10 Ways To Take Better Care Of Yourself 

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Unwind and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul

Ways to relax at the end of a busy day

1. Aromatherapy

Switching off each day is vital to maintaining an inner and outer well being. I strongly recommend using aromatherapy. Using a diffuser like Asakuki aromatheraphy essential oil diffuser, is a safe way to use oils, this one is eco-friendly, looks beautiful and is easy to use.
Not sure of what you like? Couple your diffuser with this 8 pack of essential oils by Lagunamoon. These oils are the perfect starter kit, they smell divine, are excellent quality, and a bargain price. Believe the hype they have excellent reviews and user ratings. 
Beware you need to buy essential oils, not fragrance oils. Fragrance oils are created using an artificial scent making them useful in soaps, perfumes and body creams, not for diffusing. For the purpose of healing properties and relaxation, essential oils with there fresh aroma will give you greater healing and therapeutic benefit.
Which essential oils are best for relaxing and de-stressing?

2. Just be

Can you 'just be'? Can you put your phone down? Test yourself!
If you are like me... you need to read on.
How to stop and just be.
Pink neon words and breathe on green garden wall

Image: Max van den Oetelaar

3. Breathe

Don't take this as a given. Keep your body and mind in the realm of low-key.

These techniques will assist you to function at your best, they only take a few minutes and best of all they are free.
Benefits: How can breathing help me?
  • Stress relief
  • Lessen anxiety
  • Relaxation
  • Calm down
Techniques: How best to breathe deeply for health and well-being benefits?

1. Inhale as long and deep as you can, exhale long and fluidly. Continue this process extending the times for each interval. Repeat as time permits. Do so regularly through the day.

2. Cover your nostril with your thumb and breathe in the alternate side, swap thumbs and nostrils and breathe out. Continue this pattern - slow and steady.

Further reading - 'The Science of Slow Deep Breathing'.

4. Walk

The benefits of 'taking a walk' far exceed the obvious. Walking not only gives your mind a break, it stimulates your brain waves with oxygen that promotes thought and generates ideas.
Taking a walk can wake you up, rejuvenating your spirit and free your mind if in a slump.

Walking helps prevents heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Tones your body and trims your waistline.
Everything will seem more achievable and possible.

Extra incentive to get walking (or running), try Adidas - Ultraboost running shoe, - love these shoes!

5. Be with nature

  • Watch the waves and hear the sounds of the ocean
  • Feel the wind blow around you, examine the colours of fallen leaves
  • Touch grass, feel the fibres through your fingers - breathe deeply absorbing the day
  • Take a walk through trees, ponder how long they have been standing there 

Relaxing tea

Image: Mike Kenneally 

6. Tea

Which teas help the body unwind and relax?

Ah, Tea - once you find the right one you realise how much happier, more relaxed or energized a cup of tea can make you feel.

It's worth spending the time to match the tea to your needs, personality and make it a habit.

Get excited about this gorgeous tea, Honey and lavender tea - aids stress relief by Yogi Tea.

7. Wash the day away

Whether it be a shower or bath - indulge yourself and fill your mind with relief and calming energy. Focus on the vision of the day being separate from the zone you are now placing yourself in. Feel every part of your body inside and out relax, breathe deeply and re-energize your being. 

8. Stretch

Flexible muscles are strong muscles - without stretching your muscles tighten putting pressure on your joints resulting in tension and pain. You look and feel better with elongated muscles - don't hunch and hurt.

Achievable Stretching Goals:
  • 10 minute while watching Netflix - use a roller, LuxFit High-density foam roller. Face towards the floor (or the tv), support your frame with your elbows and roll your thighs - front and side. You'll feel it, it will help tremendously.
  • 3 minutes while watching Netflix - Lye on your back, lift one leg up straight and hold both hands behind your thigh. Rotate your ankle as you stretch.
  • 2 minutes while watching Netflix - Sit upwards and loop your hands behind your back so they are connected. Stretch your neck side to to side. Genlty rotate.

9. Read

Simulate your brain, open your mind to endless possibilities, relax and unwind. Reading actual paper books is recommended.
What books best suit your lifestyle?

10. Sleep

Ways to help you sleep better.
Comfort is paramount, make sure your environment suits your body and souls needs. If your pillow isn't aiding a sound sleep - replace it. The highly popular Sweetnight Pillow is a golden purchase, don't believe just me - this pillow has hundreds of 5-star ratings and reviews. A sure way to help you sleep better.
A little sleep aid I adore is a pillow spray, it works wonders for me, Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by This Works.

Turn off devices at least 30 minutes before bed, you might know it but do you do it?

Read a book before trying to sleep it will help you get a better rest - at least give it a try.

I hope you have gained some key tips to better help take care of yourself.

Please leave comments below.
Have a happy day!
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