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Capsule Wardrobe Checklist - Fashion Basics + Essential Outfit Items

What is a capsule wardrobe?

Time, Ease, Stress-free Style, Organization, De-cluttering, Conscious Fashion, Eco, Sustainable, Low maintenance, Purpose buying.
Capsule wardrobes are a style solution which solves many common issues women have with their fashion style and wardrobe organization.
A capsule wardrobe provides you with time, each morning when you get dressed you have a simplified selection of clothes. You create outfits quickly with ease. A capsule wardrobe is a carefully selection range of clothes that are chosen to serve a purpose and easily be mix and match. This means all your clothes go together to create outfits, no more guessing what works and what doesn't. 
I have been the capsule wardrobe solution for 8 years now. It works better than you will expect, you can reuse the same information and solution each season and year after year.
➤ If you are looking for a stand-out solution to help you organize your wardrobe and then be sure to get your copies of The Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Guide - Book and Workbook.

Learn how to build your capsule wardrobe from what you already have in your closet

Get dressed quicker, easier and save money.
Enjoy a tidy, organized wardrobe that is easy to manage, season after season.
You will have more outfits to wear and own all the clothes you love.

Get the help you need to find your personal style 

The Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Guide - Book

The Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Guide - Book and Workbook


Why start a capsule wardrobe?

➤ Does getting dressed taking longer than it should? I get it, when I started a capsule wardrobe it was to save 'time'. Time is the one thing you can't buy. I was spending more thinking what to wear than I had minutes to spare. I would grab clothes at random and then feel awkward in my outfit all day. Miss matched, and uncomfortable no way to spend your day.
➤ Does your wardrobe need a clean out? Get your wardrobe organized, remove clutter and know what you need in your wardrobe. I was in disbelief how easy it could be when I followed the capsule wardrobe formula. My wardrobe had been TOO BIG a problem to tackle, overwhelming, that changed for good.
➤ Do you buy on a whim and regret purchases (or worse never were clothes)? I felt annoyed and confused with new purchases. Sometimes I didn't wear clothes, new and second hand they would hang in my wardrobe, I could understand why they weren't quite right. That all makes sense with the capsule wardrobe formula.
➤ Is your wardrobe a mixed, mismatching, chaos and overflowing mess? Shopping for more didn't magically solve all my wardrobe issues. All it did was overwhelm my already full wardrobe. I wasn't buying basics, I wasn't buying clothes to fill a gap, I didn't actually have what I needed. My wardrobe was full, messy and didn't have what I needed day to day.
➤ Who is a capsule wardrobe for? The capsule wardrobe solution works for people who LOVE clothes and those who would rather be dong something else.
➤ Why care about style? Ultimately we need to wear clothes every day and feel good in what you are wearing is the same for all women. Style is important to feeling good about ourselves - it's something we can control in our life. Even if you aren't a fashion loving person after you start a capsule wardrobe you will enjoy getting dressed.

How to start a capsule wardrobe

1. Reduce: Reducing the number of clothes in your wardrobe and drawers is life-changing. But... how do you do this reduce how many clothes you have? First and foremost, you get started. Starting can be one of the hardest part. Tackle this task but by bit. Removing and emptying all your drawers, hanging space. Start by clearing what doesn't fit, create a pile for mending, store clothes that are out of season, donate or gift clothes and sell clothes that might be of value.
2. Establish: With no clear plan of what clothes you need in your wardrobe you will always struggle to create outfits you love.A capsule wardrobe is a way tell you what you need in your wardrobe for you. Everyone is different and the wardrobe you build will be specific to you and your needs.
3. Build: Know what fashion essentials you need in your wardrobe is how you learn how to build a wardrobe full  sustainable style you love. This step will come but first...
 Every detail is outlined and clear explained in the The Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Guide - Book - Click here to get your copy.

What is in a capsule wardrobe?

