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Owning a biker jacket is a classic and timeless capsule wardrobe addition.

Have you been thinking about purchasing a biker jacket?

Do you already own this classic fashion staple?

My latest wardrobe addition was a new biker jacket. 
This latest purchase has taken me many hours of online researching procrastination.
I couldn't be happier - I absolutely love my new biker jacket. This new biker jacket has become my most frequently worn clothing item - the perfect capsule wardrobe addition.
I chose this one by Ena Pelly, it's called the 'Minimalist' (coincidentally as I aspire to be) and comes in all black including the hardware.

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Ena Pelly - Minimalist all black leather biker jacket

The key thing to remember is beautifully cut jackets and coats never go out of fashion and radiate a sophisticated, well styled and put together look.

If I had money to splurge?

Master of Cool - Saint Laurent

This, Saint Laurent biker jacket, without doubt, is what you should buy if you have the money to do so.
A lifetime of wear - a quality purchase like this gets better the more you wear it. 

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Saint Laurent - Dream black leather biker jacket

Happy capsule wardrobe shopping - this fashion must-have will bring you endless satisfaction. 

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