Currency & Pricing

OwnMuse brings together the world’s best Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle designers and brands combining them with your favourite online stores from around the world.

Whilst based in Australia the blog/site is intended to be used globally and has been designed with this intention in mind. 

Prices are estimated based on current exchange rates. Please see terms and conditions.

When shopping, please note that the actual price will be determined by each retailer and may vary slightly based on the exchange rate applied by the retailer or credit card company completing the transaction.

Exchange rates are generally updated once every 24 hours.

Remember prices over $1,000 in your local currency may incur duties and taxes at checkout. Often brands will refund this amount if you do return products or at least give you store credit, check with the individual retailers terms and conditions.

OwnMuse is in no way responsible for incorrect pricing, we do our best but no one is perfect.

The OwnMuse team

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