EXAMPLE of 20 Piece Capsule Wardrobe:

Use The Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Book + Workbook to determine your own personalise checklist

Capsule Wardrobe Checklist - Fashion Basics + Essential Outfit Items

Capsule Wardrobe 20 Essential Must-have Items

What you have: OwnMuse urges you to shop from your own wardrobe. This means, before you buy more check what you already have. Often we have essentials basics hidden deep in our wardrobes behind the clutter.
Buying second-hand: There are million of clothes discarded every week globally, many quality even designer items. Reduce waste and keep clothing out f landfills. Buying second hand is cheaper and hugely satisfying when you fine something unique and at a bargain price.
When buying new: Shop from ethical, sustainable, affordable and quality retailers. These fashion revolutionaries deserve your support for the part they are playing in looking after the earth.
 Less is more when you have a clear idea of what you need and why: The Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Guide - Book.


1. Recycled Plastic Every Day Bag

Made from recycled plastic bottles.
It's finished with a glossy coating derived from re-purposed windscreen laminates.

ANYA HINDMARCH + NET SUSTAIN I Am A Plastic Bag large canvas tote

Anya Hindmarch + NET SUSTAIN (Exclusive) 
'I Am A Plastic Bag' large canvas tote
- - -

2. Organic Cotton T-Shirt

T-shirts are at the core of your capsule wardrobe versatility, casual to corporate.
Everlane produce quality long lasting t-shirt made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. Organic cotton is better for the soil and water, and it’s safer for the workers.
Stock up on quality, ethically produced, sustainably made and produced basics. 
Choose t-shirts in basic colours; black, tan, navy, grey and white in short and long sleeves. This range of colours will create endless outfits for you!

Everlane - Ethical + Sustainable T-shirt

Everlane - Ethical + Sustainable T-shirt
- - -

3. Ethically Crafted Jewellery

Owning jewellery that has been hand-made has a nostalgic heirloom look and feel.
A treasure to wear and enjoy through the years.
Sold through NET-A-PORTER who are certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.
Foundrae - 18-Karat Gold link chain Bracelet
Foundrae - Bracelet - 18-karat gold quartz necklace
- - - 

4. 100% Recycled Leather Jacket

No kidding, Deadwood make 100% recycled leather jackets.
Leather that has been reclaimed or that would have otherwise gone to waste.
A loving rebellion to the war on waste.
Vegan leather or faux leather is a sustainable alternative, an affordable fabric, made using recycled plastic. Many retailers are finding ways to make faux leather from 100% recycled plastic and some new innovation has seen it made from plants.
Deadwood + Net Sustain Classic Biker Leather Jacket
Deadwood - 'River' black biker leather jacket
- - - 

5. Sustainable Organic Cotton Long-sleeve

This style of top has a place in a repertoire of functionality. If the weather works then so does this top, it will go with everything. 
Ninety Percent is a sustainable brand who's slogan is 'dress better'. Based in uber-cool Camden London and born from a passion of all things organic and sustainable. As often happens (this site for example) when one sustainable chip lines up so do an entire way of living.
Be part of something big - sustainable change.

NINETY PERCENT+ NET SUSTAIN ribbed organic cotton-blend jersey top

Ninety Percent + Net Sustain - Ribbed organic jersey long-sleeve top
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- - - 

6. 100% Organic Cotton Shirt

"I believe in British craftsmanship and manufacturing," says Emma Willis MBE.
This shirt has been stitched by hand in England, locally made as Emma is British.
Features include mother of pearl buttons and a curved hem.
Made from 100% cotton fabric that gets better the more you wear it. 

Emma Willis + Net Sustain Houndstooth Brushed-cotton Shirt

Emma Willis + Net Sustain - Houndstooth Sky Blue Shirt
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- - - 

7. Upcycled Dress

Yes, this fabric was previous another garment. Made by using fabric sourced from a Japanese textile mill. 
Made by The R Collective this 'Karl' dress is durable, wrinkle-resistant, stretch-jersey fabric.
Brand focus is to rescue, reuse, reimagine - sustainable fashion. How inspiring and worthy of your support.

The R Collective + Net Sustain - Karl belted two-tone stretch-jersey dress

The R Collective + Net Sustain - Karl belted two-tone stretch-jersey dress
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- - - 

8. Sustainable Knitwear
(destine to be an heirloom)

&Daughter sweaters are expertly crafted knits made in the UK and Ireland. Small batches of hand-finished knitted jumpers.
The idea is you are investing in timeless knitwear which has been created from the finest 100% natural yarns.

