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Beauty Brand Review: Uma Oils
An organic, natural, vegan beauty range which
reduces signs of aging, boosts skin tone,
intoxicates and calms.

I fell for this beauty range hard and fast, it was an instant love affair and beauty rectification. 
Intoxicated by the smell of these products and seduced into a more relaxed state and sense of being. Craving the scent became normal as did the feeling of empowerment and the aroma that encompassed a pure calm and deep harmonic wellbeing.
Uma Oils product range soon became part of my morning and before-bed ritual. Uma Oils products work just as they promise. Best of all they are 100% organic, natural, ethical, vegan and derived from sustainable sources.
Then as I do, I stopped. I tried something else. This is what beauty reviewers do, beauty devil's advocate. On a constant quest to find the next best thing. The most sustainable beauty range on the planet. I continued to try and test vegan, organic and natural skincare products.
I continued searching for a product range that was even better than this range I was 100% satisfied with. Whilst there are some remarkable products on the market...
Guess what?
I did a full 360 and I am back, I need not have looked for anything else.
Uma oils are back in my beauty cupboard and I have now looped my tween daughter in on my beauty secret. She is using the Uma Oils 'Deeply clarifying face oil' I do substitute my Uma Oils 'Absolute anti aging face oil' for this on occasion when I have environmental blemishes.

Uma Oils has drastically improved my skin tone, smooths fine lines, reduces wrinkles, hydrates, clarifies, balances, boosts and delights my complexion - daily.

Uma Oils is an organic remedy. A skincare solution that is 100% natural and comes from the purest of sources. Each bottle is grown, blended and bottled in small batches all in the one place, on the family estate. Reducing the need for fossil fuel transportation, employing local workers and supporting local communities.

UMA OILS - 100% Organic, Natural, Ethical and Vegan Beauty

My Daily 'Natural Organic + Vegan' Beauty Routine

This range of beauty products is the most natural, vegan, cruelty-free and 100% organic range of products I can find. I use many in the rang. 
Please note I buy them at the price you see, no discount. I wholeheartedly believe in Uma Oil from source to application.

Night Skincare

For the night I adhere to a beauty ritual that transports me from day time frantic life to calm.
Uma Oils aids me as I unwinding, relax and prepares me for slumber. Uma Oils works hard on rejuvenating my skin, plumping, reducing environmental impurities, wrinkles, lines, minimalising blemishes and rejuvenation my skin overnight.
All while I sleep.

1. Charcoal Vegan Cleanser + Mask

UMA Oils 'Deeply clarifying neem charcoal cleanser' is based on a once secret family recipe formulated by founder Shrankhla Holecek's great-great-grandmother using her knowledge of Ayurvedic regimens.
This cleanser has been perfect for keeping my at times blemish-prone skin in optimal condition.
Please be aware the first time I used this I actually broke out. On second use once I let my skin recover it has the opposite effect and my skin bloomed. 
A sure sign I desperately needed to be using the charcoal and fuller's earth clay to draw impurities frequently. A normal response to modern urban living, stresses and impurities in the air.
After a few applications, why not let it sit a few minutes on the face to use it as a mask.

UMA OILS - Deeply Clarifying Neem Charcoal Cleanser

Uma Oils - Deeply Clarifying Neem Charcoal Cleanser 

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2. Anti-Aging Resurfacing Natural Face Oil

My beauty shelf contains Uma Oils 'Absolute anti-aging face oil' which I use overnight, the creme de la creme of oils for my skin type.
This face oil is a luxurious blend of nature's most potent botanicals to reverse visible signs of aging, including Neroli, Rose, Geranium and Lavender. It's enriched with Frankincense essential oil to balance skin and promote natural resurfacing, and Juniper Berry acts as an antiseptic to swiftly reverse damage or the effects of environmental factors.
UMA OILS - Absolute Anti-Aging Face Oil
Uma Oils - Absolute Anti-Aging Face Oil

