Midi Skirts Are The Most Flattering Skirts for All Ages

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Midi Skirts Are The Most Flattering Skirts for All Ages

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Midi Skirts:
The Most Flattering Skirts for All Ages

The ultimate wardrobe essential is one which works hard for you. A capsule wardrobe essential item that you will wear again and again - The Midi Skirt!
The midi skirt is so easy to wear you can match it with any top, shirt or sweater. When it comes to saving money, maximising style, the versatility of wear and sustainability, that is reducing waste. The midi skirt does all these things.

Midi Skirts - Capsule Wardrobe Collection - Must-have Versatile Black Skirts

OwnMuse supports a less is more approach to fashion. Which mean you choose fashion, shoes, bags and accessories that are sustainability sourced and ethically made (this includes second hand as well as new). When you choose second hand this is considered zero waste fashion, no emissions, as you are giving something a second life it is keeping it out of waste.
Be more mindful and be a conscious consumer. When you take charge of your style through purpose buying you are saving money, saving yourself time and effort replacing clothing and reducing waste. 
Style is vital to how you look and feel and how you feel directly affects your day.
When you have wardrobe essentials that form a set collection of items this is referred to as a capsule wardrobe. A core edit of clothes that transcend seasons are not trend-based and are in styles that are timeless.
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Choosing fashion inset base colours will help you make sure that your wardrobe coordinates and is interchangeable. OwnMuse recommends 1-4 colours is best and easiest to work with each season.
Out of season clothes, shoes and bags can always be stored keeping your wardrobe clutter-free and organised.

Midi Skirts Are The Most Flattering Skirts for All Ages

The midi skirt is a flattering fashion essential for women of all ages. The skirt length was characteristic in the 1940s and considered to be It is reliable, which means you own a skirt that you know you look and feel good in. When you wear this skirt you generally have a good day. You feel beautiful, stylish and cool.
You can wear it with tights (stockings), boots, or ankle socks with sneakers. You can wear it to the office or to walk your dog, out to dinner or around the house with ugg boots. Yes, I know but some days with lockdowns and more time working from home, timelessness and versatility. 
Owning midi skirts is a no brainer in the interest of style and effortlessly piecing together outfits. Passionately combine fashion basics with a midi skirt to dress up or down, accessorize to suit your personality and quirks. Wear the same midi skirt for weekend fun, a night out or for work. 
Choose a midi skirt made from quality fabric in your favourite core closet hue, limit embellishments and intense patterns. Give extra thought to your frame and which fabrics drape best to flatter your silhouette.

Conscious Fashion
Sustainable, and Ethical Midi Skirt choices

Selections are from NET SUSTAIN by Net-a-porter.
I previously worked for Net-a-porter in London for 4 years, my dream job before coming back to my home city, Sydney. I have been on the inside of their policies, ethics and employment I wholeheartedly support and appreciate my time there.
NET SUSTAIN is their sustainability-focused fashion and beauty, which meets the eight key attributes which are taken into account including human, animal and environmental welfare and are aligned with internationally recognized best sustainability and ethical practices.
* Net-a-porter is an OwnMuse affiliated store
Our editor's trust the ethics and commitment to sustainable fashion and beauty sold at Net Sustain by Net-a-porter. We shop at Net Sustain ourselves and enjoy the consumer experience. Supporting sustainable designers and brands who working hard to achieve a better future, for humans, animals and the environment.
ARCH4 - Sustainable Fashion - Alison organic cashmere midi skirtARCH4 - Sustainable Fashion - Alison organic cashmere midi skirt


MARA HOFFMAN - Sustainable Fashion - Tulay pleated hemp skirtMARA HOFFMAN - Sustainable Fashion - Tulay pleated hemp skirt


ARCH4 - Sustainable Fashion - Ribbed cashmere midi skirtARCH4 - Sustainable Fashion - Ribbed cashmere midi skirt


 CAES - Sustainable Fashion - organic cotton-poplin midi skirt
CAES - Sustainable Fashion - Organic cotton-poplin midi skirt


ARTCLUB - Sustainable Fashion - pleated lameŐĀ and organic cotton-canvas midi skirtARTCLUB - Sustainable Fashion - Pleated lameŐĀ and organic cotton-canvas midi skirt

 JOSLIN - Sustainable-Fashion - Adalyia crocheted lace trimmed silk crepe de chine maxi-skirt

JOSLIN - Sustainable Fashion - Adalyia crocheted lace-trimmed silk crepe de chine maxi-skirt


With an abundance of midi skirt styles, cuts and fabrics there is something for everybody.
Pleated midi skirts, denim, tailored, jersey, satin there are plenty of classic styles to choose from. The best advice is to choose classic styles in durable lasting fabrics.  
You can wear a midi skirt with a tank or t-shirt in summer months and a long-sleeve top, shirt or sweater with tights in winter months is a hard-working and extremely versatile fashion basic.
A midi skirt will last you countless seasons and make assembling your various outfit painless.
Midi skirts have infinite styling options - enjoy!
Harper and The OwnMuse Team


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