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Style muse Laurence Fortin-Côté identifies her capsule wardrobe of vintage buys as a "conscious closet". Every piece of her wardrobe has been sourced with a purpose.
Laurence has fond memories of her Sunday afternoons spent with her Dad eagerly sifting and sorting through vintage stores and markets. Her adrenaline for the hunt, her cherishing of the story and her devotion to the experience are all part of her appreciation of vintage fashion and accessories. 
An academic with a post-graduate in architecture and further studies in fashion, she takes her style and design seriously. She understands the philosophy of style - how you look and feel directly influences your day, experiences and your achievements.
Laurence expertly pieces together her style, with creativity adding a unique quirk. She offers many key inspirational ideas and styling know-how. Laurence is knowledgeable and deliberate with her compilation of clothes. 
Currently a Toronto local, she has spent a lot of time travelling - her favourite cities for fashion finds are Paris, Barcelona and London. 
Laurence's style is a combination of feminine and tailoring. Her vintage pieces are all part of a cleverly selected wardrobe of base colours.
Laurence combines her base colour capsule wardrobe clothes with signature style pieces. Her focus is mostly on vintage jewellery "adding personality" to your look, a beautiful and expressive way to explain the concept of signature style.
Laurence on Instagram: @trulylaur



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