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Sustainable and Ethical Dresses

What is a sustainable dress?

Designers have a social and environmental responsibility to how our clothes are created; sourced, manufactured, and transported. As well as consideration into their end of life; how quickly will it break down in landfill? Natural fibres will break down with fewer toxins than synthetic or those combined with plastic. Some fabrics can be reused or recycled keeping their life cycle open for reuse.
Carbon emissions and toxic chemicals are leached into the earth, air and water as products decompose, out of sight and often out of mind. Many products we use daily and simply discard will exist on the earth far beyond our lifetimes.
Your carbon footprint counts, choosing eco-friendly alternatives and avoiding fast fashion. Supporting the sustainable and ethical fashion industry will have a significant environmental impact.

The good news is there are a variety of sustainable and ethical dress brands that deserve your support

Sustainable Dress Brands

Universal Standard
Girlfriend Collective

"A dress makes a woman feel confident, womanly
and empowers her soul."
- OwnMuse

Sustainable and Ethical Dresses - What is a Sustainable Dress?
Top to bottom, Left to Right:
ABLE - Abera crossbody tote bag, Universal Standard - Katherine side tie knot dress, Universal Standard - Sonya satin v-neck dress, ABLE - Margarete Sandal, Loren Stewart - 14-karat gold necklace, Matteau - Gathered cotton-poplin maxi dress


Sustainable Fashion 101

Sustainable Fabrics

Sustainable materials include linen, cotton and organic cotton both have benefits often organic has transport and fossil fuel penalties which can equate for a competitive sustainable battle with non-organic cotton. Recycled polyester, rayon, wool if you are comfortable with it being an animal product has eco-friendly qualities. More information: Which Fabrics Are Most Sustainable?

Sustainable and Ethical Fashion - ABLE Clothing BrandImages: ABLE

Ethical Working Conditions

Know where and who made your clothes, how are they paid, their working conditions and weigh this up pros and cons to buying locally made. There is an argument for supporting less fortunate communities and then there is the counter-argument that entails supporting local production.

Digital Resources

Build a sustainable lifestyle, reduce the amounts of waste and become more environmentally friendly in everything you do. E-books and printables have been designed to support your sustainable living quest.
Learn more about natural resources for visiting grocery stores and food waste. Building a capsule wardrobe full of clothes to enhance your personal style, reducing waste and saying no to fast fashion. All resources are available in easy to reference ebook format.

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