Vegan Leather Bags: An Everyday Fashion Bag that is Ethical and Eco-friendly

Sustainable everyday living - made simple and stylish

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Vegan Leather Bags: An Everyday Fashion Bag that is Ethical and Eco-friendly

Vegan Leather Bags + Vegan Handbags

Looking for an Everyday Fashion Bag that is Ethical and Eco-friendly?

Try a  vegan leather handbag, vegan crossbody bag, vegan leather laptop bag or vegan leather work bag! WHY?
1. Vegan leather is cruelty-free
2. Vegan leather is durable, long-lasting and cheaper than animal leather.
Finding a perfect everyday bag that is sustainable and ethical is challenging.
When it comes to an everyday Fashion bag you need a hardworking carry-all bag.


Vegan Leather

Also called Faux leather, pleather, artificial leather and PU Faux leather. Is an alternative to animal leather.
Vegan leather is a synthetic fabric that is woven or non-woven based faux leather with a 100% non-animal deprived polyurethane finish. 
Benefits of Vegan Leather:
+ NO animal has been hurt or killed
+ Cheaper price
+ Durable
+ Easy to Clean
+ Consistent appearance
+ Easy to dye and colour


Vegan Bags available on Etsy*

*Etsy is an OwnMuse affiliate
Dream Lake Studio | Vegan leather bags


Tuesday Bag Co | Vegan leather bags
Tuesday Bag Co
 | Vegan leather bags


Hairoo | Vegan leather bags 
Hairoo | Vegan leather bags

Who are Vegan Leather and Vegan Bags best for?

Where you need a vegan leather crossbody bag, for office and corporate or as a student or busy Mum. A  vegan leather crossbody bag is a practical choice, allowing you to keep your hand free, safe and secure across your body and easy to use and looks stylish.
Let's face it you have enough to do, having one bag packed and ready for when you do go out is far easier than changing bags and restocking it.
Do you dream of the perfect everyday bag?
A bag that works for you and you don't need to think about replacing again any time soon.
Have you tried a vegan leather bag?


How To Clean Vegan Leather Bag

A little natural detergent, organic bar soap a reuseable and washable cloth are the best tools to clean vegan leather bags.
If you have a little something sticking try these first, you can use diluted natural essential oils like tea-tree but try to avoid using too much as oils can leave marks. The same goes for any chemical cleaners - avoid toxic and unnatural cleaners, they are not good for you or your belongings.


Is your current everyday bag giving you grief?

Do you need a bag that you can use day after day with any outfit?
Get a bag you are going to enjoy, EVERYDAY! an everyday bag, everyday crossbody bag, everyday tote bag or everyday backpack.
An everyday bag benefits you:
+ Use the same bag for many different occasions
+ Choose a bag that goes with any outfit
+ An everyday bag will add character to your style
+ Practicality and easy, an everyday fits all your essential items

When you own a bag you really love you feel happier using it.
Your clothes and accessories should make you feel good.
Make sure your next everyday bag is the one that will last the distance.
When you spend well you save - less is more!
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Best Everyday Carry Bag - Sustainable and Ethical Bags

Sustainable and Ethical Bags Tips

#1. Shop Your Wardrobe

Check what you have before buying more. 
This might seem obvious but it's a sure way to spend less and justify purchasing.
When you clarify before you buy you will feel more fulfilment when you shop.

Best Everyday Carry Bag - Sustainable and Ethical Bags

#2. Quality over Quantity

By investing in a better quality bag you will actually save yourself money. 
Bags which are made well last longer and save you from replacing them. 
Look for well-made:
+ Metal zips over plastic ones.
+ No loose threads and double stitching
+ A bag with a weight to it is generally better quality.  
> For more tips and advice <
 The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Guide

#3. Consider Second-hand (or Vintage)

There is tonnes of satisfaction in the hunt for unique, second hand and vintage bags. 
Online marketplaces are a treasure trove of bargain finds (try Etsy).
Decide what kind of bag you are looking for before you start looking:  
Size, colour, material and price range?

#4. Ethics - Brand Transparency

If new... Who made your bag?
Research the brand you are buying from and their:
Fair pay and conditions for workers? 
Supply chain and environmental impact?
Hold companies and industries accountable, corporate transparency is a necessity.


#5. Size Matters

Make sure everything fits!
Too small is just as bad as too big.
You need a bag that is practical and secure.


#6. The Right Hue

Choose a bag that is either the same colour as the majority of your wardrobe.
Or a complementary colour that you adore.
Black is recommended for elegance and ease. 


#7. From the Heart

So how much do I need to love my everyday bag?
Have a think about how often you use a shoulder bag - generally, it's daily.
Don't you want to be styling your outfits with a bag that you love to use?
So it makes sense to choose a bag that tickles your senses.


#8. Practical Style

Choose a style bag that fits your life.
That is your real life.
Be honest with yourself about what you do and what you need.

This will make sure you own what you need.


Do you struggle with your style?

How do you know what t-shit to put with which skirt? When you create a capsule wardrobe EVERYTHING goes together and is interchangeable. That is any top with go with any bottoms, skirts or jeans. You can mix and match and you always get a working outfit.
Your wardrobe can be an overwhelming, stressful, sea of clothes
I understand...
Clothes can make us feel inadequate and ruin our vibe for the day. 

Style doesn't need to feel hard!

Stop feeling confused about style...


The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Guide Book and Workbook 
your DIY simple and stylish sustainable solution.

Everything you need to be able to edit your own wardrobe with ease.
Owning all these key fashion essentials will make getting dressed easy for you. You will have all the basics you need to make quick, stylish outfits you love - every day. 

Less is more.
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Vegan Leather Bags: An Everyday Fashion Bag that is Ethical and Eco-friendly

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