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Essential 20 Piece Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

What you need in your core closet

Below is the life-changing solution to your wardrobe and style troubles. This style solution has changed my life. It will do the same for you!
A capsule wardrobe is about creating a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories you love to wear. The idea is you build your wardrobe from a checklist of fashion and accessory pieces that suit your lifestyle. 
All your wardrobe items have a purpose and a place. 
These key fashion essentials make getting dressed easy. This is because they are there for a reason - deliberately chosen to coordinate with each other.
You stock your wardrobe with intent, only buying what you need to coordinate with the other pieces.
Having a core closet of fashion basics means that you have an abundance of outfits. All the pieces you have will be easily interchangeable and create a large range of outfits.
You will spend less money and feel like you have more to wear.

These are 20 key pieces to get you started!

Work your way through this checklist adjusting according to your lifestyle requirements.


Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

1. An Everyday Bag - you love to use!

It may sound obvious but do you grab your every day and think - "wow I am so pleased with this bag". 
Does it make you feel good every time you use it? It should.
SHOP - Zac Posen Shoulder Bag

Zac- Posen - Black shoulder bag

Which shoulder bag do you like?

SHOP - Status Anxiety shoulder bag 

Status Anxiety - Seccumb black cross-body shoulder bag

Click to read the blog feature - Cross-body bags, perfect for all occasions.

2. A Cami / Tank

This little gem can be worn all year round.
In hot months it's ideal as a night time going out top, worn with shorts or layered under a dress.
In colder months wear layered under a tailored jacket or denim jacket. Or the perfect underneath for your favourite sweater.
SHOP - Chelsea 28 - Cami tank top

Chelsea 28 - Black cami tank top illusion camisole


3. Tailored Trousers

Anywhere, anytime, dress them up or down.
Your capsule wardrobe classic tailored trousers are a fashion life-saver and can be worn with everything from a rock t-shirt through to classic business shirts.
From street style casual to office timeless chic. These trousers are flattering on all body shapes, wear cropped if you have long legs!
SHOP - Theory tailored trousers

Theory - Classic black trousers pants

How this capsule wardrobe will help you:

  • Your personal style will be more apparent
  • Styling your outfits daily will be easier, more natural and quick
  • You will feel confident in your clothes 
  • Feeling more confident is a good feeling, a worthwhile feeling
  • Build a wardrobe full of clothes you love
  • Learn how to buy with purpose and knowledge of what will be easy to care for, wash well and last
  • Knowledge of building a wardrobe of classic, timeless yet well designed and stylish clothes.
  • How to buy clothes that last longer than a season
  • Save money shopping, learn to buy what you need and will be satisfied with what you bought

Have you read this helpful blog post about capsule wardrobes - Minimalism and creating a capsule wardrobe. Will it work for you?

4. Stylish Flats

Choose stylish flats with a quirky edge, they will make you feel good every time you wear them.
They will add a touch of personality to your style.
Make sure you stick with your base colours so they are easy to match with any outfit you choose.
SHOP - Gucci 'Princeton' mule flat shoes

Gucci - Black flats Princeton mule shoes



SHOP - Fendi - Black mule big buckle shoes

Fendi - Black mule big buckle shoes

A Capsule Wardrobe Story

For years I kept looking at my wardrobe frustrated - I had nice clothes, clothes I liked but nothing seemed to work as an outfit. What was wrong?

Do you look at a sea of clothes and think - I have nothing to wear?

I observed, researched and searched for an answer and I started to piece together a solution.
I was missing key essential fashion basics! The solution to all my style troubles was I needed to build a capsule wardrobe. Full of loves I loved that could be mixed and matched together.
There are many styles of capsule wardrobes. It recommended you create a capsule wardrobe specifically tailored to you.
Need some more ideas? Why not have a look through -  Capsule Wardrobe Casual Outfit Ideas - 10 Items = 24 Days of Outfits.

5. Everyday Dress

The aim of this dress is to easily and effortlessly be styled to suit different occasions - from office, out-and-about, to special occasions. 
This dress can be worn Summer through Winter. The ideal layering piece - dresses work perfectly with denim or leather jackets, boots, sneakers or sandals. 
Add, a long-sleeved top underneath or a collared shirt. Add a sweater over the top so your dress can be also worn as a skirt.
SHOP - Nique dress
Nique - Black Kane Dress
For an inspiring selection of capsule wardrobe dresses read this post - The Stylish Dress - A must-have wardrobe staple.

 A Black Blazer

A wardrobe classic, a black jacket is another piece that transcends the day to night.
From casual to corporate and sophisticated to rock chic - a hard working key essential capsule wardrobe piece. 

SHOP - Nique tailored jacket

Nique - Shiori black tailored jacket

More on how you build a capsule wardrobe?

You select a core range of basics that make many outfits.
All these fashion pieces will be easily interchangeable - meaning they can be mixed and matched to make a large selection of outfits. Making looking stylish easy and quick. 
A capsule wardrobe helps you save money. You buy basics that fill a need rather than an impulse. 
Would some extra style ideas be helpful? Have a look at - 8 Best-kept style secrets of stylish women - How to look more stylish.

