Capsule Wardrobe Courses: Closet Organization + Style

Sustainable everyday living - made simple and stylish

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All your: organizing,  decluttering, and style wardrobe needs  in one step-by-step course workbook!'Simplify Your Style: Capsule Wardrobe - Course Workbook'

Capsule Wardrobe Courses: Closet Organization + Style

Wardrobe and Style Organizing, Decluttering, and Planning
Have you been meaning to clean out your wardrobe for a while now?
It is an overwhelming task and knowing where to beginning can be daunting.
Clothes are important, they make you feel a certain way through your day. Making sure you have what you need in your wardrobe will help your mental health, empowerment and identity.
‚짬† Take me to the 'Simplify Your Style: Capsule Wardrobe - Course Workbook'.
Here is another reason why capsule wardrobes are fundamentally important!
Did you know one of the best ways to create ecological change at home is with your own wardrobe?
A sustainable capsule wardrobe is important for your style, organization and ALSO FOR THE PLANET some facts: (Statistics and research
1. Textiles can take up to 200+ years to decompose in landfills, releasing methane gas as it decomposes. Landfills methane gases are 25 times worse than car fumes!
2. We are buying more clothes than ever ‚Äď the average consumer now buys 60% more clothing than they did 15 years ago.
3. Globally, around 56 million tonnes of clothing are bought each year, and this is expected to rise to 93 million tonnes by 2030. 

    I get it... I have been there

    You get frustrated with your style - so buy more clothes, life is stressful, you love to shop - so you buy more clothes, cheap clothes seem like bargains - you buy more clothes. 
    This is a transformation personal style solution:
    ‚짬†Spend less on clothes
    ‚짬†Be satisfied and empowered with your style
    ‚짬†Save time getting dressed
    ‚짬†Reduce clutter
    ‚짬†Have an organized wardrobe
    ‚짬†Reduce waste
    ‚ôĽÔłŹ Become a conscious¬†consumer, have a wardrobe plan, and know what you¬†need to buy.
    All this and much much more in these Capsule Wardrobe Courses
    ‚짬†¬†Take me to the¬†'Simplify Your Style: Capsule Wardrobe - Course Workbook'.

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