Your Ultimate Student Casual Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

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Your Ultimate Student Casual Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

Your Ultimate Student Casual Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

Wardrobe rejuvenation in line with the current style of the moment. How to have a core closet that is affordable, feels good and is current.
Best buys and discounts. The key fashion essentials college girls need in their wardrobes.

Look your best on a budget

College students balance a mixture of limited space and funds.
If you do have a steady flow of cash by whatever means, that's nice.
But very few students do.
Even if you can have some money its the time to spend money on life, living, travelling, hanging out. These things cost money and the more you save through a clever wardrobe the better to be spent elsewhere. The key to style success is a purposely and strategically selected wardrobe.

To purposely stock your wardrobe means you free your funds for other things - holidays, night outs and having fun.

Purposely strategically selecting fashion items means you spend less overall on clothes.
Even if you spend a little more on a particular fashion item you are guaranteed to save money overall.
Your outfits will come quicker, saving precious brainpower for other pioneering academic endeavours.

Try these student wardrobe essential fashion items.

Carry-all Bags 

You are a student and give or take you have 'stuff' to lug around. Tech stuff, books possibly, change or clothes (gym or night out).
Point is you want a strong, carry-all bag, back-pack, shoulder bag. A bag that fits loads and is comfortable and stylish. A bag that can be treated with the wear and tear of daily life, public transport and still look good.


The Jeans Scenario

It's only healthy to have jeans you love. Let's break it down, you could as a student wear jeans every day. You can wear denim day or night, in fact, find the right career at the end of your studies and jeans could be literally the foundations of every outfit for the rest of your years. A little ahead of things there, but sure enough denim jeans are a student casual wardrobe must-have.

1. A slim fit jean

Ideal for all shapes and sizes, more elastin of curvy and plus sizes. Less elastin for petite, regular and athletic shapes bodies. Balancing the about fo stretch and buying the correct size is key. A general rule following the above stretch nd give body shape guide is to by jeans as tight as you can stand. They will always loosen up stretch or no stretch. 

2. Boyfriend Jeans

As the name suggests these jeans have an androgynous aesthetic. They look as if you have managed to find them in a pile of otherwise not worthy garments and shining like a golden prize you have pulled them free. An essence of unique, quality, tailored with character and an interesting cut. They work well on anyone who wants to have jeans that are different from the norm. Boyfriend jeans are a clever buy as they transcend trends and are always in fashion. 

3. Wide leg jeans

Getting funky with it. These style of jeans are known for there wide leg, there are plenty of out of the ordinary wide leg to choose from. These are those you love to wear, that makes you feel you can conqueror, anything the future is yours and damn you are going to have fun doing it!


▨ ▨ ▨

Day or/and Night Jackets

Serving a practical purpose and empowering your spirit now that's the kind of jacket you need to own.
How can a jacket empower your spirit? Through style, cut and fabric.
The style of jacket you wear builds your defiance. Have you ever felt more capable of tackling your day wearing a certain fashion item? If yes then you know how important it is, if no then it's time you did.
The cut of a jacket is of the utmost importance, it's the difference between a jacket that feels comfortable and uncomfortable. A well-cut jacket you look forward to wearing, that in its self is a key determining factor. 
Lastly in the trifecta of a student capsule wardrobe jacket is versatility, that is the jacket can be worn day or night. The fabric you choose for your jackets plays a significant role in how often you can use your jacket. Leather or vegan leather, natural fibres, cotton or wool (if that suits your ethics), synthetics and polyesters are all good choices. Feel the fabric does it entice? You should feel good and look forward to the feeling of the fabric.


▨ ▨ ▨

T-shirts Plenty

OwnMuse is strongly focused on the less is more aesthetic and mentality. That being said the 1 fashion essential that pulls everything you own into easy outfits is a t-shirt.
Never underestimate the power an often considered basic t-shirt, tee, Tshirt top can have on the versatility of your wardrobe. A staple and definitive must-have. 
Choose plain well-cut t-shirt in 1-4 colours, these colours should reflect your personality and work with the other colours you have in your core closet.

