The Beginner's Guide: How to Start a Capsule Wardrobe

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How to Start a Capsule Wardrobe: The Beginner's Guide

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a sustainable eco wardrobe that will save you time and money.
It is better for the environment due to the conscious buying or rather replacing of fashion items.
You create Aesthetic Outfits quickly and easily. Why? Every item of clothing you own is your favourite. You choose your clothes in a colour palette of colours that easily work together. This way you have interchangeable outfits that use a range of clothes.

OwnMuse loves to see you thrive, your style is a powerful source of feel good energy.

These books are the foundations for decluttering, planning, organising and building your first capsule wardrobe.They are perfect if you have a capsule wardrobe but need a seasonal re-work or guide to help you get the job done!

 How to Start a Capsule Wardrobe: The Beginner's Guide

The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Guide - Book + Workbook


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When you get dressed and feel good in your clothes you are far more likely to have a good day.

Building a capsule wardrobe is easy when you know how. 

The ultimate capsule wardrobe guide has been written for you!

Style and fashion are fun, exploring personal style is energizing. Be your own muse, inspire your personal style by first creating a capsule wardrobe.
In The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Guide, you choose a year-round or seasonal approach to creating a core closet, a capsule wardrobe of all your favourite clothes.
This Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Book is full of de-cluttering, how-to build your capsule wardrobe, checklists to get the job done and keep it that way. A planner, shopping guide, sizing, laundering and care as well as so feel-good style tips - all in the one book. Unleash the power of you - be your own muse. Take control of your personal style.
Build a smart wardrobe as in a wardrobe that is full of clothes that suit your life, your style and all serve a purpose. A wardrobe which is full of clothes that can be interchanged and go seamlessly together without the mind-numbing pain of thinking about it.
The idea of building a capsule wardrobe is increasing in interest. At first, buzz words, now becoming a household necessity. People want to have money to spend on a lifestyle. By creating a capsule wardrobe you will look more in line with the style you envisioned and will spend less money to do so.
The future will see everyone making use of the concept. It's the smart way to shop, style your clothes and simplify your life.

What is inside:

#1. The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe 'Guide'

44 pages of detailed descriptions book
How to develop a wardrobe plan
How to start organising
Wardrobe detox infographic
Style strategising tips & step-by-step
Defined what essential capsule wardrobe items you need to own
Be your own muse - the power of self
Dressing to suit your body shape
Fabric knowledge, styles, sizing
Laundering & fabric care


#2. The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe 'Workbook'

Define who you are, your life, what you need from your wardrobe
Creating a list of your outfit styles using a Pinterest mood board 
A checklist of styles which suit you
Identifying shapes cuts and fabrics that work for you
Unlock your personal style so you can look how you want too
Build a wardrobe that suits your life and what you do
Wardrobe inventory
Shopping list printable 
Where to shop for regular, plus, petite, maternity,
accessories and lots more (includes shopping) links

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The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Guide is a comprehensive guide to enhancing your personal style.
It's astonishing how much what we wear affects how we feel.
How clutter agitates whilst tiding and organised calms. Looking good creates confidence and looking less than creates a feeling of blah. If you could what would you choose? 
Still, need to know more, no problem I have more to share with you.
I am Harper a busy mum who has spent many years working in the fashion industry. Observing and conversing with the most stylish people on the planet. This styling process is a style solution that will work for everyone. This strategy comes from the top and will work for every style of wardrobe and person. OwnMuse wants to inspire you! Yes, students, busy moms, professionals, casual wear, weekend wear and travel wear. This capsule wardrobe essentials book has bee created for you.
There is a reason why so many of us are advocates of the concept, it works. You save time and money as well as sanity daily. You will be empowered, even elated with your personal style. No matter what style you see for your self, what it si you do, creating a core closet is a style solution that works for every person.

Buy less, and have more... 