- /-

3. Anti-Aging Vegan Eye Oil

This post would not be complete without the inclusion of a Uma Oils 'Anti-aging eye oil' review. 
UMA Oils 'Absolute anti-aging eye oil' rejuvenates the delicate skin around your eyes to create a more youthful and radiant complexion
Enriched with frankincense, eucalyptus and sandalwood ideal for reducing puffiness. As well as rose oil which hydrates reducing fine lines and wrinkles leaving my skin soft and supple.
Uma Oils - Absolute Anti-aging Eye Oil
Uma Oils - Absolute Anti-Aging Eye Oil

- /-

Day Skincare

Uma Oils 'Ultimate brightening face oil radiates my skin during the day, my skin feels supplied with a well-needed beauty boosting mix of potent botanicals.
Fine lines and visible signs of aging are diminished with exquisite ayurvedic, frankincense essential oil and sandalwood essential oils.
There is no doubt the Uma Oils range is limited to these two outstanding products. Oh no, there is an abundance of options specifically tailored to suit your skin. Keep on reading...
Use this with the above Uma Oils 'Absolute anti-aging eye oil.
UMA OILS - Ultimate Brightening Face Oil.jpg
Uma Oils - Ultimate Brightening Face Oil

- /-

Essential Wellness Oils

My collection of essential oils includes Uma Oils 'Pure calm wellness oil' which is sitting on my desk as I type this very blog post.
Every evening before bed I apply to my wrists, temples and underarms. A surge of calm fuels the urge, Uma Oils wellness oils are pure pleasure.
Smitten with Uma Oils 'Goodness for Good' available in the trial pack. My other favourite along with Uma Oils 'Pure calm wellness oil'. Hopefully, Uma Oils releases a larger version the same size as 'Pure calm wellness oil' soon.

Uma Oils - Pure Calm Wellness Body Oil

Uma Oils - Pure Calm Wellness Body Oil

- / -

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Body Oil

I use Uma Oils 'Absolute anti-aging body oil' most nights though sometimes I get lazy.
This is silly as every time I do use it I make a mental note its worth the few extra minutes in the bathroom.
I sometimes use a little, sometimes more sparingly. Try it on towel-dried skin as well as slightly damp skin. The later is my preference.

Uma Oils - Absolute Anti Aging Body Oil

Uma Oils - Absolute Anti-Aging Body Oil
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Hair Oil

When I know my hair needs washing the next morning I apply Uma Oils 'Intensely nourishing hair oil, massage into my scalp, work it through the ends and leave on overnight.
Without a doubt, I sleep better on the nights I have this working its magic on my hair.

Uma Oils - Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil

Uma Oils - Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil
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Blemish Treatment Oil

Another product with mentioning is the Uma Oils 'Deeply clarifying blemish spot treatment' which has worked wonders on my blemish-prone skin. Yes, oil as a solution.
Targeting the imbalance that creates the spots.
Won't clog pores and replenished your skin natural oils, so important to healing the skin caused by the blemish.
Uma Oils 'Deeply clarifying blemish spot treatment' is based on an age-old Ayurvedic formula of tea tree, juniper and clary sage that heals blemishes while preserving the skin's natural balance.
It is tremendously good.

UMA OILS - Deeply Clarifying Blemish Spot Treatment

Uma Oils - Deeply Clarifying Blemish Spot Treatment
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Extra reasons why I choose Uma Oils for my skin and hair
(like you need more) 

Net-a-porter (my previous workplace for those who don't know) only stock products, brands or designers who are not global leaders. They support sustainable fashion, natural, vegan and organic beauty through NET-Sustain. I know having worked for some years this is, without doubt, their mission statement.
In my quest for 100% natural, organic and vegan beauty once I discovered this range tried a variety of products. I could not be more satisfied.
The entire range is all remarkable. Some will suit your skin better than others. Always check the beauty ingredients for any known sensitivities.
I would have no problem owning plenty more products though how much money can I legitimately spend without an empty bank account. 
There is no better skincare and body care, hair care range I can find.
Enjoy your beauty,

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