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Embrace the power of using colour in your fashion style

✔️Colour will simplify your clothes and turn a confusing whirlwind of fashion into a coordinated, well-styled and tailored look.
✔️Colour transforms how you feel. 
✔️Colour is a powerful tool in style and fashion.


Base colours versus Accent colours 

What is the difference?
Base colours are the majority of your wardrobe / Accent colours are smaller amounts that are used to lift and give energy to the base colours.
An outfit should be majority base colours with 1-2 accent colours, these might be your shoes, bags, a scarf or a jumper.
- More on accent colours in a future post - stay tuned.


The most loved base colour is black.
Black is not technically a colour, though for the sake of fashion - it most definitely is. 
There is a reason black is the most loved colour in the fashion world.
Black simplifies your wardrobe, coordinates, is timeless, classic, sophisticated and stylish.
Hard working black.


HOT TIP: Choose garments in different fabric textures, weaves and fibres, these will create a compelling outfit style solutions without even an accent of another colour. 


Base colours

How to create a Capsule wardrobe, Choose a colour scheme on
Clothes in base colours to help with styling wardrobe featured on
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Will base colours work for me?

Base colours will work for the minimalist.
Base colours will work for the outrageous fashionista.
Base colours will work for any wardrobe corporate, fashion, street, mama, traveller, student.
Here's how!
What ever your colour preference, once you decide on your base colours for your clothes and stick to them, your style will be simplified, all your outfits will be interchangeable. 


Your aim is to choose base colours that can endure multiple seasons.
The base colour facts:
  • Choosing base colours for your clothes will help simplify your style and outfit choices.
  • You can change your base colours seasonal, annually or never.
    • Buying essential items will be simplified.
    • You will feel the power of having clothes that are interchangeable and compliment each other.
    • A range of fashion pieces that when styles together create a standout, positive feeling and stylish look.
    • Fabrics and textures are various, by sticking to these base colours, you can be sure you will have a well-selected range of clothes. Clothes that you can easily and quickly assemble together to create a stylish outfit. 

        What are some wardrobe base colours?

        Street style fashion and style in base colour black featured on

        Street style fashion and style in base colour navy featured on

          Dark greyStreet style fashion and style in base colour dark grey featured on

          Light grey
          Street style fashion and style in base colour light grey featured on

            Street style fashion and style in base colour beige featured on

            Dusty Pink
            Street style fashion and style in base colour dusty pink featured on

            Street style fashion and style in base colour taupe mauve featured on

            Street style fashion and style in base colour tan featured on

              Base colours starter palette:

              There is no set rule in the selection of your base colours other than keeping in mind these are the colours that your wardrobe is mostly made up of.
              The idea is strategic buying, styling and coordinating of your clothes.
              Ask how does this colour make me feel?


              How to choose your clothes base colours?

              Ask yourself, does this colour suit me?
              The key to building a great wardrobe colour palette is being aware of which colours you naturally gravitate towards, which colours make you feel happy, comfortable and ready to take on the world.


              A neutral base colour palette is the best choice in most wardrobes. Choosing bright colours might feel good for a day but they are not usually ideal for every day. There are exceptions.
              Mostly bright colours are a better choice for your wardrobe accent colour palette.


              How do I apply base colours to all the clothes in my wardrobe?

              Ideally, choose 1 - 4 base colours for your clothes.
              You can change them seasonally if you wish.
              Choosing base colours for your capsule wardrobe makes mixing and matching your clothes easier.
              Your capsule wardrobe will be predominantly these chosen colours, this way they compliment each other however you choose to mix and match. 


              Q & A

              Can I add a pattern to my neutral base colour palette?
              Yes, you can - patterns like stripes and polka dots work. If the pattern gets too busy though it can be hard to coordinate. Stick to your base colours and should work well. There is one way to work it out and that's to give it a try.


              How do I decide which colours to use as base colours? Which colours should I leave out completely? 
              If you are unsure it's usually a sign to let the colour go. At least for the season and you can revisit it when the weather changes. Generally, if a base colour is right you feel a natural pull towards it. Remember your wardrobe will mostly be this or these colours, you need to feel good in your base colour or colours.


              I hope this helps you like it has helped me.
              Questions are welcomed - please add them below.
              Enjoy your day

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