&Daughter + Net Sustain Nora Cable-knit Cashmere Sweater

&Daughter + Net Sustain - Nora cable-knit cashmere sweater
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- - - 

9. Sustainable Designer Top

With deep pledges to people, the planet in material and innovations. Luxury designer brand Stella McCartney is at the forefront of sustainability.
Whilst luxury brands carry an intensively hefty price tag, possibly own just 1 item is an obtainable goal.
One item that will shine bright in your wardrobe, bringing you endless styling opportunities.
Price per wear will be significantly less over the life of the garment that a cheaper option.
Stella McCartney - 'Arlesa' Crepe Top
Stella McCartney - 'Arlesa' Crepe Top
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- - - 

10. Eco Jeans

Thriving on the basic values of craftsmanship, 
GOLDSIGN make quality garments designed and created in Los Angeles.
Crafted in small batches to ensure the most meticulous of attention to detailing.
Made to look like they have long been your go-to favourite jeans.

Goldsign - The Pleat Curve High-rise Tapered jeans

Goldsign - The Pleat Curve High-rise Tapered jeans
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- - - 

11. Ethically Sourced Wool Sweater

Theory Wool-blend Sweater
Theory - Wool-blend sweater
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- - - 


12. Upcycled Designer Skirt

Upcycled means a garment has been made using fabric that would have otherwise gone to waste. This luxury designer taffeta is exquisite quality fabric.
The R Collective create elegant and modern silhouettes using drapery.

The R Collective + Net Sustain Welland Asymmetric Draped Taffeta Black Midi Skirt
The R Collective + Net Sustain - Welland taffeta black midi skirt
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- - - 

13. Ethically Made Dress

GOTS-certified organic cotton, grown without pesticides.
Made under socially responsible and ethical conditions using recycled fabrics.
Flattering, easy to wear any day of the week.
The feel good when you wear it dress! 
Mara Hoffman - 'Agnella' Organic Cotton Black Wrap Midi Dress
Mara Hoffman - 'Agnella' Organic Cotton Black Wrap Midi Dress
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- - - 

14. Recycled Fabric Top

Wool and cashmere fabric made from recycled and re-spun yarns.
Wear as a top or cardigan for multiple styling options.

Reformation + Net Sustain Cropped Ribbed Cashmere And Wool-blend Wrap Top

Reformation + Net Sustain - Cropped ribbed cashmere black wrap top
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- - - 

15. Zero-waste Jeans

Oh yeah, 
 makes zero-waste sustainable denim.
Design and made in East London keeping them local and minimalising their eco-footprint.
Jeans are sourced from warehouses all around London and upcycled. The benefit is unique and low carbon emissions.
E.L.V. Denim - 'The Twin' Frayed Two-tone High-rise Straight-leg Jeans
E.L.V. Denim - 'The Twin' Frayed Two-tone High-rise Straight-leg Jeans
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- - - 

4. Sustainable Pleated Midi skirt

Australian brand Aaizél is a sustainability pioneer.
Melbourne-based brand Aaizel, produces all its pieces locally, using sustainably sourced fabric and keeping waste to an absolute minimum. 
Proof style and sustainability can work as a team.
Aaizél' - NET Sustain beige pleated twill wrap skirt
Aaizél + Net Sustain - Beige pleated twill wrap skirt
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- - - 

17. Eco-Certified Coat

Le Kasha uses organic farming and breeding techniques to ensure their animals are looked after to optimal health.
Carrying and ECO certificate for their production and processes.
Le Kasha work with local farmers and cooperatives and practice sustainable grazing to ensure the preservation and sustainability of the grasslands.
Le Kasha - Antigua checked coat
Le Kasha - Antigua checked coat
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- - - 

18. Ecological Sneakers

As this article states, these could be the world's most sustainable made sneakers.
Veja makes ecological sneakers that use organic, fair trading and sustainability as the key pillars of their creation and processes.
Vegan leather is available.

