The Most Amazing Eco Hair Care Products to Transform Your Hair Naturally

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The Most Amazing Hair Care Products to Transform Your Hair Naturally

Transform your Hair with these Amazing Eco Hair Care Products 

Using only ethical, toxin-free eco natural vegan hair care products, I keep my hair strong and healthy hair. 
Connecting the sustainable community any products featured are part of the trusted tribe of brands OwnMuse has investigated as environmentally friendly products.

The Most Amazing Eco Hair Care Products to Transform Your Hair Naturally

First things first, nurture yourself from the inside out.

1. Eat Well

How to eat to keep your hair healthy?

There is a list of foods that will support healthy hair - foods high in protein are top of the list.
Eggs are a great source of protein but they also contain biotin which is another essential hair-boosting nutrient. A lack of protein in someone's diet can increase the chance of hair loss and unhealthy hair. 
Berries, Spinach, Fish, Avocados and Nuts are all considered to be excellent for promotes healthy hair and growth.
What you eat can make a big difference in how your hair looks and feels. 

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2. Stimulate Healthy Hair + Growth
Use a Brush with Wooden Bristles 


Which hairbrush is best for your hair?

The right hairbrush spreads your hair's natural oils through your hair and distributed evenly. Which helps maintain healthy-looking hair.
Wooden bristles are ideal for this purpose massaging your scalp which stimulates hair health and growth.


What is the best hairbrush for the environment?

Environmentally friendly Hairbrushes:
The entire chain of use must be considered.
From resources used, manufacturing, transport, to the length of use and recycling prospects.
With this in consideration sustainably sourced bamboo, recycled plastic, and plant-based resources for manufacturing are the best materials for environmentally friendly hairbrushes.

Why I now use a bamboo hairbrush to make my hair stronger and healthier

The wooden bristles don't produce static so control frizz.
It works a gentle scalp exfoliator massaging the scalp, stimulating blood flow which promotes the growth of the hair follicles.
The natural oils in my hair are distributed by this brush evenly over my hair and scalp reducing itchy scalp and combating dryness.
Plus it needs to be mentioned bamboo is a sustainable material - this means it is a much better choice for the planet.

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3. Use Natural Hair and Scalp Oil
Grow Strong Hair Oil

Damaged, flyaway hair? Rahua's Elixir is the perfect solution
100% Natural, 100% Vegan
All-natural ingredients made from Amazonian oils
Strengthen and nourish your hair
Promotes longer and stronger hair
RAHUA Hair Elixir - Grow Strong Hair Oil
RAHUA - Vegan Hair Oil

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4. Natural Clean Vegan Shampoo

Free from gluten, synthetics, parabens nor sulfates
100% Natural, 100% Vegan
Cleanses and nourishes your hair
Healing quinoa boosts moisture retention
Coconut and shea butter remove dirt and oil
Stronger lustrous hair is guaranteed

RAHUA - Vegan Natural Classic Shampoo

RAHUA - Vegan Natural Classic Shampoo


Less Waste Refill - RAHUA - Vegan Natural Classic Shampoo
*Less Waste Refill available* RAHUA - Vegan Natural Classic Shampoo 


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5. Hydrate + Shine Vegan Nutrients Conditioner

Free from gluten, synthetics, parabens, and sulfates
100% Natural, 100% Vegan
Restores hair that is dry and damaged hair
Enriched with strengthening rahua oil, healing quinoa, and aloe to moisturize
Doubles as a frizz-fighting styling cream

RAHUA - Vegan Natural Classic Conditioner

RAHUA - Vegan Natural Classic Conditioner


I only wish I had found these products sooner.

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