REUSE: Repurpose Old Sweaters and Jumpers

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REUSE: Repurpose Old Sweaters and Jumpers

Repurpose Old Sweaters and Jumpers

Whilst at first thought you might be left scratching your head. There are endless ways to repurpose old sweaters and jumpers. 
Words like up-cycle, reuse, and repurpose are all much the same - what you are looking to do is create something new from something you already have.
Once you start to open your mind to ways you can reuse household items your creativity will take over... Sustainability made simple and stylish!
Here are some OwnMuse favourite ideas for repurposing old sweaters and jumpers.


REUSE: 15 Ways to Repurpose Old Sweaters and Jumpers

Keep a Mug Warm

A knitted cover for your glass or ceramic mug looks amazing and serves a practical purpose. Keeping your hot drink warm and protecting your hands.
Cut a section from an old sweater or jumper, hand or machine sew the edges to stop from unraveling. Use velcro (you can get a stick-on or sew on), a button, or a clasp to hold secure. Place around your reuse jar or favourite mug.


Sweater Cushions

Turn an old sweater or jumper into a beautiful cushion for your sofa or bed.
Cut out a template shape (remember to add seam allowance) rectangles and squares are easiest. Place on top of your old sweater cut the shape for your cushions.
Get creative and inspired; make a mountain, a house or why not add pocket! 
Turn to the wrong side and use pins or clips to hold in place. Sew the seams either by hand or with a machine. Allow a gap for you to turn inside out to the right side. Insert padding, thrift stores, IKEA and other home stores have padding if you don't already have a cushion you can repurpose.
Decorations like buttons will add to the over aesthetic and help finish the look and feel.
 REUSE: Repurpose Old Sweaters and Jumpers - Pet Warmer Bed

Pet Bed

Pets get cold too. How snuggly and warm will your pet feel in a repurposed bed made from a cozy sweater. 
Create the perfect nook for your furry best friend. 


Knitted Pot Plant Holder

Hanging plants, pot plants, ideal for gifts - keep plants stylish. Old sweater can be transformed in to a removable decorative pot plant holders.
The cover can be washed by hand in soapy water. Best for plants that don't require a lot of water. 


REUSE: Repurpose Old Sweaters and Jumpers - Arm bands, Mittens and Beanie

Arm Bands

Use the hem on the wrist of the sweater or the hem of the waist as a starting point.
Utilising the existing hem will help your mittens have a structure and decorated band to which you can then add a button or clasp.  Either sew between each finger or leave open depending on which suits your style.


Sweater Mittens

Similar to the above armbands, use the hem of the sweater as a starting point. Sewing closed the ends rather than leaving them open like the arms bands. 



Another idea that uses the existing hem from your old sweater is creating a beanie. Using the existing hem will give your beanie a good structure around your head.
You can extend the top for a more slouched look or keep snug to your head.
Consider adding a decorative element; a pom pom or plaited feature both help finish the look.

 REUSE: Repurpose Old Sweaters and Jumpers - Gift Wrapping - Knitted Hearts

Knitted Gift Wrapping

Why not use you old sweater fabric to make love heart trinkets to add to your gift packaging.
Be inspired by the Japanese gift wrapping technique 'furoshiki' which uses large fabric squares to wrap gifts in. With knitted fabric darn the edges.
Another gift wrapping idea is to use your repurposed sweater to make a gift bag. This idea also makes a beautiful gift idea on its own.


Tissue Box Covers

How cute will your tissue box look on your bedside table, bookshelf or bench top covered in a cosy cover. Using an old sweater, place a tissue box on top. Lie down the sides of the tissue box to help you outline the shape.
Alternatively wait until you have used a box and open the box to create a template.
Remember to include seam allowance and leave the top open for the tissues. You can use wool to sew the seams with, either in a matching or contrast colour.


Picture Frames

Either use the sweater to cover a picture frame. Similar to you would use fabric to create an upholstered picture frame.
The other idea is to frame the sweater. Often old sweaters have beautiful knitted images, and or textures that deserve to be framed. 

 REUSE: Repurpose Old Sweaters and Jumpers - Knitted Toys

Soft Toys

Cozy and soft keepsakes, old sweaters remade in to toys to love is a winner of an idea for holiday projects and kids birthday present ideas. 
 There are endless creative ideas, from the classic to the unique and obscure. 


Knitted Lamp Shade

This is a trending style of lighting design, DIY your own version.
From ceiling pendants to lamp shades, the more texture the better. 

 REUSE: Repurpose Old Sweaters and Jumpers - DIY Knitted Socks

DIY Knitted Socks

Comfort days are paramount and what a way to spend some time on the sofa than in a pair of sweater socks.  
Use the hem of the old sweater as the band around your leg. Sew seam closed and finish at the toe.


Leg warmers

Channel the 80's with a pair of cozy leg warmers. Practical and stylish they keep your legs snug and warm.
If you have a little child you can repurpose sweaters and jumpers in to knitted leggings, jumpers or dresses. 


Repurposing made fun!
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