Veja + Net Sustain - V-10 Leather Sneakers 

Veja + Net Sustain - V-10 Leather Sneakers
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- - - 

Do every girl and woman dream of clothes? I love clothes, fashion, accessories, shoes - I literally fantasise about a wardrobe, a walk-in massive wardrobe. Inside is every style, historical and or otherwise. Every basic essential, pair of jeans, one-off, every piece of clothing I have ever owned.
This would require a tremendous amount of care and services, of course, to look after everything I have ever owned.
Then reality kicks in. Time? I have none.
Creating a capsule wardrobe is all I have time for? Economical, more environmental, less stress and confusion and simplifying garment care.
Light bulb moment.

How about a pledge to only fill your wardrobe with sustainable clothing items?

Sustainable attributes take into account human, animal, environmental and social impact. Sustainable fashion means all parts of the creation process of your clothes, accessories, shoes and bags have been considered. Considered to be at the forefront of care of the ecosystem taking account for human, animal and environmental welfare. Through the use of internationally recognized greener resources, processes and waste management.
OwnMuse hopes you find pleasure in the longevity of these fashion essentials. Discover an edit of fashion that which will save you time getting dressed every day of the week. Create a sustainable personal style that radiates your personality and help support a more sustainable future. 
Create multiple outfits from a few key fashion pieces when you combine the pieces of clothing you need into the perfect capsule wardrobe. 

"A truly amazing wardrobe begins with a smart supply of sustainable key fashion basics" OwnMuse

I just read this by Australia's most reliable retailer. With an impressive customer care focus, as well as having a sustainability team who have listed 'The Iconic' sustainability annual report. A PDF all about their sustainability strategy. High quality 'The Iconic' - way to go.  
Another featured retailer below is NET Sustain. I actually worked at NET (aka Net-A-Porter as a graphic design for nearly 4 years. While living in London. A while ago now. Loyalties run deep, I shop from the site every few months. Anything new I tend to shop on Net-A-Porter or the above The Iconic. 
I also buy some fashion from second-hand stores or recycled materials designers when I come across them. I find that stuff finds you, it's tricky the other way around.
I really haven't bought much lately. There are three Net-a-porter items from the below sustainable capsule wardrobe items currently in my shopping cart. That's the trouble with writing this stuff. It is what I would buy if I had endless money.  Which I don't so I am going to have to decide quickly before they sell out?
Sustainable fashion means all parts of the creation process of your clothes, accessories, shoes and bags have been considered. Considered to be at the forefront taking account for human, animal and environmental welfare. Through the use of internationally recognized greener resources, processes and waste management.
OwnMuse hopes you find pleasure in the longevity of these fashion essentials. Discover an edit of fashion that which will save you time getting dressed every day of the week. Create a sustainable personal style that radiates your personality and help support a more sustainable future. 

Sustainable Fashion - 20 Items 20 Outfits - Simplify Your Capsule Wardrobe Style

20 Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe Edits

FREE Starter Capsule Wardrobe Checklist when you sign up.

Capsule wardrobe starter-kit checklist and guide - free printable 
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You will be able to get dressed and ready in 1-minute. Having these key fashion basics will ensure you have easy to assemble outfits every day of the week.
See your personal style shine and you spend less time creating your daily outfits. Frustration and stress will be gone, simplify your core closet.
Creating multiple outfits from a few key fashion pieces is an economical, time-saving and fun approach to your style. OwnMuse is a capsule wardrobe advocate. A capsule wardrobe is a closet full of clothes you love to wear. Though it's far from exploding and bursting at the seams. A capsule wardrobe is carefully edited and selected range of fashion essentials. Often choosing a colour palette for your clothes will help.
A truly amazing wardrobe begins with a smart supply of key fashion basics. Think of these items as fundamental fashion elements that are all able to be interchanged with one another. How? Through selecting fashion basics that serve a purpose as well as are in a set colour palette.
The purpose of selecting whether that be working with what you already have, thrifting, swapping or buying new means the items are considered and mindfully there.
The colour palette works as a means to coordinate your style and outfits. Colour is the running thread through your outfits, you can explore pop colour, patterns and accessories for extra personality and style definition.
Making sure you have the wardrobe staples you need to feel free, styling your outfit each day quick and easy is essential. Creating a capsule wardrobe, core closet and arming yourself with the fashion essentials you need to make your life easier. Clothing items need to be considered and this will ensure they have a rightful place in your everyday repertoire of outfits.
Creating a capsule wardrobe could be identified as being a minimalist wardrobe checklist. The same capsule wardrobe checklist will work for the minimalist as it will for the not so minimalist. Don't be alarmed by terms. If in doubt refer to the capsule wardrobe essentials book.