The capsule wardrobe essential guide will help direct you towards buying what fills a space not a whim.  That means you are spending money on fashion and accessories that combine to make outfits you love - means you feel good about your style every day.
It also means you have more outfits as you are purpose buying.
You are buying what fills a requirement and not an impulse inevitably spending less money and having more to wear! A proven way to achieve this is through building a capsule wardrobe.
You will learn how to create a wardrobe that is tailored to your lifestyle. Life is different for different people.
Your personal style needs to be practical and easy to wear. You will learn how to make this a reality. You will have inspirational outfits which make you feel confident, stylish and are comfortable through the entire day.
Your capsule wardrobe aims to contain the wardrobe basics you need to make a magnitude of outfits. There is less is more aesthetic. The idea is you own less but can do more with the items you own.
This capsule wardrobe e-book is hands-on for how to mix and match your clothes to get more out of your wardrobe.
OwnMuse wants to help you succeed and create an effortless style that is perfectly tailored to suit you, your life and personality.
Behind every successful wardrobe is a masterful edit and plan - this is the how to do it yourself! Be your own muse, your own inspiration.
Do you crave a closet full of clothes you feel comfortable in? Don't we all. Does this seem like a dream rather than a reality?
Creating a capsule wardrobe is closer than you think, it's an obtainable goal and a style solution that will see your clothe lasting you a long time. A capsule closet with save you time and money. It's all about the knowledge you need to find pieces of clothing that fill a need over want. Everything in your core closet will serve a purpose and a reason being there.
From workout clothes, pairs of shoes, tank tops, long-sleeved and short, your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories will all be planned. This goal once fulfilled will enable you a huge relief, mindfulness and less stress. A capsule closet does not hinder creative flair, personality or in any way make your outfits less enjoyable. A capsule wardrobe will enhance your creative, you will have more time to add your personality if you wish as getting ready will be made quick and easy. Freeing the time you previously had spent getting dressed for adding personality to your outfits, getting out the door faster and less of a weight and burden getting ready each day.
You can create a seasonal capsule wardrobe or year-round it's up to you. If you want a fall capsule or a summer capsule all is explained inside the book.
So what is inside the capsule wardrobe essentials book? A way for you to determine what items you need in a capsule wardrobe, this is your core closet, your stock supply of daily clothes you need to put together outfits your enjoy wearing.
You might know a little about what fashion essential you need to have. OwnMuse has loads of blog posts and helpful information so have a look around. You might know a lot, there is something for every level of capsule wardrobe enthusiast in this capsule wardrobe essentials book.
You will be guided through how to create a year-round wardrobe full of all your favourites clothes.
Achieve a frustration-free, clutter-free dream wardrobe and style - it's closer than you think.
The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Guide is available now. It's your style self-help how-to guide book. Full of everything you need to build a smart wardrobe and define your personal style - without spending more money. In fact, following this guide will have you spending less and have more to wear. 
If you would like a taste of what OwnMuse has to offer there are an assortment of free copy printables available to download.
The actual style solution I used to go from wardrobe frustration to a style I love. It will work for you too!

How this guide and workbook will change your life

  • Relief from the daily struggle to create outfits that make you feel on top of the world
  • Build a wardrobe which inspires you to create outfits you love. A wardrobe you will proud of.
  • Insider's guide to the style strategies and solutions from some of the most stylish people on the planet
  • Digital delivered to your inbox - to read online, on your digital device or print
  • Updated versions of the ebook free forever
  • Become a style powerhouse - expert knowledge about fabrics, cuts, shapes, sizes, fabric care, ethical buying and what lasts and what doesn't
  • A wardrobe that transcends trends and will last you longer than a season
  • Clothes that are all your favourites, clothes that you love to wear, to feel, to look at that make you feel happy to own
  • More money - you will spend less and have more to wear
  • A style strategy, a style plan - a solution to refer back to over and over
  • A wardrobe which is full of clothes specifically tailored to suit your lifestyle and budget
  • Over a decade of and Vogue insider fashion advice, tips and knowledge - so much much more!
    How to Start a Capsule Wardrobe: The Beginner's GuideThe Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Guide - Book + Workbook


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    Your morning doesn't need to start with wardrobe frustration 

    Reflect on this, you find yourself constantly staring at a wardrobe full of clothes yet have nothing to wear.
    We conjure a make-believe version of ourselves. A dream version, a version that does not reflect what er do day today. Have you ever bought a sophisticated black dress in a sale in case you go to a black ie event? This would be a worthwhile purchase if you did go to such an event, but you never do. As beautiful as it is has sat in your closet for far longer than a reasonable about of time.
    What about the perfect pair of heels that hurt your feet every time you try and wear them. Or that gorgeous supposably comfy and soft sweater that itches and scratches, making you long to take it off. These items need to be moved on, there is no reason that the heels won't fit someone else's feet perfectly. That the scratchy jumper for you does feel soft and smooth on someone else skin. Avoid landfill, gift, donate or sell. Please acknowledge the item and let go. If it does serve a purpose in your wardrobe then replace it with an item that works for you. An item you will long to wear, enjoy and can feel a connection with empowering you and making you feel stylish, is practical, is comfortable, or is sophisticated. Whatever you like to feel, whatever purpose the items serve let it fulfil this goal and urn its place in your closet.

    Are you guilty of splurging and sale time?

