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Self Care and Ways to Relax

Is it hard to find the time to focus on self care?

Yes, I understand - I felt the same way. 
Mastering self care took practice. But guess what it was actually easier doing it than thinking about it.
Learning ways you can work self care in to your daily routine, is the number one way you can support your wellbeing.
Practicing self care daily, especially when you feel there are more important things to do - is essential to a sustainable state of wellbeing. 
Looking after yourself number one, then everyone and everything comes after that.
Easier said than done?

Read on...


Why is self care important?

Self-care is about respecting your body and mind.
Having a self-care daily routine means when stressful situations arise you are more likely to manage them more effectively.
Managing stress will protect your energy levels, aid in relaxation and help you thrive.
Feelings of stress; overwhelm, anxiety and anxious are toxic to your nervous system. Your nervous system often can't determine stress from emotional and physical threats. Which is fine in manageable levels. 

Why is daily self care important?

The importance of creating a self-care daily routine is that once you make self-care a habit and a daily commitment you will practice self-care without giving it so much thought.
Your self-care daily routine will become a practice that even when you are busy.


Easy Self Care Daily Routines

Self care daily routines ideas to support and your self-improvement, motivation to feel good about being you.

Self Care Basics

Get outside (or at least see outside)
even if its sipping a tea on your balcony or at the window. See the outside world, connect with a tree, the sky and breathe deep.
Drink water
Our bodies are made up of an average of 60% water (more in certain organs).
It makes sense to keep yourself running in top shape you need to consume water.
An average of 2 litres is suggested which is approximately 8 glasses of water. 
Use flight mode
Turn off and disconnect from your phone.
The physical action of turning flight mode on and stoping any transmitting sign overnight will mentally flick a switch to help support you to unwind overnight.


List of Self Care Ideas

1. Self-care Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being.
Diffuse aromatic essential oils in a ceramic cool mist diffuser, to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit.
Always make sure they are essential oils, fragrance oils are not as good for you to breathe in and smell fake.
Essential oils to help you relax and unwind
  • Lavender - Helps you relax, as the aroma changes your brain waves, helping you enter a state of relaxation, also beneficial for rest and sleep.
  • Geranium - Relieves anxiety due to its anti-depressant attributes. 
  • Chamomile - Excellent for relaxation as promotes tranquillity and soothing relief.
  • Ylang Ylang - Results in a bodily calm of the nervous system, lowers heart rate and uplifts mood.
  • Sage - Promotes anxiety relief as has been found to have a similar effect as anti-depressants, including relief from period pain and symptoms of menopause. 

2. The NOW: Live in the Moment

Can you 'just be'? Test yourself!
Aim for 3 minutes - set a timer then clear your mind. Hold on to a clear mind.
You may think it's only 3 minutes - it's not as easy as it seems to keep thoughts out of your mind. 
Add to this a full heart, feel completely satisfied and 'ok' in your chest as you clear your mind from everything.
Add 2 minutes every week until you reach your self-care goal of 20 minutes.


3. What are the Benefits of Deep Breathing?

Keep your body and mind in the realm of low-key through being aware of the breaths you take. 
These techniques will assist you to function at your best, they only take a few minutes a day and they are free.

Deep breathing routine daily benefits:

  • Stress relief
  • Lessen anxiety
  • Relaxation
  • Calm

Deep breathing routine daily techniques

How to breathe deeply for the best health and well-being benefits?

1. Inhale as long and deep as you can, exhale long and fluidly. Continue this process extending the times for each interval. Repeat as time permits. Do so regularly through the day.
2. Cover your nostril with your thumb and breathe in the alternate side, swap thumbs and nostrils and breathe out. Continue this pattern - slow and steady.
Further reading - 'The Science of Slow Deep Breathing'.


4. Gain Confidence and get a Nature Energy Boost from Brushing your Hair 

Hair and self-care what do they have in common?
Caring for your hair is caring for yourself. Washing hair gives a confidence boost.
I know I feel relieved and more confident when I start your day with clean hair. Do you?  
Get a natural energy boost by using a hairbrush with wooden bristles. The wooden bristles will give your scalp a head massage, boosting circulation and stimulating growth.
You can use natural essential oils on your scalp to calm sensitivity, the aroma will also soothe an overactive mind, for this try Eco-Castile Lavender & Rosemary Argan Hair Oil.
Mt Retour essential hair oil is amazing it will give your hair a natural energy boost as it combats fatigue and helps when you are feeling tired.
You can read about my haircare routine in this blog post I found this routine life-changing. My hair was lacking strength, my scalp was itchy. Having new hair goals, sticky to them and seeing the benefits for me was a huge self-care awakening.


