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Ankle Boots - Capsule Wardrobe Collection - Quality Craftsmanship and Timeless Style

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Classic and Stylish - Top 3 Ankle Boots Which Have Been Made to Last 

How do you choose the right ankle boots that will work with trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses?
There is an abundance of ankle boots available - online shopping is flooded with choice. So how do you choose a pair of ankle boots that will suit your capsule wardrobe?
The aim of a capsule wardrobe is not to have an overstocked selection of garments, accessories and shoes. A somewhat high-pressure purchasing decision.
Therefore when you do spend money on clothes and shoes you want to make sure it's buying the best quality you can afford and in a classic style that will last you many years.
Online ankle boot shopping ideas.
Happy capsule wardrobe shopping! 



1. Crafted to Last - Church's

I am a complete fan of Church's - workmanship and style that will last you years of wear. Church's are a brand of shoe you see selling for the same price new as second hand! These shoes you will have in your capsule wardrobe for many years onwards towards decades.
You will completely adore the lace-up feature with the quick and easy side zip option - perfectly balanced in design, style and practicality. 

CHURCH'S  Alexandra patent black leather boots


2. Practical Elegance - Chloé

Undoubtedly a superior quality brand, Chloé creates classic styles with timeless elegance making them ideal for a capsule wardrobe collection.
These black ankle boots by Chloé are boots you can literally wear with any everyday outfit, workwear, daywear, casual wear, with a dress, with jeans or trousers.
Absolutely love the gold hardware 'C'.

Chloe - Black leather ankle boots


3. All Black Street Style - Dr Martens

Having owned somewhere up from 6 pairs of Doc Boots aka Dr Marten's black ankle boots I can assure you - these are worthwhile.
What I like about Doc Boots is their rugged quality yet stylish character. Street style favourite of the moment but always a favourite with those who love an alternative personal style. The all-black 1460 mono is my favourite in the current range and a must-have in my capsule wardrobe.

Dr Martens - Doc Boots - Black leather ankle boots 1460 mono 8 Eye


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