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Everlane - Japanese oxford tailored shirt

SHOP NOW Everlane Japanese Oxford Shirt
It's always reassuring to know that on those tricky outfit days you have a dependable shirt.
Having a well-edited supply of shirts in your capsule wardrobe is vital to looking and feeling stylish.
You need to make sure your capsule wardrobe shirts are made from quality fabric, cut well and are in your base colours.
There is a skill to picking quality shirts for your wardrobe which isn't as hard as you may think.
3 tick shirt editing process:
  • Do you like the feel of the fabric?
  • Does it feel good on?
  • Does it look good on?
If the answer is yes to all 3 then this shirt has passed the capsule wardrobe checklist test.
Care for and launder your shirts as per the care instructions and enjoy wearing this outfit saving capsule wardrobe essential.
You can wear your effortless shirt with any of my skirts, trousers or jeans.
An easy, quick and stress-free outfit in seconds. 
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Designer Shirt - The Jil Sander Aesthetic

Jil Sander designs with heart and soul focused on creating timeless, high-quality garments.
Luxe designer quality in both fabrics, process and the finished result are the rules to which Jil Sander and her team abide. 

Jil sSander - Black sculptural cuff inserts shirt

SHOP NOW Jil Sander designer classic shirt

Silk Shirt - Nique 

Join the avant-garde realm with this street style savvy khaki shirt by Nique.
Made from silk it offers sophistication and classic styling.
Atsuko shirt - By Nique in khaki colour and made from silk
SHOP NOW Nique khaki silk shirt


Silk Shirt - Nique 

Niche has created a sleek shirt which pays attention to the subtle silhouette of a bodies form.
Silk fabrics drape beautifully on a variety of body shapes.

Niche - White Ichiko silk shirt

SHOP NOW Niche 'Ichiko' silk shirt
Silk is easy to care for using The Laundress | Delicates Wash - no need to dry clean!

 White Oleander font

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