Reasons why the 20 items 20 outfits will work for you

Get out the door faster, use less brainpower and look how you want too. Owning less means you don't have to think so much about your outfits. There are plenty of examples of entrepreneurs who have to decide that brainpower trumps the brainpower consumption that is consumed by tasks such as getting dressed each day.
That be said never think a capsule wardrobe lacks creativity, it's far from this. A capsule wardrobe will enhance your creativity, you will be present with so many more options of outfits and able to be more creative as instead of tiresomely trying to find a top to work with a pair of trousers and search for a jacket that might work too. You can grab all 3 items in less than a minute and spend a few minutes accessorizing. 
Add your unique personal style touches to these closet basics and result! Outfit and style success fast.
You will be able to get dressed and ready in 1-minute. Having these key fashion basics will ensure you have easy to assemble outfits every day of the week.
See your personal style shine and spend less time creating daily outfits
Frustration and stress will be gone, simplify your core closet.   

 Less is more when you have a clear idea of what you need and why: The Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Guide - Book.
What if your wardrobe could be full of clothes you love to wear. Clothes that go together quickly and seamlessly creating outfits that make you feel incredible!
Start building your dream wardrobe today!

This is your secret wardrobe building weapon.

Make sense of the clutter and stop the frustration, work towards a wardrobe that fulfils your needs. 

 Less is more when you have a clear idea of what you need and why: The Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Guide - Book.
This is the same system I use to change my wardrobe from a frustrating sea of clutter into e masterful edit or clothes I really enjoy and make me feel happy.
I'll show you how

It's time to make your wardrobe work for you.

Will my style change? 

Yes! You will be in control so it will - as much as you want it too.
You will feel inspired and energized as you step out the door rather than argh I am running late and my outfit isn't quite right.
This is a real forever solution!
Just think how much better you will feel - each and every day, start today!

Who is this style strategy and book for?

I am Harper a busy mum who has spent many years working in the fashion industry. Observing and chatting with the most stylish people on the planet.
This style process is a style solution that will work for anyone and everyone.
This strategy comes from the top and will work for every style of person no matter what it is you do. From casual to profession, active, travel or a mixture.
This solution changed my life - it will do the same for you.


Feedback & Comments

"What a beautifully designed ebook." Lisa Smeth
"Inspired and ready to leave wardrobe frustration behind." Maggie Warrington
"Amazing - thank you!" Rebecca Lee
"Just what I needed and more - really enjoyed learning more about fabrics and ethical buying" 
"I have a list and have it when shopping, what a help." Jen Black
"Clearly designed and informative, this guide has saved me so much time and morning procrastination" Ali Wright

Let your wardrobe frustration be gone forever

Most women's wardrobes are full of clothes but they struggle to have anything to wear that they really love.
What we wear and how we style ourselves directly affects our day.
Our style controls how other people perceive us, how we style ourselves can control how we well we do in life.


Less is more - Buying with purpose

No matter how much money you have or don't have, wasting money isn't smart.
Learn the skills you need to make better purchasing decisions. There is a strategy to buying clothes and accessories which does not involve overspending.
In fact, once you have a clear wardrobe plan you will spend far less while buying more expensive items.
How? Have a clear wardrobe plan means you are only buying what you really need. Leaving room to save and spend on better quality items that will last longer and not need replacing so often.
I only wish I had done this sooner.

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Plus: Be sure to have a look at OwnMuse's Capsule Wardrobe Accessory ideas:

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