Fashion Style Course: Capsule Wardrobe Step-by-Step Course Guide


Everyday household sustainability can be a struggle and overwhelming. OwnMuse makes living sustainably, simple, and stylish - step-by-step starting with your wardrobe.

  • Fashion Style Course

    Transform your wardrobe and style, from clutter to organized.

    ♻️ Create a sustainable, ecological, money-saving, and waste-reducing wardrobe.
    This is a digital product course workbook. You receive an engaging and step-by-step workbook to complete in your own home at your own pace. Introductory offer $60 AUD
    You will be guided step-by-step through a complete:
    ✔️ Wardrobe declutter
    ✔️ Style restructure
    ✔️ Wardrobe organization
    ✔️ Clothing item plan
    ✔️ Style transformation
    Fashion Style Course: Capsule Wardrobe Step-by-Step Course Guide
    Expert wardrobe stylists are here to help you! In the comfort of your own home all in virtual.
    This Fashion Style Course is a digital course, the steps are easy to follow and all virtual. You follow the workbook guide and are taken through each how-to step with clarity and knowledge.
    You complete the fashion style course at your own pace.
    Each step is carefully laid out so you achieve wardrobe and style transformation results - quickly and easily!
    You will be able to use this course guide, again and again, season after season. 
    Align your fashion style and empower how you dress every day.
    Get ready each morning quicker and with more confidence than you ever thought possible. 
    You learn how to declutter your wardrobe ensuring you have all the wardrobe essentials you need to create outfits your love.

    Fashion Style Course will support, teach and transform your wardrobe style.

    You will:
    ✔️  Be More Stylish → You deserve to look and feel good in your clothes. When you like your outfit you feel empowered, feeling good in your clothes is a sustainable mindset.

    ✔️ Reduce Clothing Waste → Stop impulsive buying when you buy to fill a need rather than a want. Capsule wardrobe planning ensures you know what you need in your wardrobe.

    ✔️ Ecological Choice → Sustainable and ethical acknowledgment of people, processes, manufacturing, and transport that have been necessary to create your clothes.

    ✔️ Less Stress Getting Dressed → Get dressed fast and look more stylish in less time. When you have clothes that are purposely chosen to coordinate you have more outfits to wear. Your clothes quickly and easily flow together whatever combination you choose.

    ✔️ Spend Less Money on Clothes → Purpose buys, stop impulsive purchasing. Only buy what you know you need - learn what YOU need in your capsule wardrobe with these Capsule Wardrobe Guides. 

    ✔️ Declutter and Organise → A cluttered wardrobe each morning is no way to start your day. Own the clothes you always dreamed of that make outfits your love. Your wardrobe will be manageable and you will be able to spend money on special wardrobe essentials and clothing items you actually need and use frequently.
    You will learn how to only buy what you need, reducing your consumption will save you money.
    Reducing consumerism and focusing instead of buying what you actually need, is liberating. You are helping reduce waste in landfills, supporting the fashion industry that is making well-made, sustainable sources and ethical working conditions is a big deal.
    You will learn how to create a wardrobe plan so you know what you need and why!

    Transform your style and wardrobe from chaos to organized

    Completely reinvent your fashion style or use this course guide.
    The Fashion Style Course: It is the ultimate way to create a manageable style, spend less on clothes, and have more to wear. Using the capsule wardrobe solution and a step-by-step how-to approach.
    💚 What is a Capsule Wardrobe? A capsule wardrobe is the best way to create a sustainable closet. You purposely and mindfully simplify your wardrobe so you have clothes you love to wear that make outfits that empower you - every day. No more clutter, no more stress getting dressed, save money and time. You reduce clothing waste and create a sustainable, ecologically simple yet stylish wardrobe.
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