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Join OwnMuse on a sustainable quest, learn how you can minimise your eco-footprint and unite to create a sustainable ecological difference!
How many percentage of the population do you need to influence to create social change? Some say as little as 10% whilst some say 25%. Either way it is way below half the population. Talking to your friends and spreading the word of what little things you are doing matter. Create a butterfly effect, 1 small change connects with other changes and creates a ripple effect.
2020 has opened even the biggest sync eyes to the effects of climate change. Previously in question by many whether climate change was actually a viable thing. 2020 has brought the question in to the forefront of daily life with no ifs or buts.

Climate change is happening what can you do to save our world.

2020 has brought about change in a big way. Faster than anyone expected we entered the New Year here in Australia with fire. The world watched as Australia burned, literally. Epochal uncontrollable fire. The world watched in shock...
  • 1 billion native animals at a conservative count¬†were¬†lost¬†
  • 10 million hectares across Australia burned
  • Homes, entire communities¬†and at this point fair to many precious lives, including¬†volunteer fire fighters - lost, gone

Climate change is forcing environmental change faster than our eco-system can maintain.

There are things you can do to help.

Before the fires a record drought, Australian dams were at the lowest they had ever been with the largest population depending on the supply. A record span of time with no rain since records were started in 1900.
The drought broke and nature put the fires out that humanity could not contain. Torrential rain down poured and poured enviably causing flooding. 
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After all this came the plague, disease, characteristics through history when the earth has been over populated and the environment not cared for.
All this in the first months of 2020.
Globally the story is much the same from the Amazon, US and South America the world anxiously waits as they enter the next fire season. 
Enough why's - the fact is we all must make more effort to lessen our ecological footprint.

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Sustainability means choosing a way of living that uses resources responsibly.

You will always need to consume, produce waste and use resources.

To live we use many things every day.

Sustainability means knowing which items to buy that are more sustainable.

Knowledge of how to disposal waste so it gets recycled.

NB: only 9% of curb side recycling is getting recycled

Each and every item you use all day has an eco foot-print. Each item needs to be considered, from its creation through to its disposal.

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Sustainable responsibility is not limited to the environment. It includes basic human rights, fair pay, safe and clean working environments.

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We live today in an age that must create change. 

You can help.

Every bit counts.

Every thing you save from landfill waste, refusing fossil fuels changing over to green energy, composting, walking to work, reusable coffee cups and drink bottles, finding an alternative to plastic, saying no to a plastic bag, talking to friends and helping them make a difference.
Support sustainable fashion and beauty brands. Support those who are trying to make a difference. Buy less and buy well. 
Choosing clothes which will serve you for years to come is resourceful. There is a deep significant satisfaction that comes from owning things you deeply appreciate and enjoy using.
Lessen your impact on the environment.

OwnMuse is working hard to help you find the little ways to connect the sustainable dots to create an entire life map of sustainable living.

OwnMuse wants to show you how you can make a big difference.
Stop waiting for your government to make changes.
Be a leader and talk to your friends, encourage and support each other.
Please email if you have an idea or something to discuss.
For more information email harper@ownmuse.com