5. Create a Capsule Wardrobe full of Sustainable Fashion

Spending money on fashion that you don't need carries a huge burden, I know it makes me feel guilty that I have spent money on something not worthwhile. A regret that I haven't bought something that I actually needed.
Create a capsule wardrobe and have an entire wardrobe of sustainable fashion, clothes and accessories that last longer than the latest trend and season.
Clothes that make you feel good, that were actually worth spending money on.


6. Listen to Music that Sounds as you Want to Feel

I incorporate my daily self-care routine into my day by working to music that makes me feel more relaxed.
Sounds that are detoxing my senses as I work.  
As I write I am listening to this meditation music 

7. Why Walking Helps Self-care

Walking stimulates your brain waves with oxygen that promotes positive thoughts and generates ideas. This gives you a well-deserved mind break from worries and the mundane.
Taking a walk will wake you up and rejuvenating your spirit. Walking helps prevents heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Tones your body and trims your waistline.
Everything will seem more achievable and possible.

Need an incentive to get out and get walking?

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8. The Science behind Drinking Water

On average 55-60% of our bodies are not bones, blood and muscles or even organs but water! 
The majority of what makes us - us, is water. This blows your mind when you stop and reflect.
Not drinking enough water can have many effects; your energy levels as in fatigue, your skin, bad breath, headaches and illness. Love this EcoVessel Summit insulated water bottle in black shadow.
This being said the water you consume is of the utmost importance.
For 3 cents a litre you can have great tasting water at home. This Black benchtop BIO 1000 water filter by WaterCo means you get to drink water free from alkalines, chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride and bacteria. With no electricity needed.


9. Unplug from Technology for an Hour a Day

Disconnect technology for an hour a day - whoah, seriously?
Yes! Do it for a week and notice the difference in your life. Or go right back to where you were if you don't - worth a try.


Self-care Essential Daily Routine - 15 Better Practices for Busy People

10. Be with nature

  • Watch the waves and hear the sounds of the ocean
  • Feel the wind blow around you, examine the colours of fallen leaves
  • Touch grass, feel the fibres through your fingers - take a deep long breath in and slow and long out - absorbing the day
  • Take a walk through trees, ponder how long they have been standing there  

11. Drink a soothing cup of Tea 

Which teas help the body unwind and relax?
Ah, Tea - once you find the right one you realise how much happier, more relaxed or energized a cup of tea can make you feel.
It's worth spending the time to match the tea to your needs, personality and make it a habit.
Why not remove toxins and have your skin glow at the same time - have a look at this tea by Love Tea Organic Tea Bags.

12. Wash the day away

Whether it be a shower or bath - indulge yourself and fill your mind with relief and calming energy.
Focus on a vision of the day, then change that focus and imagine separating your self from that vision.
Enter a new space - the new space you are now placing yourself in is calm, relaxed and at peace.
Feel every part of your body inside and out relax, breathe deeply and re-energize your being.
Feel the water wash away the day. Accept you have entered a new space and hold on to this a best you can, leaving behind any worries or trouble that have been. 

13. Give your Muscles and Senses a Daily Stretch

Flexible muscles are strong muscles - without stretching your muscles tighten putting pressure on your joints resulting in tension and pain.
You look and feel better with elongated muscles - don't hunch and hurt.

Achievable Daily Self-care Stretching Routine

You can watch Netflix or listen to a podcast while doing these stretches.
  • 10 minutes rolling your leg muscles using a roller, I love this LuxFit high-density roller. Support your frame with your elbows and roll your thighs - front and side.
  • 3 minutes on your back, lift one leg up straight and hold both hands behind your thigh. Rotate your ankle as you stretch.
  • 2 minutes sit upwards and loop your hands behind your back so they are connected. Stretch your neck side to side. Gently rotate.

14. Indulge in Literature and Learn as you Relax

Simulate your brain, open your mind to endless possibilities, relax and unwind by picking up a book.
Reading actual paper books is recommended, the tactile (that is not a device) is proven to be more beneficial to aiding relaxation.

Books to relax, unwind and open your mind to self-care

15. Shut your Eyes and Sleep

Having tried everything it's time to accept you need rest. Tomorrow is a new day, embrace rest and sleep with these ways to help you sleep better. 
Turn off devices at least 30 minutes before bed and pick up a book.
Comfort is paramount, make sure your environment suits your body and souls needs.
If your pillow isn't aiding a sound sleep - replace it. The highly popular Sweetnight pillow is a life-changing purchase. A sure way to help you sleep better.
A little sleep aid I adore is a pillow spray, it works wonders for me, Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by This Works.

Take care of yourself.
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