Jeans - Capsule Wardrobe Collection - What jeans type are you?


Jeans - Capsule Wardrobe Collection - What jeans type are you?

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4 Styles of Jeans you should have in your Capsule Wardrobe

There are numerous styles and types of jeans on the market. OwnMuse will simplify it for you.
There are 4 styles of jeans you need in your capsule wardrobe and these are them:
1. Slim Fit Jeans
2. Mom Tapered Jeans
3. Wide Leg Jeans
4. Cropped Flare Jeans

    These 4 styles of jeans will ensure you are satisfied, perfectly content with the range of jeans you have available in your wardrobe.

    Choose your capsule wardrobe jeans in your base colours - whether that is black jeans, blue jeans or white jeans. Or a mix of denim. 
    Jeans - how exciting to talk this classic.
    "In 1871, Jacob Davis invented blue jeans and jointly, patented the design with Levis Strauss in 1873. Levi Strauss & Co. also trademarked the orange thread used for stitching their jeans, which serves as a brand-distinctive feature as well as matching colour of the copper rivets. Originally designed for cowboys and miners in the 1950s, jeans have become a fashion staple nowadays, with approximately 450 million pairs sold every year in the United States alone."
    The excerpt above and image below are from - Fashionpedia - The visual dictionary of fashion design.

    Jeans - Illustration Fashionpedia

    4 Styles of Jeans you should have in your Capsule Wardrobe

    1. Slim Fit Jeans

    If you like skinny jeans or straight-leg jeans choose a style that is slim-fitting rather than spray-paint tight. There is a thing as too tight.
    Slim fit jeans are a useful jeans style to have in your capsule wardrobe. Comfortable and easy to wear. Slim fit jeans easily go with an abundance of clothes. Making them perfect to match with t-shirts, a loose-fitting blouse, tailored jackets, biker jackets or a sweater. current capsule wardrobe slim fit jeans obsession are these jeans by Levis.
    Literally so excited to wear these. Made from strong, durable denim - these are dream-fit jeans.

    Levis - 721 high rise slim fit skinny jeans

    721 High Rise Skinny Jeans | Levis 


    2. Mom Tapered Jeans

    A new take on vintage styles from the 90s, Mom tapered jeans are a classic style. More room in the crotch and hips than a straight leg jean with a tapered waist. 
    Mom jeans are able to be styled with the hem rolled up for a hipster, stylish look.
    What is the difference between Mom jeans and boyfriend jeans?
    Boyfriend jeans are similar but have more room in them. Think more crotch, hips and a baggy style. Both jeans styles focus a tapered waist.

    General Pants - Mom jeans Dr denimMom Tapered Jeans | Dr denim

    3. Wide Leg Jeans

    Wide leg jeans are for women of all heights - listen up.
    Wide leg pants, trousers and jeans became popular in the 2000s. Mainly in tune with a variety of hip-hop, rave and other music sub-cultures. Wide leg jeans are a wardrobe staple, stylish with a relaxed image. 
    Wide leg trousers work on all frames, the fashion code is this:
    • Longer Legs = Lower Waist Wide Leg Jeans
    • Shorter Legs = Higher Waist Wide Leg Jeans

    Re Done - Wide leg blue jeans 60s ultra high rise

    Wide Leg Jeans | Re/Done 

    4. Cropped Flare Jeans

    A huge competitor in popularity with slim leg jeans. The cropped flare jeans are a classic style that is trending. 
    Cropped flares are flattering as they show your ankle which is the slimmest part of your leg. 
    Since cropped leg length will make your legs look longer, those with long legs should wear cropped flare jeans with flats and those with shorter legs can wear heels.
     Levis - Cropped flare ribcage jeans
    Cropped Flare Ribcage Jeans | Levis

    Jeans Sizing

    What cut of jeans best suit my body shape?

    Petite Size

    Which jeans best suit petite size?

    You can choose nearly any cut, though the tradeoff is more than likely you will need to cut the hem (a raw hem is very fashionable) or take up the length. 

    Where to shop for petite size jeans - 


    Tall Size

    Which jeans best suit tall size?

    High-rise waist makes your legs look even longer (very fashionable), the low-rise waist will elongate your torso.

    Where to shop for tall size jeans?

    Plus Size

    Which jeans best suit plus size?

    A straight leg is best to flatter your figure.

    Where to shop for plus size jeans?


    Regular Size

    Which jeans best suit regular size?

    Boot cut or flare jeans will give definition.

    Where to shop for regular size jeans? 

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    Wearing a pair of perfect-fit jeans will make you feel good all day long?
    I know when I am wearing my favourite jeans and my style looks how I want it to - I feel empowered inside and out. 
    OwnMuse believes in considering your wallet as well as consumer habits and the mark of fashion on the environment.
    The aim of is to help you create a personal style that transcends the seasons and trends. So you spend money on fashion and accessories you that are good quality and will last.

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