Stephanie Trendocher

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Collage of images of style influencer Stephanie Trendocher - Instagram feed of @beauxmondes featured in OwnMuse Style Muse


Stephanie Trendocher has a style brimming with inspiration.
She is her own muse, her style speaks, she combines all the right key essentials with expertise and excellence.
Stephanie is the founder of the website, which means a fine beautiful world in French.
She states "Beaux Mondes is a celebration of all things beautiful in the world".
This concept runs through her empowering imagery on her Instagram feed.
Stephanie has her persona and identity carefully aligned. She effortlessly combines her base colour wardrobe, adding statement signature pieces.
Her signature sunglasses and sculptural earrings are playful, sophisticated and desirable.
She is subtle and charming on her Instagram feed which features a netted shopping bag, the kind that is un-expensive and you might use while shopping at your local markets.
In it, she carries her Gucci clutch - a play on the current fashion trends, a clever statement and possibly a casual nibble about sustainable fashion?
Nonetheless, this relatively simple and affordable bag looks stylish and fabulously fashion when combined with her sophisticated attire.
Stephanie is a busy inspirational woman who spends her days attending to her many different roles.
From marketing strategist to photographer, to style blogger, as well as contributing creatively to volunteer networks she is a competent and hard worker. 
Stephanie has had an aspiring editorial career in fashion from magazines to blogging.
With practice and following key styling foundations, you to can achieve a unique signature style as modern and chic as Stephanie's. 
Instagram: @beauxmondes

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