Eco Minerals Review: The Best Mineral Natural Makeup

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Natural Makeup - eco -Mineral Foundation

The Best Natural Mineral Makeup

Sustainable Beauty: Eco minerals Review

eco minerals is 100% pure natural makeup, ethically sourced and handmade in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia.

Are you looking for vegan, cruelty free, eco mineral makeup that is gentle on your skin, will not cause breakouts or irritation.
I was too!
Take a look at what they have to offer hereeco minerals
One day, I googled the ingredients of the liquid foundation I was using, names of chemicals I could not pronounce like 'Polymethylsilsesquioxane'. Why had I never thought of doing this before, why this day. The fact of the matter was - shocking. 
I had been using that liquid foundation for years and I stopped that day. I began looking for a 100% pure natural mineral foundation.
Simultaneously to the shocking truth being revealed about my liquid foundation I researched the truth about the moisturiser I had been using. The alarm bells sounded... more dubious chemicals - oh help me.
Introduce to my life - eco minerals makeup and, 100% natural face oils; what joy they are. Natural oils feel better on your skin and considering your face is produces natural oils doesn't it makes sense to balance, hydrate, and cleanse your skin with natural oils. My prefers are; Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Vitamin E or Pomegranate oil. Adding essentials oils of choice such as frankincense, lavender, ylang ylang or tea tree.

Eco Minerals Review: What is the best mineral makeup?

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Having worked for many years in the VOGUE office, I had experience with the multiple dimensional world of beauty.
Please know that VOGUE now has a sustainability editor on staff but this is a new position. Beauty has not been sustainability focused for long. More and more thanks to high end brands and smaller dedicated revolutionaries like eco minerals Byron Bay.
100% natural, vegan, cruelty free beauty brands are starting to gain a cult following if not a mainstream awareness.
The previous foundation had offered me full coverage with the option to lessen the coverage as I required. There are days when you want full coverage and days when light coverage is best. Versatility is important so finding a comprehensive mineral foundation that could offer both full coverage and light cover fro the same products was my goal.
I tried several 100% natural foundations on my quest and they didn't make the grade. I was not satisfied for different reasons from the lack of coverage, colours or texture. 

Then I found... eco minerals what a relief!

ECOMinerals - 100% natural foundation - Eco Mineral Foundation

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I was a little unsure at first how to use a 100% natural foundation. For one it comes as a mineral powder, not compact but a loose powder! Which when you think about it is natural and pure.
Yes a little tub of powdered foundation arrived in the mail. Intriguing, I had always had my foundation mixed and in liquid form. Take note the mineral foundation full coverage powder is different to a compact matt foundation. Eco minerals comes in a little tub of loose powder.
For me using the previous mentioned face oils work sensational well with the Eco Minerals range.
Eco Minerals are designed to be used wet or dry. So you can mix as a liquid foundation or you can use a powder.

Mineral foundation light coverage and/or base:

I apply a little Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Vitamin E or Pomegranate oil to my face as a base then sprinkle the vegan mineral powder on the palm of my hand and then add on top.
To mix as liquid foundation this way works very well. I applying my face oils direct to my face, and sprinkling a little powder in the palm of my hand and apply straight to my face give me good control of colour.

Mineral foundation full coverage:

Increase the coverage to create a full coverage. I sprinkled a little more mineral foundation powder in the palm of my hand. Adding face oil directly on top and working in to a liquid foundation to then top up the coverage on my face.
You can pump a few drops of the oil of choice and mix to a fresh liquid foundation from the start. This would give you and equally full coverage.
Alternatively or as well use mineral foundation loose powder, dry as a matt powder just as you would a compact powder foundation. Which ever suits your beauty routine best.
Refills are available for each mineral foundation tub at a discounted price. The refill option packaging makes an highly environmentally friendly product, reduces waste, and saves you money.

Eco Minerals Review: What is the best mineral makeup?

I combine two eco minerals foundations on my face and use a third for highlighting my cheeks and eyelids.

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eco minerals - Vegan Natural Makeup

These work best when mixed as you apply!

# 1: Flawless Skin Foundation

A long-wearing mineral foundation contains SPF 25+ protection and is formulated to give a matte finish. Ideal for normal, combination and oily skin types. Easily builds to full coverage.
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natural makeup-ECO Minerals - Flawless Mineral Foundation

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Combine with: #2: Perfection Foundation

Creates a fresh, lightweight and natural finish, contains has SPF 25+ protection and is long-wearing.
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natural makeup-ECO Minerals - Perfection Foundation

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"The magic of eco minerals lies in our clear intention to create beautiful,
pure products that are eco-friendly and cruelty-free,
that look and feel simply PERFECT on your skin."
- Lulu Starman eco minerals creator.
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eco minerals is a 100% natural ingredients natural beauty brand. All products are ethically sourced and handmade in Australia. Read more about eco minerals ingredients.
Products contain no fillers, no parabens, no chemical preservatives and no palm oil. Completely 100% pure natural minerals. eco minerals creates mineral foundations, bronzers and blushes by hand.

