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Sustainable Soap - Body Wash vs Bar Soap - No More Plastic Bottles

Sustainable Living: How to reduce bathroom plastic bottles

No more plastic bottles, the solution for body wash, hand soap, pump shampoo and conditioner. With superior results - tried and tested.

For most of my life, I have used all the above in a plastic container. Used and then discarded added to landfill in the '90s and most of early '2000s.
Then around 2005 I used and recycled. I thought that recycling then was good, a better option. Then I discovered only recently (this is Australia so please add your country into Google). In Australia, we have overflow recycling - that is too much that can't get processed fast enough for the demand. Only on average 9% of items added to curbside recycling collection are getting recycled. The stats are improved if you drop recycling to purchase built recycling drop-offs. 

Eliminating waste all together for a better solution make sense!

NSW recycling: How recycling works across the state
Google - 'How much recyclable plastic gets recycled in' ... (add your state or country)
This knowledge stopped me in my tracks. What? This means on average 91% of recyclable rubbish you add to the curbside collection is going to landfill.
So how to say bye, bye to bathroom plastic bottles.

It's important to not get overloaded.

Starting today, process this information and learn how you can eliminate plastic in your bathroom.

  • Replace hand soap in plastic bottles with hand soap bars.
  • Replace body wash soap in plastic bottles with body wash soap bars.
  • Replace shampoo plastic bottles with shampoo soap bars.
  • Replace conditioner plastic bottles with conditioner soap bars.
There are alternatives to soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner that don't mean plastic bottles. There are soap bars for your hands, body and hair to suit all skin types. There are even shampoo and conditioner soap bars.
Soap bars come in a vast selection of essential oils, moisturizing body washes, nourishing, hypogenic, anti-bacterial (ie: tea-tree) and are just as good if not better at getting your skin feeling hydrated and clean. Soap bars come for sensitive skin and you can get 100% natural soap, no toxin and chemicals.
Soap dispensers are another option and more and more bulk stores off refill options. So you can at least while you transition, refill your current bottles. This bulk store is in Australia. I am using this retailer as I like the staff, feel and they have mostly organic products which I choose to support. Google - 'Bulk food store or waste-free food' ... (add your state or country)

Here is what you can do to limit your bathrooms plastic bottles.

Take everything out.
Deal with beauty products at another stage.
This stage is focusing on:
  • No more plastic bottles body wash
  • No more plastic bottles hand soap
  • No more plastic bottles shampoo
  • No more plastic bottles conditioner
Your ultimate goal moving forward is to never buy body wash, hand soap, pump shampoo or conditioner in a plastic bottle again.

Money Talks $$

Guess what, replacing plastic bottles with soap bars will actually save you money and you won't miss the plastic bottle products.

The hemp soap we buy for hand soap and body soap is $4.50 AU

Yep, stacks cheaper than buying a hand soap and body soap. In fact, that's cheaper than buying just one of those. No plastic. 100% Recyclable & Biodegradable packaging.
I recommended this product so highly I added it to the gift bags for teachers at the end of last year. It really is that good that I am happy to give it as a gift. 

Available at Woolworths
Website here

No packaging option

Dindi Naturals Hemp Seed Oil Soap Bar
Dindi Naturals Hemp Seed Oil Soap Bar
Click here to SHOP | Dindi Naturals hemp seed oil soap bar


You will be replacing the plastic bottled hand soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner with superior products. Superior quality products that are better for your skin (no chemicals and toxins), work better and contain no plastic.

Let's just recap soap bars work better, are cheaper and contain no plastic.

I have a memory stored from childhood a time when soap in plastic containers wasn't a thing. I remember enjoying squishing the soap, lathering and functionally it working satisfyingly. Why did we advance to soap in plastic bottles? We thought is more hygiene? Easier? Luxury? Damn all these reasons are pointless really when we won't have an Earth. Plastic is choking our Earth, our chocking Earth is polluting our skies. Our atmosphere. 
There is no need to be using plastic bottles in your bathroom. Yes, global governments should ban plastic. Meaning everything no plastic straws, disposable coffee cups and plastic bottled water. Let's unite and do what we can as an everyday person who cares.
I spent years with dry, cracked hands. Raising children will do that I was told. Deal with it. I was given steroid creams and ointments, nothing worked.
Then... I changed to a hemp-based soap bar I have no need for anything, no cracking, hydrated hands that don't even need hand cream.
Before we move on don't be worried about all those little old bits of soap. Get yourself a soap saver bag, which is also an exfoliating loafer.

