ABOUT - Lessen your impact on the environment


Hi, Welcome to OwnMuse
OwnMuse has been a journey. What started out as a place to help women create a wardrobe full of clothes they truly love to wear. Has turned in to an entire way of living.
2020 started with Australia burning, literally. Epochal uncontrollable fire. The world watched in shock. 
  • 1 billions¬†animals at a conservative count have been lost as I write this.¬†
  • 5 million hectares in NSW, 10 million hectares across Australia have been burned.
  • Homes, entire communities¬†and at this point fair to many precious lives, including¬†volunteer fire fighters - lost, gone.
Yes, tears are welling in my eyes as I type this.
Take a moment.
Why do severe? How did this happen?

Global warming, that means climate change is changing the way we live. 

But what can 1 person in the midst of a global crisis do?

Fight for change and unite.

Every bit counts. Every thing you save from landfill waste, refusing fossil fuels changing over to green energy only, composting, working to work, finding an alternative to plastic, talking to a friend and helping them make a difference.
Investing in sustainable fashion and beauty. 
Choosing clothes which will serve you for years to come is resourceful. There is a deep significant satisfaction that comes from owning things you deeply appreciate and enjoy using.
Lessen your impact on the environment.

OwnMuse is working hard to help you find the little ways to connect the sustainable dots to create an entire life map of sustainable living.

OwnMuse wants to show you how you can make a big difference.
Stop waiting for your government to make changes.
Be a leader and talk to your friends, encourage and support each other.


For more information email harper@ownmuse.com