Biodegradable or Compostable Waste Bags: Which ones to choose?

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trash bags which to use - Compostable, Biodegradable or Recycled plastic
You have made the decision to: reduce waste and live more sustainably.
Be proud of your efforts.
Let's tackle... Which waste bag to buy at the grocery store?

Waste bag decision time

You find yourself standing in the grocery aisle, with an impatient child, time is ticking by. You cascade the waste bags shelves.
Confusion sets in.
Which waste bags are the best eco choice?

Eco-waste bags materials

What products should your waste bags be made from?
1. 20% plant-based
2. 60% plant-based
3. 80% plant based 
4. 95% recycled plastic
5. 100% plant-based
First things first, any of these are better than a plastic bag being made new and used once only to put landfill waste inside.

The choices that stand out are
80%-100% plant-based + 95% recycled plastic, you should use both!


Waste is different therefore waste bags need to be different.

Depending on where is goes the waste bag that holds the waste should be made from a different material.

trash bags which to use - Compostable, Biodegradable or Recycled plastic

Biodegradable or Compostable?

It is very confusing.
How do you know what you choose will break down?
How do you know if compostable bags are any good?
How do you know which waste bag manufacturer is best?
The breakdown (pun intended) below.

 compostable logo


Good: The best way is to buy compostable bags that are made from 100% compostable materials.
Better: Use 100% recycled paper brown bags
Best: Don't use a bag at all, compost bins do not need a bag.

organic logo

Good: When organic matter; food waste, brown unbleached paper and compostable packaging is added to the right environment it changes in to conditioned soil.
Healthy, ready for harvesting, and nutrient rich soil, ready to grow more plants.
Avoid: When the same organic matter gets put in your waste bag for landfill, it is a toxic as a petrol car's fumes.
Yes, your otherwise nutrient rich ingredient is turned in to a mix of methane and carbon dioxide.
A gas so poisonous it can kill you, the surrounding earth, pollute water and the air.
Why does good organic matter turn in to a deadly gas in landfill?
There is no natural bacteria or fungi to break it down.


Keep food out of landfill waste bags.
Food waste must go in the compost waste.

 biodegradable logo


Good: 20% plant-based. The higher the plant-based content the more likely it is to be biodegradable it does not mean compostable.
Better: 60% plant-based. Biodegradable is determined by how the plastic breaks down naturally, non-toxic with no pollutants.
Best: 80%+ plant-based. By the action of micro-organisms such a bacteria and fungi a natural non-toxic decomposition occurs, with and without oxygen.

Landfill waste that is not organic matter and is non-toxic, can go in biodegrade waste bags.


recycle logo

Recycled Plastic 

Pre-consumed plastic that would of otherwise be put in landfill is given a second life when made into waste bags. 
Using waste bags made from recycled plastic for landfill waste makes sense as it will securely contain your waste.
If waste must go to landfill then containing the risk of releasing toxic and poisonous gases in to the earth, air and possibly waterways is vital.
Recycled plastic waste bags will reduce the chance of poisonous gases entering the environment as it decomposes.


Landfill waste is the last resort, always seek alternative waste disposal.

 kids learning about green energy

Green Industry and Companies
Teaching our future leaders

The power of consumer purchasing is strong. Very strong. Industry manufacturing processes, resources, worker ethics, transportation and waste management are all under scrutiny.
Force companies to be transparent. Support green companies you know are doing their part.
Do it for you and future generations.

Together we are stronger.

Everything you do counts and matters.
Communication and sharing ways to create ecological change in our home and community is vital.
XO, OwnMuse
Please share this knowledge!

Biodegradable or Compostable Waste Bags: Which ones to choose? 

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see the disclosure for more information.

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