Minimalist Sculptural Jewellery - Mini Treasures For Every Day Outfits

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Minimalist Sculptural Jewellery - Mini Treasures For Every Day Outfits

'Found' Minimalist Jewellery Brands

- Mini Sculptural Treasures For Keepsake 

You know that jewellery you wish you had, those dream pieces you know you should have - you deserve to have.
These are the jewellery pieces you knew you wanted - but hadn't found until now.

Define Your Ear - Subtle Statement Earrings

14k Black Gold.
This lobe-hugging earring is straight to - wear all the time.
Gives a loop effect to first ear hole. A snug effect to ear hole 2 +.
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Minimalist sculptural jewellery

The Symbolic Power Necklace

18-Karat Yellow Gold.
Handcrafted, and detailed with diamonds.
This necklace holds divine power - imagery includes arrows, mountains and stars. 
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FOUNDRAE Medium Dream Medallion On Clip Necklace - Yellow Gold

Solo or Double or is that Single or Double Mini Earring

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver.
A recent addition to the long-standing creative path of jewellery icon Maria Black. Buy this earring as a single or double intended to be worn either way.
Her increasing and well-crafting collection of rings, earrings and necklaces have a cult following. A nod of 'oh yeses'- amongst the fashionable hipsters.
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MARIA BLACK Noon mini earring


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