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8 Best-kept Style Secrets Of Stylish Women  - How To Look More Stylish

8 Life-changing Style Secrets

How we look and style ourselves daily is paramount to feeling good through your entire day - these styling foundations will help you get through those hard styling moments. 
Everlane banner - OwnMuse

Everlane banner - OwnMuse

1. Build

Build a capsule wardrobe which suits what you do. This is called a capsule wardrobe it's a closet full of clothes you love that are all key fashion basics.
Each item is carefully selected to be interchangeable with the rest of your wardrobe.
Make sure all the pieces in your wardrobe are your favourite - that they all serve a purpose.
This is a key style solution and a huge problem solver for the feeling 'argh I have nothing to wear'.


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2. Colour

Base colour palette for capsule wardrobe recommendation

Select 1-4 base colours for your capsule wardrobe. Choosing a colour palette for your wardrobe will make mixing and matching outfits easy. 

Grey Capsule Wardrobe

Grey gray capsule wardrobe style ideas

You can quickly achieve different looks, styles and outfits by coordinating different combinations of the same clothes when you have a wardrobe full of base colours. 
Add colours through accessories, bags and shoes, jackets, scarves and more.

Blue Capsule Wardrobe

Blue navy capsule wardrobe style ideas

Add personal style through texture and using different fabrics.
Choose 1-4 base colours from the above spectrum. You can choose different colours next season. 

Black Capsule Wardrobe

Black capsule wardrobe style ideas

Colour is a powerful tool for reigning in your personal style. With very little time and effort, you can shape your current wardrobe into a well-curated capsule wardrobe full of all your favourite fashion essentials. 

Blush Neutral Capsule Wardrobe 

Blush neutral capsule wardrobe style ideas


3. Plan

You need to plan your week's outfits!
Time is not always a luxury we have in abundance, sometimes we literally have no time to give much thought to how we look. This is not ok, how we look directly affects how we feel.
You deserve to look your best.
If you live a busy life finding the time to plan will, in fact, save you time in the long run.
  • You must dedicate a time to plan your weekly outfits. Add it to your calendar, schedule this time.
  • Make it fun, grab a coffee, a snack, put some music on. Enjoy piece together your clothes for the next week.
  • The stress of getting ready in the morning will be lifted - all week 
  • This style secret will transform your day - every day.

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    4. Basics

    Do you have all the key fashion basics that you need to suit your lifestyle?

    Do you feel like you could have outfits if only you have the right basic tee?

    Huffer - short sleeve black t-shirt top

    Basic t-shirt | Huffer NZ

    Focus: Basic T-shirts

    For a long time, I underestimated how many plain t-shirts I needed in my wardrobe. I lived in short supply, waiting for the next washing cycle. Less is more - unless you don't have enough. You need to balance between minimalism and practicality.
    Depending on your lifestyle this may be black shirts, white t-shirts or white shirts, white t-shirts. Basics t-shirts are a need in your everyday wardrobe.


    How many basic t-shirts should you own?

    The main point is you need to have these key fashion essential and have them available to wear. For me, this is a supply of at least 5 basic t-shirts short-sleeved and 5 long sleeves. Minimalist who have time I respect you and long for this time in my life in many ways but this is what I need to not feel wardrobe frustration from a lack of supply.
    You need to have enough supply in your wardrobe to get you through the week and your washing cycles.


    Which basic t-shirts are the best?

    Which fashion retailers make basics t-shirts which last?

    1. Organic Basics 

    Organic Basics make all sorts of essential basics, in fact, they make incredibly well-made basics. 
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    2. Huffer NZ

    Huffer has long been a favourite of mine, for both short sleeve t-shirts and long sleeve t-shirts.

    3. Acne Studios

    If you have the funds then Acne Studios are the brand to invest in. Respect your t-shirt fabric by laundering correctly. It is recommended to always read the care instructions on all your garments. 
    * These are not in order of recommendation - they are all A+ basic t-shirts brands.


    5. Reflection

    Feel good about now - your style, who you are and what you have achieved. 
    You might not have been happy with your style before and that's ok. Reflect on your progress, it's a style journey, if you stick to the style foundations listed here and add your style building blocks one step at a time - your style will flow.
    Feel confident you are building a wardrobe full of clothes you love and a personal style to be proud of and to empower you - every day!
    You will be ready to take on whatever your day holds, this confidence and enthusiasm will follow through you. Be happy you are making the choice to be your own muse, to be more stylish and take control of your wardrobe today. This is a key motivating factor.

    Margaret Howell - Alasdair McLellan - exhibition
    Images: Margaret Howell - Alasdair McLellan - exhibition
    Margaret Howell - Alasdair McLellan - exhibition

    6. Accept

    Possibly less is more is a goal you have had for some time?
    Maybe you have never quite achieved less spending more satisfaction.
    Once you embrace this style of ideology it will set you free.
    Focusing on clothes that you love, that serve a purpose, which you have deliberately chosen to coordinate with your wardrobe will provide you with a working wardrobe full of outfit and style opportunities.
    Less is more is a colossal financial motivator.
    Taking control of your retail expenditure and actually buying what you need is a huge eye-opener.
    By taking control of your buying habits you will save money.
    Buy more of what you need rather than what you want.

    7. Stylist

    Remember this process is exciting - you are the stylist, the curator, you are in control and get to create a feel, persona and your stamp - impression on the world, you get to be your own muse.
    Clothes speak for you - your style speaks without saying a word. Communicate through your style, who you are and what you are here to achieve. Empower yourself and make the style fashion and style choices.
    There you have it, you will feel empowered, look stylish and considerably more together than trying to style using an ad-hoc mix of colours, textures and pieces.


    8. Poetic Thoughts 


    Girl about the world,
    Had broken free of the norm,
    She works hard, plays hard and has fun,
    Though somehow becomes undone,
    She did look the part,
    But then all of a sudden can't start,
    She tries again,
    Things get worse, her style completely falls apart,
    What is not right?
    What can she do to ignite her spark?
    Her life and sense of control,
    Resonates in a wardrobe which is the only kind of cool,
    The answer is in her style,
    Creating a go-to fashion file.
    Never underestimate the power of style - style has the power to make you feel confident and in control, style communicates to the world who you are without a word. 
    Good luck with the steps!
    Give it a try and please add your thoughts in comments,
    Enjoy your day

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