    This will also be covered in more detail in the Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Book - The Ultimate Guide. OwnMuse knows all too well how this goes, sales are a temptation on steroids. The cheaper or larger the discount the harder it is to say no. Maybe its the lure of the bargain, the thrill of the find, the constant ringing that if you don't act quickly then someone else with snag this opportunity. Be your own muse, stop for just a second before you buy. Think, will this suit me? Don't ask anyone else you are the best decision-maker in the process. Others will cloud your judgement. Ask, would I buy this if it wasn't on sale? If the answer is a sincere yes, then guess what you have yourself a genuine bargain.
    You can build your entire capsule wardrobe at sale time. After reading The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Guide you will be prepared to do this if it suits your objectives. Should you want to buy the best quality you can afford then shopping at sales time in a good strategy. Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Book covers dressing buy colour. This is an excellent way to shop at sales time and in general. When you keep to a predetermined colour palette you are making sure all the items in your wardrobe can be easily interchangeable. That is all your clothes can be mixed and matched to make different outfits. Less thought and more outfits a huge win!
    Another plus of shopping at sales time in the quality, its a time when if you buy well you can splurge on designer quality that you would otherwise not afford. The Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Book will also cover how to identify quality clothes, bags and shoes. What to look for and what to dismiss in the way of well-made fashion.
    Consumerism is out of control, our lives are getting busier, not quieter. The feeling we are spinning too fast is a daily occurrence. Taking charge of daily tasks like choosing your clothes is a means to which you can save your brainpower for other things. There is no need to have a clutter filled wardrobe. Once you identify the items that you need, that serve you best, you will unleash newfound freedom. A clutter-free, stress-free alternative to the sea of clothes and nothing to wear feeling you had previously.  

    Sustainable fashion? 

    Words like sustainable fashion, ethical fashion and green fashion all are woven into The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Guide. A capsule wardrobe is a conscious wardrobe, there is no reason to get rid of everything you own and start from scratch. The aim of a capsule wardrobe is quite the opposite.
    The Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Book will help you identify what you already have that is on your capsule wardrobe checklist and what you don't. Often missing key fashion basics is the cause of outfit dysfunction, the frustration and disfunction of missing key fashion essentials. Should you be lacking in long-sleeved tops in the middle of Winter, you will feel stressed each day as you look through a bunch of short-sleeved tops. Tailoring your capsule wardrobe to suit the climate, whether that is creating a Fall-Winter capsule wardrobe e and the mixing it up for Spring-Summer capsule wardrobe.
    There are ethical fashion choices you can make to supplement these gaps in your capsule wardrobe checklist. You can read the top 5 ethical fashion retails here. Brands increasingly making an effort to change the pace of fast fashion, slowing down enough in an attempt to consider better ways and means.
    Buying from ethical retailers, that is brands who have a mission to pay workers fairly, produce fashion that is obtained through sustainable sources.
    There is no perfect solution.
    Possibly buying second hand is the only truly sustainable option. Though when is comes to intimates, gym wear, swimwear and most tops this is not always realistic.
    All these topics are addressed in The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Guide so you can make the best decision for you right now. After all, you are your own muse, you are the one who is wearing the clothes. Being educated in all the ins and outs of fashion and creating a capsule wardrobe are the best way you can identify what is best for you and your life. Mixing it up is always a solid plan.
    Combining some incredible designer fashion whether new bought new season, on sale or second-hand that is beautifully made and items you treasure. Add to it some second-hand period fashion from times gone by, a vintage dress you adore to wear, a blazer which is a one-off and works with jeans, skirts and trousers. Add to this what you have in the way of basics and supplement the gaps with the most sustainable options you can find.

    A Sustainable Style Solution

    Rest assured that whilst there is time and effort involved in creating a capsule wardrobe, it's not a quick fix solution that will come undone. There is no such thing when it comes to style.
    The time you put in will come back to you in abundance. A little organization and planning will mean that you are relieved of the daily clutter, stress and manic feeling that comes with a disorganized closet.
    Taking control of one area of your life and home creates a perpetual effect. You will without consciously realising until you have taken to a task you are de-cluttering, organizing and relieving yourself of the pains or an untidy house. It's contagious too, there is amazing power when you start decluttering and organizing around the home.
    Even the most unconscious of family members will catch the tidy bug, you don't need to say anything. Tidy, plan and do your work and watch the magic work. Family members who you thought were incapable or order will, in turn, follow your lead. Give it time and watch.
    If you have got here and this doesn't make you want the Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Book - The Ultimate Guide then thank you for reading.


