The Most Amazing Eco Hair Care Products to Transform Your Hair Naturally

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Transform your hair with these amazing hair care products. 

The Most Amazing Hair Care Products to Transform Your Hair Naturally
I would go as far as to say they are the most amazing hair care products on the market.
All hair needs a little help from time to time. Whether you want stronger hair, combat frizzy hair or your hair is too oily or dry. A few hair care products you can trust are essential beauty cupboard editions.
I spend more time on my face and body than I do my hair. I often neglect my hair all together - washing it when it's crucial but otherwise leaving it be. I look at it with distaste in the mirror and promise myself to take better care of my hair. 
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GOAL: I want to transform my hair and have it be stronger and look healthier naturally!

My quest is to use ethical, toxin-free haircare products to transform my hair. I want to have stronger and healthy hair. 

How I plan to transform my hair:

1. Eat right

Generally, I think of myself as a healthy eater, I am vegetarian and I try to eat all the food groups. But I did a little research and there is room for improvement. Here is what I have discovered:

What to eat for healthy hair?

There is a list of foods that will support healthy hair - foods high in protein are top of the list. Eggs are a great source of protein but the also contain biotin which is another essential hair boosting nutrient. A lack of protein in someone's diet can increase the chance of hair loss and unhealthy hair. Berries, Spinach, Fish, Avocados and Nuts are all considered to be excellent for promotes healthy hair and growth. What you eat can make a big difference ion your hair, how it looks and feels. For more reading, this Healthline article is very helpful.

2. Use a Brush with Wooden Bristles

Why this trending hairbrush is getting results

In the past, I haven't brushed my hair. It makes it frizz and other than maybe once or twice a week a quick brush which generally leaves me wishing I hadn't.
After some in-depth research, I discovered brushing your hair has many benefits.  So I am now brushing my hair morning and night and yes it is helping.

Which hair brush is best for your hair?

The right hairbrush spreads your hairs natural oils through your hair and distributed evenly. Which helps maintain healthy looking hair.

What is the best brush for using every day?

As part of my haircare routine, I now brush my hair each morning and evening. There are so many hairbrushes on the market - I use this bamboo hair brush for these reasons below:
The Most Amazing Hair Care Products to Transform Your Hair Naturally

Why I now use a bamboo hairbrush to make my hair stronger and healthier

  • The wooden bristles don't produce static so control frizz.
  • It works a gentle scalp exfoliator massaging the scalp, stimulating blood flow which promotes the growth of the hair follicles.
  • The natural oils in my hair are distributed by this brush evenly over my hair and scalp reducing itchy scalp and combating dryness. 
  • Plus it needs to be mentioned bamboo is a sustainable material - this means it is a much better choice for the planet.

3. Hair Growth Serum

This is the certified organic hair strengthener I am using is Noosa Basics Scalp Serum. It contains Ayurvedic oils which promote hair growth. So my aim is to start from my scalp and strengthen the roots of my hair which will stimulate growth and strength my hair.


The Most Amazing Hair Care Products to Transform Your Hair Naturally

4. Natural Clean - Hemp Shampoo

The shampoo I am using is this one by Two winged fruit it's a Nerolina hemp shampoo is a 100% natural shampoo to strengthen hair through a healthier scalp.
My hair is shinier and stronger, it contains hemp oil which stimulates growth and is having an impressive result. 
The Most Amazing Hair Care Products to Transform Your Hair Naturally

5. Vitamins Boost - Hair Nutrients Conditioner

In my quest for stronger and healthier hairI have done some looking into vitamins for my hair. This is Beauty and the Bees Apple Cider Conditioning Rinse strengths hair and creates healthy hair from the roots to the tips. It rids hair from imbalance and is rich in vitamins and minerals.  

The Most Amazing Hair Care Products to Transform Your Hair Naturally
This incredible product makes hair soft and shiny, bouncy and beautiful. Online reviews are outstanding and people love it. Only trouble is it sells out fast!


6. Hair Styler which Strengthens Hair and Stimulates Hair Growth

This is Dr. Bronner's lavender, coconut and hemp oil hair creme.
Here is an idea - how about a leave-in hair conditioner rather than one you wash out!
You want your hair to be soft, shiny and strengthened with nutrients - why wash away the goodness? This leave-in hair creme conditioner also gives your hair a light styling. The hemp oil helps hair strength and stimulates growth from the scalp to the roots. Absolutely loving this product!

The Most Amazing Hair Care Products to Transform Your Hair Naturally

7. Future Goals - Soft Water

I don't have one of these amazing Shower filter - Sprite chlorine filters - yet! We have a very large and unusual shower head. However, with a renovation in the works for a new place, I will absolutely be installing these.

The Most Amazing Hair Care Products to Transform Your Hair Naturally

Why I can't wait to buy a shower filter:

  • Shower filters remove chlorine, dirt and odour from water - this means softer hair and skin
  • No more dry skin, eyes and brittle hair!
  • Chlorine is a problem when heated and inhaled into the lungs scientific studies to a long list of health concerns. is one of those stores that is making a difference in the world today and for the future. They stock an incredible range of products that not 
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