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Everyday household sustainability can be a struggle and overwhelming. OwnMuse makes living sustainably, simple, and stylish - step-by-step starting with your wardrobe.

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    Wardrobe Styling Services Online

    The best online personal styling service
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    One-on-one Service

    It's Time to Declutter Your Wardrobe and Make a Plan

    ✔️ Private and personal, virtual wardrobe stylist service
    ✔️ Wardrobe and style makeover: Get a manageable, cost-efficient, less waste and stylish wardrobe all in virtual
    ✔️ Feel confident, immediately implement, and get started as soon as you want

    Wardrobe Makeover: Capsule Wardrobe Planner - Styling Services Online

    Wardrobe Makeover: Private Wardrobe Stylist - Styling Services Online


    A completely personal and exclusive styling service online, all in virtual. 

    Wardrobe Makeover - Styling Services Online
    Capsule Wardrobe Planner includes:

    + Sessions are virtual, personal, and always available at a time that suits your schedule
    + Summaries and analysis are your personalized style guide and include a comprehensive guide to your capsule wardrobe essentials
    + Reuse the valuable knowledge that you will learn each and every season.
    + Digital best-selling books 'The Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Guide' and workbook are included.
    + Declutter, curate and organize your wardrobe with step-by-step support and guidance
    + Feedback from your wardrobe stylist is always personal and advice specific to your needs
    + Correspondence, styling advice, and reviews can be replayed whenever you want and are yours to keep forever.
    + Learn a capsule wardrobe strategy you can use again and again, year after year.

    Creating a Capsule Wardrobe Plan is the ultimate way to create a manageable style, spend less on clothes, and have more to wear. 

    Do you feel frustrated with the current state of your wardrobe?
    capsule wardrobe consultant will help you declutter, organize, and create a wardrobe full of clothes you love to wear. 
    With the wardrobe styling services online you receive a personalized wardrobe styling kit. That is a complete 'how to do a capsule wardrobe!'
    The #1 way to create a sustainable home is to start with your wardrobe!
    This way you don't waste money on clothes have clothes you don't wear, wear clothes that feel good and fit you just right.

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    Wardrobe Styling Services includes:

    Capsule Wardrobe Planner
    Wardrobe Makeover

    Step 1:

    Capsule Wardrobe Quiz
    A: You will be emailed a fun capsule wardrobe quiz.
    Your wardrobe stylist gets to know you and what you need.
    Summary and Feedback from the Capsule Wardrobe Quiz
    B: You will be emailed
     a personalized summary with feedback on your quiz results.
    You have this to keep for future reference, season after season
    Please allow 3 days for the results summary and feedback. 
    (This maybe be quicker depends on current demand)
    Your feedback
    C: Through a guided questionnaire you supply comments and thoughts.
    As well please submit 4-6 photos of your current wardrobe.
    PS: No need to tidy


    Step 2:

    Wardrobe Review
    A: Your wardrobe stylist sends you a private email with feedback about your current wardrobe. You receive, positive how-to guidance. There are no hard criticisms. it's not constructive. This is a feel-good solution, that solves your wardrobe and style problems.  

    Decluttering Checklist Guide
    B: You will be emailed a step-by-step guide for how to; keep, store, move on, and recycle your not-needed clothes that are not needed for this season.
    Wardrobe declutter
    C: Once you are done you submit 4-6 photos of your decluttered wardrobe.
    As well as your feedback; through a guided questionnaire you supply comments and thoughts.
    Summary and Feedback from the Decluttering
    D: Your wardrobe stylist sends you a private email with feedback, ideas, motivation, and tips.

    Step 3:

    Capsule Wardrobe Checklist Guide
    A: You will be emailed your step-by-step personalized capsule wardrobe checklist
    NB: The number of items is defined by your needs.
    A seasonal capsule wardrobe typically ranges from 20-50 items.
    Your wardrobe stylist creates a specific capsule wardrobe checklist specifically for you!
    The checklist is determined from the initial Capsule Wardrobe Quiz and correspondence and feedback you have given through the process.
    Create your Capsule Wardrobe
    B: In this exciting stage, you start creating your capsule wardrobe from the checklist
    Any items you want to keep and don't make the list or belong to a different season are stored. The sustainable option is always to use what you already have.
    Capsule Wardrobe
    C: Once you are done you submit 4-6 photos of your capsule wardrobe.
    As well as your feedback; through a guided questionnaire you supply comments and thoughts.
    Summary and Feedback for your Capsule Wardrobe
    D: Your wardrobe stylist sends you a private email with feedback, ideas, motivation, and tips.
    This process can be repeated by you season after season.
    OwnMuse - Styling Services Online is here to help.

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