    How to Start a Capsule Wardrobe: The Beginner's GuideThe Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Guide - Book + Workbook


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    An excerpt from The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Guide page 22:
    Style Strategy
    Your overall aim from reading this e-book is to equip yourself with the confidence to make better style decisions. Be empowered by the skills you are learning.
    You will be armed with advanced knowledge of editing, stocking and styling a capsule wardrobe. This knowledge will ensure you know how to create a personal style you are proud of. \
    Style strategising will mean fewer ad-hoc, impulsive and spare of the moment purchases.
    More money in your bank account, less clutter in your wardrobe and more clarity in your personal style.
    Your reward - more money, less stress getting dressed, a more confident personal style and a wardrobe full of clothes you love!
    Your wardrobe is a place for clothes, shoes, bags and accessories, you love.
    A place for your favourites things.
    Things which make you feel good about yourself.
    It's hard work changing your mindset to be more selective. Though once you do become more selective the reward will dramatically outweigh the challenge.
    Have you ever worn uncomfortable clothes? It's doesn't feel good. 
    Let them go or don't buy them.
    If something doesn't fit right or the fabric doesn't make you feel good discard it - donate it
    or gift it to a friend. You are passing an item on for someone else to enjoy. We are all different - silk for example for some people feels incredible and to others is far from appealing.
    Keeping clothes because you 'used to love them' or they 'might fit one day is not worth while.
    Allocate yourself a storage box of sentimental keepsake pieces re-evaluate after a 6 months time-frame.
    You know those jeans you kind of like, that don't really fit well, which are too worn out. They don't make you feel excited, do they? Time to let go!
    Say no to wearing clothes or keeping them if they don't make you feel powerful and energized. 
    The only way you will have those incredible fit jeans you dream of is by letting go of the not so good ones and creating room for the wow.
    Move them on, donate, discard, sell, gift or swap. Your choice but if it lacks inspiration - let it go. The aim of your new wardrobe is to simplify your life, define your personal style and make you feel confident.
    Your lounge wear, gym wear and sleepwear are not an excuse for old, poor fitting, worn out scruffy clothes.
    Relaxing, exercising and sleeping are all critical parts of your day.
    You deserve to feel comfortable, ready to workout, relax or rest.
    Sales are wonderful! Though you must implement a strict strategy when sale shopping.
    Always stick to your favourite brands, ones you know and trust, for quality, cut and style.
    Be prepared, add items to your wish list outside of sale time so if they do go on sale you are ready.
    Last and far from least another excerpt from Style Goals page 27 

    -- / --

    Style Goals

    What you will gain from reading and applying the capsule wardrobe essentials book to your life and style.
    Here is your checklist of motivating reasons why building a capsule wardrobe is worthwhile for you. These are your capsule wardrobe goals.
    Ultimately you have made the decision to build your dream these goals will keep you on task.


    Do you like to save time? Do you find yourself frustrated in the morning, looking at a wardrobe full of clothes with a feel - I have nothing to wear?
    Completing this book will change all this.
    You will have more to wear and less clutter in your wardrobe.
    Any top you choose will easily be able to mix and match with any trousers or skirts.
    You will have a range of clothes that are interchangeable.


    Having an organised wardrobe means you are buying with purpose, you will have a plan when purchasing only spending money on what you need.
    A capsule wardrobe checklist will keep your spending at bay. You will make sensible purchasing decisions.
    It’s not fun spending money on clothes that you don’t end up wearing. Having a capsule wardrobe will control your spending.


    I was there, I understand. I can see both sides as I have experienced both. The power that radiates when my style is right shines brightly throughout my entire day. This will happen for you too.

    Enhance your sense of self

    Your style communicates to the world who you are. Style doesn’t say anything in words, people translate a lot about a person in the first 3 seconds of seeing them. Whether it is the first time you meet someone or someone you see every day, conclusions and impressions are draws all from how you style and carry yourself. Make the impression you deserve, a powerful thought evoke - this is who I am, I am happy, confident and I achieve my dreams.

    Style Inspiration

    Building a capsule wardrobe means you will have a wardrobe full of clothes you love.
    Your clothes will inspire you to piece together outfits, quickly and easily every day.
    This daily relief will unleash and newfound excitement. Getting ready each day will suddenly become something you look forward too.


    The ease to which you will be able to create stylish outfits every day will more than likely surprise you.
    Life will be easier. The morning stress of choosing clothes eliminated.
    You will only buy what you need from your capsule wardrobe checklist - simplifying spending and the urge to do so.


    There is a psychology behind dressing to get a job or dressing for the job you want rather than the one you have. People quickly assess your capabilities on face value - look the part, feel the part, get the part or job as the case may be.

    Less stress

    Wardrobe frustration at the beginning of your day is not a healthy way to start your day.
    A capsule wardrobe solves stressful wardrobe dilemmas.
    You will be wearing your favourite clothes in stylish outfit combinations. Every day morning stress and frustration will be gone - how good is that!


    Style communicates to the world who you are. Style doesn’t say anything in words, people subconsciously make decisions about you in the first 3 seconds.
    Whether it is the first time you meet someone or someone you see every day, conclusions and impressions are decided because of how you style and carry yourself.


    Make the impression you deserve, a powerful thought evoking impression.
    When you wear clothes that you love and feel good in, this radiates through your whole being.
    Thank you for reading and if you have decided to buy the Capsule Wardrobe Essentials Book - The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Guide - Thank you!

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