Casual Daywear 10 Pieces = 14 Days of outfits

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Hello, I am Harper and if there is one thing I love it's fashion and above all feeling stylish. The days when I feel like my outfit works - I have a better day.
Is this the same for you?
Today's focus is how to help you create a go-to casual wardrobe to gain style empowerment, saving you money and time.

The 10 essential casual wear pieces you need to make 14 outfits

The concept and idea is you buy a mix of basics that can be interchanged easily and with little effort but the results are huge. You have 10 fashion pieces and get 14 days of outfits.
All these pieces mix and match and create a very stylish versatile look and feel. 
Lily - White leather with silver hardware bootie ankle boot
Lily - White leather with silver hardware bootie ankle boot - click this link to shop
These incredible ankle boots are made from long-lasting leather that get better and better with age. They will work with all types and styles of jeans and trousers, both skinny and wide leg. These boots also can be worn with skirts and dresses, add tights in cooler months.
Rebecca Minkoff - Black leather 'Sabeen' chelsea bootie ankle boots
Rebecca Minkoff - Black leather 'Sabeen' Chelsea bootie ankle boots - click this link to shop
Pull on and go - another pair of boots to interchange with the above. These two ankle boots as you can see can be mixed and matched with all the fashion pieces to create an abundance of looks and outfit
Halogen - Grey crewneck cashmere jumper sweater
Halogen - Grey crewneck cashmere sweater - click this link to shop
Soft and luxurious cashmere is very easy to care for and is long-lasting. A cashmere sweater can last you well over a decade. Wear yours with jeans, layered over a dress, or for a sophisticated style with a shirt underneath. This sweater looks particularly stylish worn with the APC denim shirt with decorative collar below.
APC - 'Agathe' indigo blue denim shirt blouse
APC - 'Agathe' indigo blue denim shirt - click this link to shop
What a perfect denim shirt APC have created, season after season they create designs that are stand out basics. This shirt will transcend the seasons and get better with age. Made from beautiful fabric and cut to flatter, this denim shirt will provide a simple yet sophisticated, classic yet stylish fashion essential. Easily worn with just about anything, jeans, trousers and layer under sweaters or dresses. 
Halogen black and white striped crewneck cashmere sweater - click this link to shop
Along with the above grey sweater, this black and white striped cashmere sweater is both soft and luxurious. Made to last, you can be certain you are spending money on a garment that is both versatile and will last for many seasons. A great layering piece or stand-alone you will wear this piece more times than you can count. 


ATM - Anthony Thomas black 'Melillo' ribbed stretch micro modal long sleeve top
ATM - Anthony Thomas black 'Melillo' ribbed stretch micro modal long sleeve top - click this link to shop
Ah, the long sleeve black top, depending on your current season swap for a short sleeve version. For this blog post, I am focusing on 10 pieces - truth be told, you could probably have 5 of these essentials in a larger capsule wardrobe. You can wear a black top in so many ways and feel confident that you look stylish. An essential wardrobe piece, mix, match and easily interchange, an absolute wardrobe must.
Madewell - Blue velvet butterfly top
Madewell - Blue velvet butterfly top - click this link to shop
This piece can be worn day or night. Get creative and layer over a shirt, wear over a dress to change your dress into a skirt, there are many options. Velvet feels so good against your skin and makes you look and feel on top of the world.
J-brand - 'Ruby' blue denim high-rise skinny jeans
J-brand - 'Ruby' blue denim high-rise skinny jeans - click this link to shop
Every day and night jeans, tailored in a flattering silhouette, they sit high waisted which adds to their flattering appeal. Style tip: cuff the hem to create a different look and feel!
Madewell - 9-inch high-waist dark denim polka dot skinny jeans
Madewell - 9-inch high-waist dark denim polka dot skinny jeans - click this link to shop
Covered in velvet polka dots these jeans a both playful and fun and effortless and cool. Like the above jeans play around with styling, try turning up the cuff and exposing the hem for a completely new look.

B.P. - Black corduroy Pinafore Dress - click this link to shop
A little black dress with an added bonus, this beauty will last season after season and can be worn through summer months and layered to be worn through winter. So good.


Below are 14 stylish outfits made from owning just 10 fashion pieces.

10 Fashion pieces create 14 Days of outfits

Feeling good about your style and how the world perceives you is incredibly important. Your style speaks before you do. Style plays an important role in your own self-care. Be your own muse and look after how you style yourself - you will be rewarded with empowerment and confidence.
The clothes you wear help create a positive energy that is important to your inner self as well as your outer self. Enabling you to be the best version of yourself - for you!
Through making a capsule wardrobe of style essentials you are creating a clever way to save money, time and help you achieve a put together stylish outfit every day of the week. OwnMuse is here to help you look fabulous without a lot of effort.
Often money is something that people don't have an endless supply of - it would be nice but it's not the real world. Creating a capsule wardrobe is a clever technique that helps you save money.
You spend money on the items of clothing you actually need, that work together, that is they can be interchanged, mixed and matched to create a huge selection of stylish outfits. Saving you money, time and always keeping you looking fabulous.
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Create your dream affordable capsule casual wardrobe today!

Who is this casual daywear best suited for?

  • Women who work with children
  • Mom style
  • Students
  • Weekend Wear
  • Holiday capsule wardrobe

Monday through Sunday for 2 weeks that is 14 stylish outfits from only 10 fashion essentials.

10 Fashion pieces create 14 Days of outfits 

10 Fashion pieces create 14 Days of outfits 

Less is more!

Please email me if you have any questions and/or would like to connect.

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