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An intriguing and empowering fashion blogger - Maria Astor aka Masha Sedgwick. Maria is outside the cookie-cutter fashion blogger frame. Her lyrics and poetic wisdom for one run through her posts. Maria's unique and captivating poetic voice accompanying her exquisite main fashion photoshoots are artistic and witty. Main fashion photoshoots in the sense that they belong on walls of galleries or amongst the prestigious pages of keepsake coffee table books and magazines. 
Berlin local Maria's posts are special, unique and highlight her talents.
Her website and Instagram images are literally outstanding in fashion, atmosphere, style, photography. Both show a varied experience - the amount of content is impressive. Maria is in my mind a stunning character who moves well in front of the camera and can communicate and captivate feeling easily.
Maria offers an array of style inspiration through her obvious love of photography, fashion and style.



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