Your Ultimate Student Capsule Wardrobe Checklist


Hello, welcome if this is your first visit to OwnMuse. Thank you for stopping by, be sure to read to the bottom of the post there are some capsule wardrobe outfit ideas! Which style will you choose?

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So let's get started... How do you create the ultimate student wardrobe? How do you create a buzz around your style that others aspire too? You are on a budget, you want to feel stylish, how do these two entities mix? 
For starters take a good look at what you have. What is missing? What do you always seem to be lacking? Less is more, spend less and buy the items you really love! 
This is your ultimate student style solution - it’s the digital age you never know when you are going to need to be snapshot ready. Or rather - you always need to be snapshot ready!
It’s time to make yourself a capsule wardrobe, remove the stress and expense from looking stylish. Think of how powerful you feel when you are wearing something you truly love. One fashion item can transform your whole sense of self. Imagine an entire outfit!
So a quick backtrack in case you are asking...

What is a Capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a go-to selection of fashion items that are all your favourite. They are fashion items that make you feel empowered, cool, energized - then you put them on and you know you look amazing and that makes you feel amazing! 
They are interchangeable which means they can be mixed and matched effortlessly and styled together to create new looks and a large range of outfits.

Which style are you? 

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What should you have in your capsule wardrobe?

You typically need to select 30 key capsule wardrobe pieces. They don't need to be the same style, but that can help. You do need to pick pieces that serve a purpose. If you are a sneaker style girl then choosing 1 pair of your dream sneakers is all you need. Ok, maybe 2 if that is your thing! When they get tired and worn out sure then buy a replacement. Do you really need 10 pairs of sneakers that you kind of like? If you do have many shoes - stop and have a think how many do you really love. More than likely 2/3 come to mind. If you don't love any of your shoes then bingo that needs some focus. Find some shoes you do love that you can wear every day with all your clothes.
You can wear these key capsule wardrobe sneakers with jeans, skirts, dresses - they can be styled over and over again. The focus is you love these shoes and they make you feel excited every time you see them.
If you have the shoes then move on to the next most important style piece. Maybe it's your jeans? A capsule wardrobe dress? For me, it always tops that are a wardrobe dilemma. I never seem to have enough of them. I know that is a capsule wardrobe essential that I can spend money on, money that I am spending wisely because I actually need that item.
It makes more sense to buy one item you really love and get a deep pleasure than to keep buy lots of fashion pieces you kind of like, that kind of make you feel good.
Get started today transforming your student wardrobe into the ultimate wardrobe. You have the how to it's time to do it!

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