A Minimalist Wardrobe = A Mindful Life

Harper Sinclair by Harper Sinclair
Minimalist capsule wardrobe
Hello, I am Harper and I am here to help you create a life that makes you happier, more confident and more motivated. I want you to achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality.
Today I want to give the minimalist mindset some focus. Minimalism will guide you down the path of less clutter, stress, frustration and ultimately more time and money for things that matter most. These qualities inevitably will help you sculpt your life into one that inspires you daily. Why? Because a lot of what can drag you down is clutter, your style, your health and your mindset. Minimalism is a means to free you from those burdens.

I am here my friends to tell you - I get it. The dream of minimalism is real, it's enticing. But how do you achieve a minimalist wardrobe and lifestyle when you live in a consumer, chaotically busy world and house filled to the brim?

Ok, So you know what it means - but really, what does it really mean to be a minimalist? Do you really need to get rid of all your possessions, stop using your phone and start writing letters? You could do! However there is a solution that is better suited to the everyday lifestyle. 
Let's be clear a minimalist is anyone who has made a conscious decision to downsize their purchasing and existing possessions. They hold on to items only that hold a deep necessity to their life and lifestyle. They are rewarded by a deeper connection of being, more money through less consuming and personal freedom from the burdens and stress of possessions.

Whether it's a little or A LOT we are all consumers at some point. Being mindful and ethnically aware of what we consume is a great starting point. 

It's ok to slowly implement stages of minimalism and mindfulness into your buying habits, organisation and lifestyle. A little here and there is better than not being mindful at all.

 Organic Basics - Ethical minimalist fashion wardrobe

I absolutely love Organic Basics - A sustainable fashion brand designed in Copenhagen that makes basics made to last. The more as consumers we are ethically aware the more brands like Organic Basics will thrive and take over from the ones that are hurting the planet. 

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Often choosing a colour palette is helpful when creating a minimalist capsule wardrobe. It's easy to think a minimalist wardrobe means black and white and it does for many (guilty x). I recommend choosing 1 - 4 base colours. You can read more about base colours here - Life changing ways to choose your clothes and Quick fashion style tips.
The key is when you get the urge to shop shifting your buying focus from buying one-off pieces just because to buying pieces that serve a purpose. Start to see clothes and accessories for there qualities - the look, feel and the need for them. 
Ask yourself these questions - or make up some of your own:
  • Do I like the feel of the fabric?
  • Does this cut suit my body shape?
  • Do I feel I look good?
If the answer is no, don't keep it.

    Don't be afraid to sell / rework /donate / bin your clothes to achieve a wardrobe that resembles a style you love.

    Need a little extra help? I highly recommend you read The life-changing magic of Tidying up - The Japanese art of decluttering and organizing - By Marie Kondo.
    Why? This book will flick a switch in your brain and steer you in the right direction. It then will take you on a journey and you will start transforming your ways before you have even finished it. Remember - one step at a time. Any progress is progress. Less clutter, less stress, frustration. 

    The life changing magic of tidying up - Marie Kondo

    Marie Kondo is famous for her key question "Does it spark joy?"
    If that sentence isn't quite your style - try these or make up your own.
    "Does it suit - the me I want to be?"
    "Does it make me feel happy?" 
    "Have I used or looked at it in the last 6 months?"
    If the answer is no - guess what... it's sell / rework / donate  / bin

    Less is more my friends!

    Please email me if you have any questions and/or would like to connect.
    Happy organising.

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