5 Bag Buying Tips - How To Choose A Bag Worth Investing In


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When it comes to spending money no one likes to waste money. No matter how much you have or don't have - buying with a plan and purpose makes sense.

OwnMuse has 5 Money-saving Bag Buying Tips

Tote bags, Crossbody bags, Shoulder bags and Backpacks which is best for you?
How To Choose A Bag Worth Investing In

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1. Quality over Quantity
Why buying a better quality bag is actually saving you money

Stop right there - what? Spending more and saving, really? Yes, by investing in a better quality bag you will actually save yourself money.
Love quality and not much budget? Choose right and less is more.
Look for well made -  that is well-crafted workmanship. No loose threads, double stitching, a bag with a weight to it is generally better quality.
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Firstly, by buying a bag you really love you will use it longer and be happier when you do use it. Which inevitability is daily. You will use it longer purely because it brings you joy.
Secondly, buying better quality means the bag last longer. You will not need to replace your bag as soon or as frequently as a poorly made one.
Good quality bags can last a decade or more. Often beautifully made bags go for more in vintage store than they retailed for new. 
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2. All-Purpose Everday Bag
What exactly is an everyday bag?

An everyday bag is a go-to daily pouch style accessory that holds your phone, wallet and other super important things you rely on every day.
You need a bag that looks right, is practical and secure yet easily enough you can get in and out of it.
Bag size matters - Do you tend to fill a bag? I know I do. Getting the size right is important, too big and you will end up lugging around unnecessary items. Not big enough and your dream bag will become a real pain.
Why not lay out the items that you consider necessary daily - wallet, phone, keys optional items might be notebook, headphones and/or drink bottle.
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3. Colour Matters
Choose a Colour that goes with your wardrobe.

Choose a bag that is in your wardrobe base colours. By selecting a colour palette for your wardrobe you are simplifying the complicated process of piecing together outfits. This method ensures you have a wardrobe that is easily mixed and matched.
Black with allow you to style your outfits with ease and always be able to match them with your entire wardrobe.
Black is not the only colour it's just the most elegant and easiest. Anything neutral, that is cream, beige, tan through blush, brown and navy can be your base colours. 
Though if you have a sea of clothes and nothing to wear - I suggest starting with black is your best bet.
Elegant and able to withstand trends like no other colour. By choosing a black bag you will ensure you own an heirloom, a classic keep-sake object that can stand the test of time. 
Sounds like its worth your money!


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4. Choose out of Love
So how much do I need to love my everyday bag?

It may seem trivial, obvious, somewhat umm - of course, you own an everyday bag you really love to use - but do you? 
Have a think about how often you use a shoulder bag - generally, it's daily.
Don't you want to be styling your outfits with a bag that you love to use?
So it makes sense you love this item.
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5. Suits Your Life
Choose a bag that fits your life

That is your real life. Often we own fashion and accessories that don't really work for our day to day needs.
Whether you have had a change of career, something was on sale or you just thought it would work.
Be honest with yourself about what you do and what you need is the first step in money well spent.


Happy capsule wardrobe shopping!
Less is more.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please see the disclosure for more information.

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