Chic Vegan Coats for Winter - The best faux fur, puffer and wool-free coats

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Vegan Coats for Winter

Chic Vegan Coats for Winter

Each year as the weather grows colder the dilemma of what winter coat to use for the colder months looms. Will last years be sufficient? Do you need to invest in a replacement?

Sustainable Wardrobe Options:

1. Reuse
Consider last year's winter coat. Can you reuse it?
2. Swap
Would an exchange of last year's coat with a friend for theirs work for you as a refresh?
3. Buy Second hand or Vintage
Local markets, thrifts stores, online at or Facebook marketplace, there are endless places to shop for pre-loved coats.
4. Buy new
Support ethical and sustainable fashion retailers - they need to make a living and are trying to do so the eco way. 

Where To Buy Quality Vegan Coats - that Last? (which is a company I worked for 4 years) has NET-SUSTAIN.

NET-SUSTAIN is a section of the Net-a-porter website dedicated to the highest quality consciously crafted and ethically produced fashion.
For long lasting quality ethical and sustainable fashion labels - Net-a-porter's NET SUSTAIN.
NET-SUSTAIN Sustainable and Ethical Coats
Are available: 
United States | SHOP  
Australia and Asia | SHOP  
UK and Rest of the World | SHOP

Vegan Coats - Sandro - Faux black fur coatSandro - Faux black fur coat


Vegan coats - Nanushka black tarot vegan leather-tie front dress coatNanushka - Tarot vegan leather coat dress


Vegan coats - Each x other - Mink petrol green blue faux fur tailored coatEach X Other - Faux fur tailored coat


Vegan coats - Goen.j - 'Geiza' brown vegan leather coat
Goen.j - 'Geiza' vegan leather coat
Vegan coats - Nanushka 'Lenox' black vegan leather puffer coatNanushka - 'Lenox' puffer coat 


Vegan Coats for Winter - The best faux fur, puffer and wool-free coats

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