Colour Palette Ideas

Black, Denim, White
Grey, Dusty Pink, Denim
Neutral, Grey, Denim
Navy blue, Black, Grey

T-shirt shopping suggestions Everlane, Able and/or Organic Basics 

▨ ▨ ▨


Current Fashion Essentials
or Style Inspired Items

These might be trend-based, idiosyncrasy or spirit-based ie: your wardrobe has a distinct sub-group vibe. These could be from a certain retailer, fashion label or designer.
Sourcing vintage finds or special second-hand.
Choose around 5 of these items to be mixed in with the other wardrobe items. These current fashion essentials and sty;e inspired items will concrete your personal style.

Fashion Essentials Ideas

> . . Style Option 1 . . <

> . . Style Option 2 . . <

 > . . Style Option 3 . . <

▨ ▨ ▨

Keep it Simple

Sporty Vibe



Well-made and as ethical as possible fashion brands. If you can suggest options please get in contact. Always interesting in supporting ethical fashion. Email me: Harper


▨ ▨ ▨


Student Sneakers

Student Capsule Wardrobe Sneaker Shopping

If you are going to limit yourself to 1-3 pairs of sneakers they have to be street smart comfortable and look the style you like.
Generally, you are a Vans or Converse fit.
Converse are the go-to shoes for many people and Vans for the others.
The more you chat about shoes with people (if this is something you would even discuss - um yes of course). The more you figure out there are the Converse wearers and the Vans wearers.  Personally, Converses are the absolute hand's done winner for the comfort of my feet and the style they create. Remember to buy shoes in your preferred base colour/s.
You can wear these key capsule wardrobe sneakers with jeans, skirts, dresses - they can be styled over and over again. The focus is you love these shoes and they make you feel excited every time you see them.

▨ ▨ ▨

Casual capsule closet

A masterful edit of key fashion essentials. These fashion items mix together to create loads of easy and inspiring outfits. Considered closet and mindful style means you spend less and have more to wear.
Just curious?? Would you be interested in a focus post on a casual dressy workwear wardrobe? ie suit: Apprentice, Traineeship wardrobe. 
Your Ultimate Student Casual Capsule Wardrobe Checklist
Get your wardrobe right as a student is valuable and important. A source of confidence, character and energy how you dress is powerful. This particular entity makes getting your student wardrobe right valuable and important.
Get them right and they exzoomb excellence through your entire being. Get jeans on the wrong side of ok and you are missing out on something special. Jeans are fantastic - what a word it vibrates with success.
Jeans, as we know, come in every single shape you can form in denim fabric. Cuts, sizes and well everything varies on the precious fashion gold trophy, jeans.
Casual capsule wardrobe - Fashion essential, tips, advice and shopping ideas.
Be helpful to know if you would like to see a future post about casual dressy. Ie: Apprentice, Traineeship wardrobe.



Choose key fashion essentials to rotate into your outfit selections.

A floral Dress

Love these Urban Outfitters Exclusive Laura Ashley Collection Dresses
These are 'those dresses' you wear over and over. It's a fashion essential core basics. A key pin in your capsule wardrobe repertoire. To have a look this link will take you to them.


Choose a dress in your wardrobe colour palette.

This is 1-4 colours that you choose clothes in. Give it a try. 

Some ideas:
Black, Denim, White
Grey, Dusty Pink, Denim
Neutral, Grey, Denim
Navy blue, Black, Grey

Have a look click here


This casual capsule wardrobe will suit:

  • Students
  • Women working with or looking after children
  • Weekend wear
  • Holiday wear.

How do you create the ultimate student wardrobe?

How do you create a buzz around your style that others aspire too?
You are on a budget, you want to feel stylish, how do these two entities mix? 
You can spend your days studying living in track-suit pants, slouchy tops and ugg boots (these are some stylish ones). There isn't anything wrong with this look, these work great for around the house.

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Though if you don't stick to stylish casuals you will start to look drab. Looking drab can take its toll. It's fine for a while to not clean your clothes, to wear them for days on end and not worry about how you look.
Until - it affects how you feel.
You start feeling how you look and well that's drab, dirty and smelly.
Looking and feeling stylish doesn't need to be expensive - it's being clever.
You can have to build a student capsule wardrobe and be 'the student' who always looks stylish and feels good about themselves.
Don't you agree that sounds good!

