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Happy women style capsule wardrobe

Are you over feeling like you have nothing to wear?

Does your wardrobe and clothes make you feel stressed, or frustrated? Do you feel like your style is messy  or non-existent style?
It's time to change this.
Create an easy, stylish, low maintenance, and stress-free style each and every day?
The solution is called a capsule wardrobe and it will turn a chaotic sea of clothes in to a streamlined closet full of outfits you love to wear.

The Capsule Wardrobe Formula

1. Lifestyle

Evaluate each piece in your wardrobe and make sure it fits your life and what you do.
What clothes do you need to own to make practical outfits to suit your lifestyle?

2. Body Shape

 Wear what you think suits you and you feel good in.

3. Climate

Dress for the weather conditions, hot climates Summer specific wardrobe and colder climates, Winter specific wardrobe.


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I am not sure how you feel about your fashion style... 

...but there is a secret used by the top fashion editor's 

Let me explain!

I worked at and VOGUE for nearly 2 decades. Working in fashion is for the love, there are exceptions. But generally through the ranks income is low. Looking fabulous on the other hand - top priority.

Question: How do Fashion Editor's look so stylish on a budget?

Answer: A cleverly edited, curated and well stocked capsule wardrobe is how.


Yes, REALLY...

So where to from here?

Love them with a passion or they fill you with dread - we all wear clothes daily.
The seemingly simple act of getting dressed can turn in to wardrobe frustration. This is no way to start your morning. 
Save money, time and take control of your style. This is how to feel fabulous and confident in your clothes each and every day. 
A capsule wardrobe is an unbeatable solution to lessen your carbon footprint and a crucial part of living sustainably.

You know you want to look stylish but aren't sure how to achieve this? 


You aren't alone. There is a solution for you.

How would it feel too:

Reduce the time you spend getting dressed.
You know once you have a capsule wardrobe your wardrobe will make outfits easy to create.
Have confidence that your style will stand out in the sea of people.
Your style is your identity, it speaks for you, feel excited to getting dressed each day.
When you spend money on a whim it feels good in the moment but lacks purpose and often ends up not getting worn, which is a waste.
You know every cent is well spent when you purpose buy to re-stock your capsule wardrobe!
You know exactly what clothes suit you and shop with confidence.
Mixing and matching clothes to make outfits you love to wear is a formula. If yiu lack the crucial components you can't make interesting outfits. All you need to do is make sure yiu have the right clothes in your wardrobe to best suit you.

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