My eco minerals Makeup Shopping List:

Natural mineral foundations
(I use a little of both - I recommend a slightly lighter for the bridge of your nose, above your eyebrows, below your nose and for blemishes)
1. Flawless Matte Mineral Foundation in Light beige
2. Perfection Dewy Mineral Foundation in Lightest Beige
Blush, Bronzer - Contouring, Cheeks and Eyelid Highlighting
3. Flawless Matte Mineral Foundation in Porcelain 
4. Coco Brow Powder
Eye Colour, Eyeliner
5. Black Magic - matte black (also a stunning eyeliner)
These are all pure 100% natural minerals and 100% natural botanicals!
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Eco Green Beauty Glossary

What is vegan makeup?

Vegan makeup or vegan beauty means it contains no animal-derived ingredients, it is not tested on animals. By law (hopefully, this will change soon) any products sold in China are required to be tested on animals. Many beauty brands will not sell their products in China. OwnMuse urges you to know more about the brands you support.
How do you use and apply a loose mineral foundation?
To obtain a light to full coverage natural foundation finish you build up the layers as you apply the makeup. Use as a powder directly on to your skin or add a spray of water, toner, face oil or moisturiser to create a liquid foundation.
Shopping Tip: I was in fact a darker shade than I had expected. 
What if the colour isn't right for you?
Eco Minerals products - whether purchased online or in-store, are 100% colour match guaranteed.  Contact them via email with details of your product purchased and comments about colour (too yellow, too dark etc) and they will then organise a replacement. 

What is mineral makeup?

Mineral makeup contains anti-irritation ingredients (like zinc) that are gentler on your skin, leading to fewer breakouts. Mineral makeup won't clog your pores like traditional makeup.
ECO Mineral's makeup consists of four 100% pure natural minerals, zinc oxide, to calm skin, iron oxide, to give pigment (or provide colour), titanium dioxide, for sun protection and coverage and mica, for a beautiful finish and texture.
All minerals are ethically sourced. Why do beauty minerals need to be ethically sourced? Read more here...
How do you use mineral makeup?
You mix the foundation daily, this in its self resonated. As careful as I am to always wash my hands before applying makeup this routine was a more definitely means of keeping blemish-causing bacteria from breeding in your makeup.
For light to full coverage build up the layers of the loose mineral powder. You can apply as a powder directly on to your skin or add a spray of water or toner on to your brush to create a liquid foundation.

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How to Apply Natural Makeup?

1. When I combine one each of the above products I achieve a balanced complexion.
2. Adding a little oil I like Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Vitamin E or Pomegranate oil in the palm of my hand I then sprinkle on the mineral powder. 
3. I work in to a foundation liquid and apply.
4. I then use the other mineral powder to go over the top. I find this combination creates a very successful balanced complexion.

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eco minerals Makeup Q&A

I added these Q&A from social media questions and from questions I have received when discussing Eco Minerals with friends. I noticed the same questions so thought you might find them helpful too. Most women are concerned about what they are adding to their skin - daily. Most women once they stop and question - 'What is REALLY in my beauty products?' Are the over come with a numbing realisation. 

Why use eco minerals?

I did try a several other mineral makeup foundations before settling on Eco Minerals Byron Bay so I had some knowledge of what I was looking for. I was impressed with their fast service, I always seem to run out and need deliveries fast so this is a big deal for me. It is packaged very well and arrived safe and sound in eco packaging.
Lets get real, it has to work and be the best eco mineral mineral available or why bother. Eco Minerals is the best!

What Natural eco mineral Makeup Should I Use?

As stated I tried several mineral foundation and have settled with Eco Minerals. It can be tricky to know which is best for your skin. Best strategy is to give it a go - follow the how to and you will be 100% satisfied. I think Eco Minerals is the one to use, I know you will too.

How long have I been using eco minerals?

I went back in my emails to check this one; it was August 2019. 

Does eco minerals offer full coverage foundation?

Yes you can use Eco Minerals for a full coverage foundation or light. Apply the powder to direct your face over your moisturiser or face oil. Or you can add moisturiser or face oil to the palm of you hand and add the powder to build up layers as you like.

Is eco minerals natural?

Yes it's 100% natural mineral makeup and 100% botanicals.

Is eco minerals vegan?

They are cruelty free, they do not test on animals and are 100% vegan.

Does eco minerals come in eco packaging?

Yes, products are crafted with love and shipped in eco-friendly containers.

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There is no going back, choose to support natural, ethical and sustainable beauty brands.
Choose to better your ecological foot-print.
Choose to put fewer chemicals in and on your skin.
Unite and make a difference.

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