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Collage of images of style influencer Sylvie Mus - Instagram feed of sylviemus_ featured in OwnMuse Style Muse

Sylvie Mus lives in Finland's capital - Helsinki. Her ability to wear and style clothes are clearly evident as I scroll through her Instagram feed, she appears frequently on Pinterest and if you google her style there are plenty images that confirm she is a fashion influencer to keep a watch on.
Sylvie knows how to move and strike a pose - the right way! Possibly a natural, or learned from her days as a fashion model. 
A breathtaking divine beauty, born in Rwanda her features are strong and defined, her legs long and slim and her form - well clothes, without doubt, look fabulous on her.
But her style has a depth, her choice in clothes and signature pieces are well considered and work perfectly together. She cleverly teams classic buys with signature pieces and coordinates her capsule wardrobe base colours to create a unique coveted style.
With a little effort, you too can achieve a similar result with your own style and wardrobe.
Her street smart and a times truly practical choice of clothes is what makes her a key influencer to watch. You can learn a lot from Sylvie's style. 
Be inspired - Be your own muse.

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