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I hope you are having a good day.
This post is about how to create style foundations.
These key styling elements form a go-to directory for you to reflect on each day as you get dressed.
Often time is not a luxury we have in abundance, sometimes we literally have no time to give much thought to how we look.
Looking put together is paramount to feeling good through your entire day - these styling foundations will help you get through those hard styling moments.
To get you in the mood - a poem explaining the concept.
Hope you enjoy it.


Own Muse 

Girl about the world,
Had broken free of the mould,
She works hard, plays hard and has fun,
Though somehow becomes undone,


She did look the part,
But then all of a sudden can't start,
She tries again,
Things get worse, her style completely falls apart,
What is not right?
What can she do to ignite her spark?


Her life and sense of control,
Resonates in a wardrobe which is only kind of cool,
The answer is in her style,
Creating a go-to fashion file.


What are the quickest ways to look stylish?

Your Style Foundations Checklist:

Here are 5 fail-safe ways to look stylish quickly and easily.

1. Stick to a base colour palette

Selecting base colours for the majority of your wardrobe make mixing and matching easier. 
You can easily and quickly achieve a winning combination of clothes using base colours.
Add more depth to your fashion style by collecting a variety of clothes in different fabrics and textures.
Your base colour palette recommendations are below. Choose 1-4 base colours.
Base colour palette for capsule wardrobe ownmuse.com recommendation
Colour is a powerful tool for reigning in your personal style. With a little time and effort, you can shape your current wardrobe into a well-curated capsule range of go-to fashion essentials.
Finish your own muse style by adding some signature pieces - these can be vintage, jewellery, scarves or sunglasses. They work to add character to your base colour wardrobe and will complete your look to achieve styling success. 

Click here to read the post about base colours: Life changing ways to choose your clothes


Sneakers sunglasses notebook - Style when you have no time - featured ownmuse.com

2. Keep it simple

Using the base colour strategy above, take this styling tip one step further add the base colour idea to a capsule wardrobe.
What is a capsule wardrobe?
A capsule wardrobe is a way of simplifying your range of clothes, it means you buy with a purpose.
Each item is carefully selected (in your chosen base colours) to be inter-changeable and earns a spot on this extremely selective rotation of essential items.
This does not mean your style is simple.
Far from it - be your own muse, be your own inspiration - your style creativity is up to you.


Click here to read the post about creating a capsule wardrobe: How to look more stylish - 20 Piece Capsule Wardrobe


3. Reflection is rewarding

I want you to feel good about now.
You might not have been happy with your style before and that's ok. 
Reflect on your progress, it's a style journey, if you stick to the style foundations listed here and add your style building blocks one step at a time - your style will flow.
You will be ready to take on whatever your day holds, with confidence and enthusiasm.
Be happy you are making the choice to be your own muse, to be more stylish and take control of your wardrobe today.
This is a key motivating factor.

4. Less is more

Possibly less is more is a goal you have had for some time?
Maybe you have never quite achieved less spending more satisfaction.
This style ideology will literally give you more wardrobe choices.
It is a colossal financial motivator.
Taking control of you retail expenditure and actually buying what you need is a huge eye-opener.
By taking control of your buying habits you will save money.
Buy more of what you need rather than what you want.


5. Being your own stylist

Remeber this process is exciting - you are the stylist, the curator, you are in control and get to create a feel, persona and your stamp - impression on the world, you get to be your own muse.
Clothes speak for you - your style speaks without saying a word.
Communicate through your style, who you are and what you are here to achieve.
Empower yourself and make the style fashion and style choices.


There you have it, 
You will feel empowered, look stylish and considerably more together than trying to style using an ad-hoc mix of colours, textures and pieces.
Never underestimate the power of style - style has the power to make you feel confident and in control, style communicates to the world who you are without a word. 
Good luck with the steps!
Give it a try and please add your thoughts in comments,
Enjoy your day


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