Boho Things Hemp Soap Saver

Click here to SHOP | Boho Things Hemp Soap Saver

Yes, my hands are hydrated and my nails have grown all from a soap bar. No more brittle nails, smooth hydrated skin - heavenly. We then started using the same soap bar as a body soap. It's wonderful. My kids often had sensitive skin to pump body soap, is it any wonder when you read the ingredients. Not any more. The whole family uses the soap bar, soft skin, never dry, no allergies. 
We do not need to use plastic, we need to change our habits to accommodate not using plastic. It's hard work but once habits are changed it's not.
Right here, right now, tackling bathroom plastic is the goal.
Do you ever wonder where you plastic hand soap bottle goes?
Does it really get recycled? Have you ever imaged it sitting there is a pile of landfill - out of sight out of mind. Remember the average only 9% of recyclables added to curbside waste is getting recycled!

Some interesting reads about plastic:

'Plastic recycling is a myth': what really happens to your rubbish?
Recycling isn’t working – here are 15 ways to shrink your plastic footprint
#8 "Use bars of soap (also available for shampoo and shaving)
instead of bottles and skip the plastic loofah
Find bars that are wrapped in paper and for an extra environmental benefit,
avoid palm oil."

Moving forward never buy body wash, hand soap, pump shampoo or conditioner in a plastic bottle again.

There is no need.

Soap bars make the ideal gift. Useful and realistically perfect for anyone.
Finding the soap bar that is right for you. As the author has stated hemp is wonderfully hydrating, hygienic and smells enticing. There are some interesting combinations like rosemary, pink clay, rose and charcoal that are well worth investigating.


Shampoo and Conditioner Soap bars

You may have never heard of the concept.
Some work really well and some don't. Somewhat subjective of course to your own hair requirements.

Try: Dindi Naturals Solid Shampoo in Tin or Re-fill

Dindi Naturals Solid Shampoo Refills
Click here to SHOP | Dindi Naturals Solid Shampoo (Available in tin click here)
Derived from coconut, these solid shampoos help hair (even dyed locks) retain a balanced pH level, keeping hair cuticles smooth and soft. Long-lasting, portable and conveniently free from plastic, these bars give a rich and gentle lather. Select from:
  1. Sea Moss for all hair types
  2. Lilly Pilly for normal to dry
  3. Argan for sensitive
  4. Calendula for blonde and grey hair

Try: Dindi Naturals Solid Conditioner Bar in Tin or Re-fill

Dindi naturals conditioner bar

Click here to SHOP | Dindi Naturals Solid Conditioner Bar (Available in tin click here)

A selection of solid conditioner bars for soft, shiny, super moisturised hair.
Choose from:
  1. Avocado for most hair types
  2. Mango for normal to oily hair types
  3. Argan for sensitive
  4. Jojoba for dry hair
All-natural plant-based ingredients work to deliver soft, detangled and voluminous locks. Packaged in a reusable tin. Vegan-friendly and palm oil-free. 50g.

Lice and Nits Soap Bar

There is even a wonder bar soap for head lice. It can be hard to get as sells out regularly, click here to see if in stock. If you have ever had to conqueror these little lice/nits they are demons in kids hair they are a cycle that is hard to escape. This soap doesn't strip their hair (or your own) from precious oils, nutrients or luser. It works and using it regularly will break the cycle and stop that incredibly annoying and at times wakeful tickle that these insects endure in your hair.
Biome Shampoo Soap Bar Lice
 Click to SHOP | Lice and Nits Soap Bar

There is an alternative option which is filling up your empty shampoo and conditioner at your local bulk zero-waste store. Personally I find the satisfyingly lathering luxury of a soap bar far outperforms any other option.
OwnMuse is looking forward to hearing how you go, your thoughts ideas.
As always this is a united sustainable project. When going gets tough remind your self that every little effort helps the planet, all its creatures and ecosystems.
Give more than you take.
Talk to your friends, learn from each other. Sharing ideas and knowledge ultimately is what friends are for.
Take care
XO Harper 


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