Why is Keeping Fit something you just have to do?

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Why is Keeping Fit something you just have to do?

Keeping Fit: Fitness and Exercise

Why is Keeping Fit something you just have to do?

Once you are exercising your body goes in to exercise mode, your brain goes into just do it mode. 

How do you get in to exercise mode?

How do you get into exercising and staying fit when maybe you don't feel like it, you don't have time to exercise, have the energy to be active or have the motivation needed to get exercising?

Stop thinking SO much about exercising

Sometimes over thinking something makes it harder. Try to not think so much about exercising and whether or not to go exercise. Have a 'no excuses rule'. No one is holding you accountable - but you. Stay fit for yourself.
Why is Keeping Fit something you just have to do?
It's all very easy saying, go exercise, it's good or you, stay fit for yourself. But what if going to for a run isn't your thing. 

It's all exercise the tame with the extreme

Tame Exercising Ideas

How can I exercise and relax at the same time?
Which are the easiest sports?

Pool + Walking = PoolWalking

OK so in Japan the public pools are made up of lap swimming and a few lanes for walking in the water. The revolutionary low impact, resistance workout out that exercises your whole body and relaxes the mind.

Yoga Nidra

Effectively sleep yoga, its a waking state in between sleep and awake. The deepest possible state of relaxation. A few yoga stretches to start with, all while sitting down then you are guided through a deep meditation entering a deep trance state simulating the benefits of sleep. 


Extreme Exercising Ideas

What is a team, action sport, that is really fun?

Women's AFL

Here is a novel idea, women have been breeding women to not really, generally at all be into the body on body sport contact. That is until now. AFL is a reasonably rough running around and smashing into each other sport. You will get plenty of exercise and have a damn good time.


Based on the traditional idea of sword fighting, there are different forms of modern fencing, with three different weapons. You generally have a weapon of choice and specialise in that fencing weapon. 
Why is Keeping Fit something you just have to do?

Fitness Freedom

Exercising will set you free. 
Why is Keeping Fit something you just have to do?

Exercising Routine Kicks in

Congratulations - you have chosen to exercise for you. Exercise is taking control of your life, your being, it powers you from the inside out. Energising your muscles and provides oxygen to your brain. Exercise is a powerboat of feeling good, endorphins are released as you exercise providing you with a natural high. You will feel elevation after exercise.
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