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My fashion career spans many years - I have been lucky enough to work in more than one of my dream jobs. Having worked at in London, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue in Australia and now editing, designing and writing for and

My pen name is Harper. My birth name is Bec. I write under Harper for several reasons. Firstly when I started blogging I was still at Vogue and we are under contract not start fashion or beauty blogs under our real name. As editors of the print magazine part of our roles is to contribute content to online. Having a blog of the same subject matter is considered a breach of this content.
Secondly, I am a mum (life goes quick) and a busy one at that, becoming my alter ego when I blog helps me quickly transition into the style, fashion, beauty editor I need to be to create content.
There you have it. Questions? Email me.
OwnMuse has been created to help you identify your personal style easy every day.
It's been a personal journey for me creating the content. 
Harper (Bec) Sinclair


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