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Full of fun, endless styling opportunities and outfits a plenty - jeans. Owning a few pairs of jeans you love to wear is high on most women's fashion to-do list. A successful place to start your style strategy is by identifying which jeans suit your body shape.
Owning and wearing items of clothing that you genuinely feel good in is always a better wardrobe decision. Less is more. Choose the quality of quantity. 


 Wit + Wisdom - Ab solution itty bitty bootcut blue denim jeansWit + Wisdom - Bootcut blue jeans


RE-DONE Originals - Loose fit straight black ripped jeansRE-DONE Originals - Loose fit straight leg jeans


Maison Margiela - Front seam straight-leg blue denim jeansMaison Margiela - Straight-leg jeans


Universal Standard

Jeans for every shape and size woman.
Size 00-40

Universal Standard - Jeans for all sizes of women

Universal Standard - jeans for every body


Frame - Le Palazzo blue denim flared jeansFrame - 'Le Palazzo' flared jeans


Acne Studios - Pakita high rise pleated wide-leg blue denim jeans
Acne Studios
- 'Pakita' high-rise pleated wide-leg jeans


Valentino - Turn-up selvedge blue denim jeansValentino - Turn-up selvedge jeans


1. Slim Fit Jeans

Slim fit jeans are a useful jeans style to have in your capsule wardrobe. Comfortable and easy to wear. Slim fit jeans easily go with an abundance of clothes. Making them perfect to match with t-shirts, a loose-fitting blouse, tailored jackets, biker jackets or a sweater.
Literally so excited to wear these. Made from strong, durable denim - these are dream-fit jeans. Add stretch to taste.

2. Straight-leg or Mom Tapered Jeans

A new take on vintage styles from the 90s, Mom tapered jeans are a classic style. More room in the crotch and hips than a straight leg jean with a tapered waist. 
Mom jeans are able to be styled with the hem rolled up for a hipster, stylish look.
What is the difference between Mom jeans and boyfriend jeans?
Boyfriend jeans are similar but have more room in them. Think more crotch, hips and a baggy style. Both jeans styles focus a tapered waist.

3. Wide Leg Jeans

Wide leg jeans are for women of all heights - listen up.
Wide leg pants, trousers and jeans became popular in the 2000s. Mainly in tune with a variety of hip-hop, rave and other music sub-cultures. Wide leg jeans are a wardrobe staple, stylish with a relaxed image. 
Wide leg trousers work on all frames, the fashion code is this:
  • Longer Legs = Lower Waist Wide Leg Jeans
  • Shorter Legs = Higher Waist Wide Leg Jeans

4. Cropped Flare Jeans

A huge competitor in popularity with slim leg jeans. The cropped flare jeans are a classic style that is trending. 
Cropped flares are flattering as they show your ankle which is the slimmest part of your leg. 
Since cropped leg length will make your legs look longer, those with long legs should wear cropped flare jeans with flats and those with shorter legs can wear heels.

Where to Shop: Jeans for all Sizes

Petite Size

You can choose nearly any cut, though the tradeoff is more than likely you will need to cut the hem (a raw hem is very fashionable) or take up the length. 
Where to shop for petite size jeans?


Tall Size

Where to shop for tall size jeans?

Plus Size

Where to shop for plus size jeans?


Regular Size

Where to shop for regular size jeans? 


Extra Help?

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Let your senses guide you!
Less is more.

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