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What makes people attractive?

How we carry ourselves, body language, our style, confidence, aurora all add together to communicate to someone whether we have it or we don't.
You can make yourself more attractive. You choose how you want to present yourself to the world.
You can help yourself look more attractive by committing to caring for yourself inside and outside.
If you want others to see your best more attractive self, you need to take the time and effort to take care of yourself and it will show.

Look after your skin and hair?

Healthy, glowing skin makes people look more attractive. 

Your body from the inside;

  • Drink H2O, drink more water. Your body is 60% water, drink water hydrates your skin and flushes toxins keeping your skin looking good. 
  • Brush your teeth - good oral hygiene means white teeth and odour-free breath. Brush twice a day and carry sugar-free mints.
  • Drink super-greens powder the one I am currently using is by Nu-Therapy - Organic greens superfood powder, either mixed with water or in a smoothie.
    I recently heard on a podcast interviewing Sally Obermeder a green powder ambassador.
    She gives green powder credit for helping her beat cancer. There is some extra motivation to for the power of the green.  

Your body from the outside; 

Wash and cleanse your face, moisturize and apply sunscreen every day.
Oh and exfoliating once a week really does help your skin glow.

Essential skincare beauty routine

  1. Cleanser - My current obsession is this anti-aging cleanser Algenist - Genius ultimate anti-aging melting cleanser, which literally is as the names states 'genius'.
    This cleanser feels wonderful which entices you to cleanse, ideal for sensitive skin and at the end of the day it literally melts makeup away. I seriously get excited about washing my face with this cleanser!
  2. Exfoliator - You can run your own beauty salon in the comfort of your home, exfoliate twice a week and apply a mask once a week. Dr. Lewinn's - Private formula facial polishing gel works so well and smells divine. This exfoliator will hugely benefit the texture and lustre of your skin.
  3. Mask - A clay-based mask is best and not expensive, the reviews are in this clay mask by Aztec Secret - Indian deep pore cleansing healing clay mask has 5-star rating - a life-changing beauty product.
  4. Moisturiser - I have tried so many moisturisers I can't possibly list them. Which moisturiser is worth your money? Affordable and hard to beat for quality and results try Olay - Regenerist micro-sculpting cream.
  5. Sunscreen - You should wear sunscreen - yes, yes you know but do you do it? Keep one handy - in your bag or car and you are way more likely to use it. Wrinkles and melanomas aren't attractive. I love this sunscreen by Nivea - Sun protect and moisture lotion which protects and moisturisers, it's affordable and a handy size. 


How often do people comment on how nice you look after you have had a haircut? Healthy, clean hair adds to a persons attractiveness.
For stronger hair I adore Mauli Rituals - Grow strong hair oil, it has been working wonders for my hair.  

Makeup - Yay or Nay?

I believe I look more attractive and feel more confident when I wear makeup. I am not saying 'you' should wear makeup to feel attractive and confident, I am saying for me it helps.
What makeup can make you more attractive?
There are a few more makeup tricks to make someone appear more attractive. Choose one or all depending on your style.

Focus on your eyes

  • The ideal way to make your eyes look more open, creating an appeal of attractiveness is by using an eyelash curler. The number one reviewed and loved by beauty editors is Shu Uemura - Eyelash curler.
  • Additionally or alternatively add mascara. Fall in love with this bargain mascara by Maybelline - Lash sensational luscious washable mascara. Are you guilty of rubbing your eyes through the day? Which I am. This mascara stays put - through the whole day!

Facial sculpting

  • Sculpt your face to highlight or fake your facial bone structure. You don't need to be a beauty artist, this product does the work for you, Illamasqua - sculpting powder duo compact. 

    This contouring palette will make your face glow and with minimal effort at an affordable price.
    Apply the 'Sweep heliopolis' shade along your cheeks to shade and define. Add 'Dust lumos' shade across the top of cheekbones to highlight and enhance. Can be used on your eyes, across lashes and forehead.

    Accentuate your lips

      Mac - lipstick neon lights

      Personal style tips checklist

      How to style yourself to be more attractive?
      • Be yourself, people are drawn to people with energy and passion about their personal style.
      • Stick to a wardrobe of 1-4 base colours adding 1-2 accent colours.
      • Include one or two of your signature pieces. These special pieces resonate good and will build your confidence making you more attractive.
      • Dress for the occasion, if you feel like you fit the part, you will come across to others more attractive.

      Choose to be happy

      There is scientific proof that happiness is a choice. Days can be hard and mount up quickly.

      You can keep thinking, I will take it easier on myself tomorrow. I will choose to be happier tomorrow.

      Reset your happiness levels today; This Is Scientific Proof That Happiness Is A Choice.

      Smile more

      Researchers in Switzerland conducted two experiments examining attractiveness and smiling.

      The results demonstrated that the more someone smiled the more attractive their face was considered.
      Use humour; it is a bond, a connection, common ground. Laughter is how we test humour as a bond. When we feel connected through humour and the act of laughter we are attracted to those people we are connecting with. We a sharing the common bond of humour through laughing.
      "The effect of a great sense of humour on women's attractions might be partially explained by the fact that funny people are considered to be more social and more intelligent, things that women seek in a mate," Anthropologist Gil Greengross for Psychology Today.

      Body posture

      Opening up your body to being seen as attractive means uncrossing arms, shoulders back and head up.
      Feeling confident in your posture communicates instantly to someone you meet. Stand comfortably, wear comfortable clothes and shoes that fit the occasion this will radiate in your body language. If you feel uncomfortable you will look uncomfortable. If you feel comfortable you have a far better chance of being comfortable and being seen as attractive.


      Many people are attracted to power - whether this is money, celebrity status, talent or academic excellence they all work to make someone seem more attractive than they might otherwise be.

      Believe that what you do is as important as the next person. Every contribution to society is worthy of feeling great.  

      Be yourself and feel confident

      How do I feel more confident?
      People are often drawn to similarities in others that are the same as themselves the flip side is opposites attract. Whichever the case way being yourself is far easier to maintain.

      As an exercise to try is to look at yourself in the mirror, even get yourself a beauty mirror for your desk, Niome - double sided makeup mirror. Look at yourself, really deeply. Give yourself a smile. Look into your eyes are believe you are attractive. Adjust your face and see your best angle. Relax your face and be happy to be you. Sincerely and honestly - you! 

      Please be nice, nice people are far more attractive.

      I would love to know your thoughts please add them in the comments below.

      Feel free to let me know if any subjects you would like more information on for a future post.

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