we style ourselves directly affects our day.
Our style controls how other people perceive us, how we style ourselves can control how we well we do in life.


Purpose spending

No matter how much you have or don't have, wasting money isn't smart.
Learning the skills you need to make better purchasing decisions is worthwhile.
Through having a clear wardrobe plan and using the workbook sheets you will spend only when something is needed to fill a gap in your wardrobe.
This strategy will provide you with more satisfaction and retail therapy than buying on a whim. Every time you wear the item you will feel the satisfaction and truly enjoy the item.
xx, Harper


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