BTW - What is a Capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a go-to selection of fashion items that are all your favourite. They are fashion items that make you feel empowered, cool, energized - then you put them on and you know you look amazing and that makes you feel amazing! 
They are interchangeable which means they can be mixed and matched effortlessly and styled together to create new looks and a large range of outfits.
Hmm, what is it to be?
For those of you who want to save money, buy only what feels a need not a whim read on.

Student Capsule Wardrobe Rules

Do - Have a budget and stick to it.
Don't - Buy using a credit card unless you have the funds available and the spending fits within the above budget.
Do - Choose a colour palette, how to coordinate your capsule wardrobe using colour.
Don't - Mix have core fashion basics in brights. If lime green is your favourite colours save it for a special item. 
Do - Dress for your lifestyle. Choose clothes that best suited to a students life. Low maintenance fabrics and easy wearing casual clothes.
Don't - Worry about others. If you feel good in something then wear it and shine. 
Do - Buy key fashion basics, in the best fabric you can afford.
Don't - Steer clear of cheap cotton and mass-produced clothes where possible.

How to Build a Student Capsule Wardrobe

Where should you start when building a student capsule wardrobe?

A blank canvas is best - yep, this means strip your wardrobe and drawers. Pile it all on your bed. Studying can wait for an hour or two. Nothing like some study distraction, procrastination all in the aim of looking and feeling good.
The best strategy is to take out all your favourite things. Anything you are like 'oh I love this', 'I feel so good when I wear this' - that kind of vibe.
Now has been left out? 
What is missing?
What do you always seem to be lacking? 
Less is more, spend less and buy the items you really love! 

Student Capsule Wardrobe - Essential Basics

Buy from fashion labels who have well-made clothes are part of their core values. This means quality fabrics and workmanship. Fashion basics don't need to be more complicated than this - keep it simple and buy better.

⇨ Have you checked out Organic Basics

I know a lot of students spend time buying basics from fast-fashion stores. It's a mix between their poor wallets and the accessibility of the brands.
What if you found a brand that created basics that outlasted your cheaper fast-fashion basics.
Outlasted them so many times that it was actually cheaper to buy from an organic ethical brand?

Buy better and save more

Ok, so I understand its an investment - how about 15% off - would that help?
Use this code organicbasicsxsas1 at the checkout and get 15% off your entire Organic Basics order.
It’s time to make yourself a capsule wardrobe, remove the stress and expense from looking stylish. 
Think of how powerful you feel when you are wearing something you truly love.
One fashion item can transform your whole sense of self. Imagine an entire outfit!

For starters take a good look at what you have.

Do you have these key student capsule wardrobe must-have basics?

How fab are these Volcom jeans 2 different styles to choose from!

Perfect student kick about jeans.
Volcom makes jeans that are sweet on your wallet and last well beyond any of these cheap buy jeans. The perfect affordable option.
So affordable you probably should consider both! wink, wink

What should you have in your capsule wardrobe?

You typically need to select 30 key capsule wardrobe pieces.
They don't need to be the same style, but that can help. You do need to pick pieces that serve a purpose. If you are a sneaker style girl then choosing 1 pair of your dream sneakers is all you need. Ok, maybe 2 if that is your thing! When they get tired and worn out sure then buy a replacement. Do you really need 10 pairs of sneakers that you kind of like?
If you do have many shoes - stop and have a think about how many do you really love. More than likely 2/3 come to mind. If you don't love any of your shoes then bingo that needs some focus. Find some shoes you do love that you can wear every day with all your clothes.

If you have the shoes then move on to the next most important style piece. Maybe it's your jeans? A capsule wardrobe dress? For me, it always tops that are a wardrobe dilemma. I never seem to have enough of them. I know that is a capsule wardrobe essential that I can spend money on, money that I am spending wisely because I actually need that item.
It makes more sense to buy one item you really love and get a deep pleasure than to keep buying lots of fashion pieces you kind of like, that kind of make you feel good.
Get started today transforming your student wardrobe into the ultimate wardrobe. You have the how to it's time to do it!
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