Sustainable Living - Choosing to live sustainability

Sustainable everyday living - made simple and stylish

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Sustainable Living - Choosing to live sustainability
Another busy day starts, this is long before my brain is ready to commit to the morning. Coffee helps, a quick shower (note must conserve water). It's thoughts like this that I have learned to reflect on daily.
I have not always thought sustainably, I have become like this.
Consciously sustainable. Let's talk about this.

The butterfly effect - how 1 person can make an ecological difference

Some days find myself frustrated and confused, even angry. How did the world get like this? It's too hard to make a difference. 
I am not a defeatist and neither are you. We are survivers, we are activists, we are revolutionaries. We will not sit and watch the earth, our earth and our atmosphere decay.
Fight for a sustainable future, fight for change - together let's create a butterfly effect. Small changes have the power to determine larger changes and have what is called a butterfly effect.

Sustainable Living Blog - Choosing to live sustainability

How can I reduce my carbon footprint?

Welcome to sustainability headquarters, an eco-friendly blog full of resourceful ideas and consumers alternatives to help you live sustainably. Every bit counts, environmentally friendly choices will reduce carbon emissions creating a positive rather than negative environmental impact.

Sustainable Living Blog - Choosing to live sustainability

Everyday Sustainable Living

Ecological Care - You and the environment

Reducing Household and Urban Waste

From the products you choose to buy in a grocery store, refusing a plastic bag, reducing waste, choosing renewable energy and making energy-efficient ie: adding solar panels to your roof. Adding to the mix using public transportation and conserving amounts of water. All these considerations reduce the amount of environmental impact, they reduce your carbon footprint. Meaning you are choosing to live sustainably and create ecological change that the environment can maintain.

Sustainable Fashion - Ethical, Recycle, Upcycle and Considered Fashion

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion Journal
The fashion industry has long been a passion of mine. Working for many years at and Vogue. I believe in supporting the fashion industry. A lot of sustainable blogs focus on wearing garments until they are scraps. I respect this, but it's not for me.
I believe fashion is a creative outlet, an expression of our individualism, a powerful confidence boost and an important outlet. Plus to stop buying fashion would kill a creative industry that empowers individuals unique and personal attributes. There is an equilibrium, sustainable fashion. OwnMuse has an entire section focused on sustainable fashion. From high-end designer, second hand and affordable sustainable brands. Sustainable Fashion Journal

Green Beauty - Organic make-up, vegan cruelty free and toxin free beauty

Natural Beauty

Natural 100% Organic Vegan Beauty
Beauty has for too long be a toxic chemical cruel industry. Another area of OwnMuse is dedicated to beauty products made from organic, natural and cruelty-free means. They are all superior beauty products that work

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Each and every piece of creating a sustainable lifestyle map for now and future generations, matters.
Sustainable living is a way for individuals to take control of their own muse (self), their eco-footprint.
Making sustainable consumer choices will inevitably put pressure on industrial change. Be a voice and communicate, ask and question how your go-to brands pledge to sustainability. How your everyday grocery store brands are considering natural resources, fossil fuels and food waste. Your voice (through verbal, email or social media) will hold them accountable. If they could do better then politely enquire and offer ideas. If they getting it right, tell them.
We live in a time where there is no choice. We must act, we must take responsibility for our own selves, be your own muse you own inspiration.
Together we are strong. Unite and join OwnMuse in a quest to consider each and every item we use through each day. Consider the eco foot-print of everything you use from its creation through to its disposal, recycling or decomposition.

Each and every sustainable choice is a victory, an achievement.

Here are some to tick off your list:

Sustainable wardrobe ideas
20 Items 20 Outfits - Simplify Your Capsule Wardrobe Sustainable Style


Recycling Information
Debunking the Recycling Is Ok Myth - Why 91% fails to get recycled

Home composting
Starting A Compost - Small Urban Space Inner City Composting


Reducing plastic bottles
Body Wash Bottle vs Bar Soap - Choose No More Bathroom Plastic Bottles


Every piece of waste you pick up from the streets matters. It keeps that piece or pieces of waste from entering the waterways creating blockages or flowing out to sea. Disposal of it correctly and together let's make a difference.
Each time you find an alternative to plastic, choose sustainable fashion made ethically, fair trade and considering basic human rights, feel powerful in that choice. 
Sustainability is a choice, we live in an age where you can choose food wrapped in plastic, disposable coffee cups, plastic bottles, fast fashion, toxic chemical-filled beauty that has been tested on animals. But this is not sustainable. While these things exist they will always be people who make these choices. Whether ignorance or lack of care. But this is not most people. Most people care and what to create change. They possibly don't know where to start.

You have found OwnMuse, start here, start today

Choose 1 blog post and apply that to your every day and then choose another when you are ready.

Change takes time, consider each and every item as you use it. Mindful consumption questions to think about:
Where has it come from?
Who made it? Were they paid fairly?
How long it travelled to get to you?
What is it made from? Would another material be better next time?
Can I reuse the packaging?
How best to recycle? What resources will be used to recycle this material?
How long will it take to decompose?

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If there is a sustainable topic, brand focus or general feedback you would like to offer please get in touch.
Sustainability is always a work in progress. We need to consume on some level. Choose the best sustainable choice at the time. Celebrate your some victories, talk to others and let's work towards better ethical and ecological choices.

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