What Styles Suit My Body? Fashion essentials to suit your body shape

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What styles suit my body? Fashion essentials to suit your beautiful body shape
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Behind your clothes is a body, your body. It can be frustrating not knowing what clothes suit your body shape.
It's easy enough to write the words 'love your body whatever size or shape it is'. But it's hard to feel positive and love your body if you don't feel confident in your clothes.
This is where the importance of dressing to suit your body shape and silhouette comes in to play. Women's bodies come in a range of shapes and sizes - be your own muse.
When you build a wardrobe full of clothes that suit you, you are inevitably are ensuring you have outfits that will make you feel empowered. No matter which items you choose in the morning you will be knowledgeable about how to pieces them together, to suit your body type.
No matter how much you try to dress to suit your body shape without the necessary knowledge about what suits your body type your clothes, wardrobe and your style will be frustration.
There are so many different shaped bodies, inverted triangle, hourglass body, pear body, rectangle body shape, triangle body, apple body shape and pear shape to name just a few. Learn how to dress to best suit your body shape.

 What styles suit my body? Fashion essentials to suit your beautiful body shape

1. Balance your style

Balance is a way to give clarity to the symmetry your style. Through proportion counterbalancing of fashion items.
If you are going to wear a loose-fitting top then compliment the top by wearing fitted trousers, leggings, skirts or jeans.
Turn this around if you have loose-fitting trousers or a long flowing skirt then compliment this outfit with a more form-fitting top.
Use this style balancing technique when you have one particular fashion item you really love and want to make work.
The same idea works for patterns and colours. Balance your outfit through using the polar opposite of the fashion item you want to make work. For example, you have a heavy pattern top you want to know what works with it. Choose one colour from the pattern and wear the coordinating item, trousers, skirt or shorts in only that colour, no texture and pattern free. The top is then offset, balanced, half your outfit is busy or colourful and the other half is not. You can use this technique when you are wearing an entire outfit in one colour. Offset one fashion item with heavy texture and balance with a tight weave no texture. Fitted and loose, black and white, upper body then lower, casual and dressy.
OwnMuse will break down dressing for your body style into a clear checklist of ideas. All the information is intended to empowerment your sense of self. Be your own muse and feel good about being you when you look in the mirror and go about your day.
You will hear the term capsule wardrobe referred too. If you haven't created a capsule wardrobe yet or need to know more please read the post about what a capsule wardrobe is.

What styles suit my body? Fashion essentials to suit your beautiful body shape

2. Trial and error

If at first you don't succeed keep on trying.
Even the most experienced stylist has style fatigue, lack of clarity, doubt and will contemplate and replace or accept that outfit just didn't work. Learn from this and grow, there is a lot to be said for mistakes and fashion faux pas.
If you aren't sure about a combination of fashion items try them on.
Tuck in loose-fitting tops - does this work for you? No, leave the top out and try a belt.
Keep a plan a style checklist of what works for you and what doesn't.
Once you tailor your clothes to suit your body type you are guaranteeing a sure way to easily and quickly be able to create outfits each day.
Dressing for your body shape and silhouette the checklist

3. Experiment and take note ✎

Keep track of what works and what doesn't. There is a printable in the body shape download kit click here to grab a copy.
Keep notes about what fashion items and outfits work for you and what don't. When you find an item you want to make work but are having trouble doing so write it down. Notes will help you to process, grow and consciously think about your style. The more time you give it the more you will get out of the process. How you feel in any given outfit is what is most important - it's not about other people. It's about you and how you feel.
Be reassured most clothes will work with most body shapes. If you really love something wear it, enjoy it and that is the most important point in this entire blog post. The feel-good vibes you will communicate through your style will be oozing with empowerment and that is the most attractive characteristic of your personal style.
Female bodies come in a spectrum of waist measurements, shoulder and hips, hips and bust sizes. OwnMuse wholeheartedly encourages you to be your own muse, your own inspiration.
Clothes will not magically transform your body. Your body is how it is, stay with me there are plenty of ways to compliment, accentuate and flatter your form.

What styles suit my body? Fashion essentials to suit your beautiful body shape

4. Isolate the problem seek assistance

OwnMuse is here to help, email if you really don't find the solution you need an answer too. Would like a few more suggestions, a voice of reason or are confused about what body shape you have. 
 Facebook Community  |  harper@ownmuse.com


5. Tone it down

If something isn't working then what about taking a less is more approach. Are you trying to create an elongated silhouette on a petite frame? You can add heels or wedges, you can wear black the colour that slims and tricks the mind into thinking form a longer. Or you can shorten your hemline, cropped trousers, jeans and skirts will tell the mind you have a longer silhouette.
There is no objective here to make you look thinner. If thinner is your aim a healthy diet and exercise regime is necessary and a level of acceptance of being happy with how you are. Extreme cut clothes are a way to define your silhouette, can make you look bottom-heavy or lighter in form. So feel free to investigate these options.
Let 's get in to dressing to suit your form, not trying to look thinner. Embracing how you are and empowering your style through well-informed style advice.



What Styles Suit My Body? Fashion essentials to suit your body shape

Quick help - Shopping checklist

Fashion essentials that work for every body shape

Midi skirt | Skinny jeans | Denim jacket | Black dress | T-shirt | Biker jacket
Fashion essentials that work for most body shapes.
Fabrics and weights of fabrics will vary according to your body shape, so to will the amount of giving and stretch fabric has. Curvy frames allow for more give and stretch and the less curvy frames less stretch and tighter woven fabrics.

Midi skirt

The length of a midi skirt is flattering on all body shapes.
The style of midi will vary depending on your form. 

Regular, Athletic, Tall
Choose a-line midi skirts

If your hips are the fullest part an a-line skirt works best and will flare over your hips accentuating your waist definition. A rectangular form will work with this type of midi skirt creating form and shape.

Hourglass, Pear, Curvy shape
Choose form-fitting pencil midi skirts

Curvy with a defined waist, know as an hourglass shape then make your midi skirt form-fitting midi pencil skirt.

Apple, Regular shape
Choose flowy pleated midi skirts 

Slim lower body, rounded silhouette, try high waisted flowy midi skirts. The waistband will be on the smaller part of your belly button and then flare out. This type of skirt will help you gain shape and definition to form part of your waist.



It's all about the rise.

Regular, Petite, Tall, Athletic
Choose low-rise jeans

These jeans will sit considerably below your belly button. They work well if you want to give focus to your hips. These type of jeans are well suited to regular, petite, athletic and form with minimal curves.

All types
Mid-rise jeans

Jeans which sit below your belly button but higher then low-rise. Ideal for all body types, make sure you get the right size. Snug fitting is ideal - a balance between tight and loose. Adjust the stretch depending on your curves, the curviest you are increasing the stretch.


All types (excluding maybe tall)
High-rise jeans

Another good type of jean for all body types. Particularly good for defining your waist. These jeans will make your legs look longer so if you are very tall then try the above options first.

Denim jacket

Black dress

Treat this fashion essential with the respect it deserves. Versatile and incredibly addictive, a black dress is going to be on your highest rotation. These options will work for all.



Curvy, Full figured





Biker jacket

More information here about identifying which body type group you click here to read the blog post. Determining your body type group will help you identify what best suits you.
Any questions please get in touch harper@ownmuse.com

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