Less Waste Home Ebook; Step-by-step Sustainable Living


  • Reduce Waste At Home

    I grew concerned about the state of our environment as a young teen. One day, while looking into the mirror, I realized the extent of my contribution to landfill- waste that even the earth cannot digest.
    I was horrified by my trash footprint.
    Until that moment, I have no idea of the extent, and I never dreamed that I was part of the problem. I knew I wanted to help make a change.
    I learned how to reduce, reuse, recycle, refuse and redirect; and now, years later, I am very grateful to feel more at ease with my footprint.
    This ebook is a collection of experiences and knowledge I learned during my journey to living happily and more consciously.  
    Start making small adjustments to your life today.

    Less Waste Home Ebook; Step-by-step Sustainable Living

    Less Waste Home Ebook; Step-by-step Sustainable Living Guide

    The 'Less waste home' is a Recycle, Reuse, Refuse &  REDIRECT Waste ebook.
    I have designed this ebook to be a guide with everything you need to reduce waste in your home. All you have to do is follow the guide.
    This ebook has easy to follow advice, guidance and methods to help you:
    • Recycle, Reuse, Refuse & REDIRECT Waste
    • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & CONSERVE Energy
    • Educate Yourself and Others
    • Reduces your carbon footprint

    Reduce Waste At Home

    We have a global waste crisis, the earth is polluted; the soil, air, seas, and oceans. 
    Waste is something we have to deal with. It is not a question of if, but how.
    Would you like to...
    • Reduce waste in your home?  
    • Reduce produce waste?
    • Turn your Recylces into Reuses? 
    •  Turn your Reuses into Refuses?
    This ebook shows you how to reduce your impact on the environment in your home.
    Included are tips on how to save energy, money, and reduce waste! 
    Step-by-step Sustainable Living Guide: Less Waste Home
    Less Waste Home Ebook; Step-by-step Sustainable Living Guide


    How to Reduce Waste at Home Tips

    This is a highly succinct step-by-step how-to ideas and information to have you thinking and reducing waste quickly and without too much time or effort.
    This book is user-friendly, easy to read and will give you exact steps on how to create an environment where waste becomes a thing of the past.
    You will learn:
    • What actually happens to garbage when it goes out the back door
    • Where recycling, reusing, refusing and redirecting takes placed
    • What natural waste remediation methods you can use to create your own little ecology
    Go Deeper!
    Waste reduction is not something you will accomplish overnight, but a journey.
    Shift daily habits, without a clear understanding and plan, is a challenge.
    We have the solutions we need to start using them!

    'Less Waste Home' guide supplies you with all the information you need to make a big ecological difference. 

    We can change our impact on the environment and help protect human health while we build a sustainable world for future generations.
    Dive into this ebook and learn about zero waste home living.
    Less Waste Home Ebook; Step-by-step Sustainable Living Guide, is not hard, or time-consuming, it is explained logically and straightforwardly. You WILL be able to incorporate these ideas, knowledge, and ways to reduce waste at home quickly and easily.
    Next time you add food waste packaging to the bin, STOP and THINK...
    Where is my waste going?
    How long does my food waste and other household waste take to decompose?
    Does recycling waste guilt-free?
    Waste at Home FACTS:
    • Food and organic waste in landfills create methane gas which is 25 times worse for the environment than car fumes.
    • The world generates 2.01 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste annually, with at least 33 percent of that—extremely conservatively—not managed in an environmentally safe manner.
    • When looking forward, global waste is expected to grow to 3.40 billion tonnes by 2050, more than double population growth over the same period. 
    • 92%+ of waste added to recycling curbside bins is not recycled globally and ends up in landfills.
    ~ datatopics.com
    Less Waste Home Ebook; Step-by-step Sustainable Living
    Less Waste Home Ebook; Step-by-step Sustainable Living Guide

    Food waste belongs in the compost bin, not in waterways!

    FYI: Fish eat -small insects, crustaceans, leeches, worms, zooplankton, algae, and smaller fish. Not our food waste.
    But even worse is the plastic in the oceans - those images are horrific. 
    There is MORE you can do to help.
    There is a huge amount of how-to, facts, and ways YOU CAN HELP inside the Reduce Waste At Home - Less Waste Home Ebook; Step-by-step Sustainable Living Guide.
    Every person on the planet must take charge of their own waste management.
    How to Reduce Waste at Home
    Take the hard work out of knowing what more you can do to reduce waste at home.
    What chemicals are you using to clean your home with?
    What is in them, are they toxic?
    What natural cleaning alternatives are there?
    Discover natural cleaning recipes inside the Less Waste Home Ebook. Natural cleaning products clean just as well as chemicals, but are not bad for your health, don't ruin your skin, and are far cheaper than chemical products - saving you money!
    Create a sustainable home on auto-pilot. Less thinking when you know more. Arm yourself with more environmentally friendly knowledge and learn what more you can do daily to reduce waste and live more sustainably
    A sustainable lifestyle incorporates a conscious consumption, knowledge, and application on ways you can lessen your carbon footprint, by reducing waste at home.
    Every change you purposely action, sustainable conversation, the power you save, every piece of waste you refuse, every part counts.

    Less Waste Home Ebook; Step-by-step Sustainable Living
    Less Waste Home Ebook; Step-by-step Sustainable Living Guide
    Zero waste grocery stores: What is a zero-waste grocery store? How to shop zero-waste.

    The must-have essential sustainable resource guide

    In-depth knowledge about using and recycling paper, water bottles, plastic bags, food waste, grocery stores, fossil fuels, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.
    Practicing sustainable living can be a challenge, you are often in the minority, not the majority.
    Through reading this and practicing sustainability you are becoming part of the solution that hopefully, one day will be simply the way we live. I am sure there are things you are already doing. Couple this with plenty more things you could be doing. 
    Less Waste Home Ebook; Step-by-step Sustainable Living
    Less Waste Home Ebook; Step-by-step Sustainable Living Guide

    Reduce the amount of waste and choose to live a sustainable life with this sustainable living guide

    Reuse inspiration and ways to keep from landfills
    Maybe you want to be more eco-friendly or perhaps you want to try to be zero-waste. There are plenty of steps and ways to be more effective in your mission to practice sustainability.
    Becoming part of the solution, not the problem is a big deal. Now more than ever we must support each other and work towards a common sustainable ecological goal.

    Grow your knowledge, join the OwnMuse tribe and together let's create a sustainable future

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