7. Classic T-shirts - you need to stock up and own multiples

Owning a selection of t-shirts in your chosen base colours is recommended.
If you are struggling with feeling like you have nothing to wear owning a variety of classic plain t-shirts will help tremendously.
Find fabrics that wash and wear well - basics that are made to last.
Caring for your clothes properly and reading the care instructions will help you spend less and have your clothes look good longer.
SHOP - Organic Basics t-shirts

Organic Basics - Black- t-shirt tee top

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8. Cotton Jumper / Sweater

Sweaters, jumpers or pullovers name them what you will - the point is you need one in your capsule wardrobe collection. 
A 100% breathable cotton option is a must.
Lightweight, quick to wash and perfect through the seasons.
From cool Spring and Autumn days and nights - travel, cooler offices, cinemas or classrooms.
Add layers underneath to increase warmth in Winter - a denim jacket or black biker jacket on top for a really snug style.
SHOP - Assembly Label cotton cable knit sweater

Assembly Label - White cotton cable knit sweater jumper

CAPSULE WARDROBE ADVICE: Pendant necklaces are a stylish accessory which works with any outfit. 
A pendant necklace particularly suits a sweater or jumper. You can wear one chain or layer for a street style look.
For pendant necklace style advice and online shopping recommendations why not read - Pendant Necklaces - A contemporary classic creating a simple statement in style.

8. A Black Shirt

A black shirt is the perfect clothing item to pull your outfit look and style together especially on those days when you need to get ready very quickly.
Dependable, faithful, always ready to go, a black shirt is an absolute capsule wardrobe essential must-have.
Wear your black shirt with jeans, trousers, skirts, under dresses - tucked in, wear loose or tie a knot at the side.
SHOP - Nique shirt

Nique - Atsuki black linen shirt

10. Sandals - fabulous and stylish

SHOP Toga Pulla sandals
Toga Pulla - Black sandals with metal hardware


11. Levis Jeans an absolute must-have

2-3 pairs of perfect fit jeans that make you feel good when you wear them are much better than a large pile of ill-fitting ones. 
Levis 501's are a classic and while buying vintage has its merits. When it comes to 501's you will wear them so frequently, I suggest getting new ones.
Care for them according to the care instructions and they will last you ages.
The less stretch the better, they will keep their shape longer and flatter your form throughout the entire day and the next wear without needing to be washed.
SHOP Levis 501 cropped jeans

Levis 501 - crop black denim jeans

12. A Biker Jacket

Choose wisely and this item can last you a lifetime.
A good quality leather jacket gets softer and cooler as it ages.
SHOP - Mackage biker jacket Mackage - Black leather biker jacket
Have you read this blog post about biker jackets? How to choose a lifetime biker jacket to invest in.


13. Ankle Boots

These Givenchy studded black ankle boots will become more comfortable to wear and evidently feel better the more you wear them.
An investment piece - you are buying a classic, fashion basic which will change your wardrobe for the better. Absolutely LOVE these boots!
SHOP - Givenchy studded boots

Givenchy - Black leather ankle boots

Ankle boots made to last shopping ideas - Ankle boots - capsule wardrobe collection - quality craftsmanship and timeless style.

14. A Sculptural Shirt

The perfect shirt fabrics are; crisp cotton, poplin blend or cool linen fabric. 
A sophisticated style shirt with a playful twist - will easily interchange through your wardrobe and create different outfits and quirky enough to add personality to your style.
SHOP - Issey Miyake shirt
Issey Miyake - White shirt blouse tortelli tank top

15. A Wrap Dress

Its a wardrobe item people comment on time after time, tell you how wonderful you look making you feel special, elated and powerful.
This is an item that you can put on if the morning isn't feeling all to positive and it has the power to create a shift in your mindset.
SHOP Sacha Drake dress

Sacha Drake - Tina wrap dress in burgundy floral print


16. A Midi Skirt 

This capsule wardrobe piece transcends the office to casual, weddings, day and night welcome the midi skirt into your wardrobe. 
You won't believe how you ever did without this wardrobe essential and how easy you will find stying this piece in a magnitude of ways.
SHOP - Maison Margiela midi skirt
Maison Margiela - Black wool midi skirt with satin panels
Skirt styling ideas - Midi skirts - capsule wardrobe collection - must-have versatile black skirts

17. A Tailored Coat

A beautifully cut coat never goes out of fashion and radiates a sophisticated styled look.
SHOP - rag and bone wool coat
rag & bone - Black and white stripe colour-blocked wool coat

18. A Scarf

From summer to winter months the styling options of a scarf are endless.
Your capsule wardrobe essential scarf can be worn in an arrange of ways around your neck, shoulders, waist and as an accessory around your bag, wrist or head - get creative. 
SHOP Stella McCartney silk scarf
Stella McCartney - StarFoil Stellar Modal & Silk Scarf

Scarves Styling Ideas - How to wear a scarf - Scarves styling ideas


19. Street Style Sneakers

Enjoy the comfort and versatility of sneakers, wear them with jeans, trousers, skirts and dresses for a fashionable street style look.
Join in and wear them to the office, casual, night and day!
SHOP - Alexander Mcqueen sneakers

Alexander Mcqueen - White leather sneakers with silver studs

20. A Pleated Skirt

Wear your pleated skirt with a classic t-shirt, sweater or shirt and add a biker jacket for street style chic.
Mix up your look by adding sneakers, boots or ballerina flats - a different day a different style outfit. 
SHOP - Jil Sander Navy pleated skirt
Jil Sander Navy - Pleated navy blue and black skirt

Happy organising.

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