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Coats and Jackets  - Which ones to buy?

What styles of coats and jackets are best in a capsule wardrobe?

The easiest way is to break this down into sections as follows: 


A coat is a style solution that adds to your outfit in an easy, quick and stress-free way. The outer layer and completing an outfit a coat is a colder season must-have.  
There are 2 styles of coats recommended in your capsule wardrobe they are a:
1. Trench coat
2. Wool coat


Jackets are practical and ideal nearly the entire year, whole year depending on where you live. Jackets are ideal for travelling, office wear, casual wear, daywear and nightwear. 
There are 4 styles of jackets recommended in your capsule wardrobe they are a:

1. Denim jacket
2. Biker jacket (so important OwnMuse has a separate section) 
3. Blazer jacket
4. Bomber jacket

Styles of Coats and Jackets you will be so relieved to have in your Capsule Wardrobe


1. Trench Coat

Traditionally a smart style wet weather coat, the trench coat will repel water to completely protect you against rain. 
A trench coat will suit all year round in Australia and Asia climates. Often a little lightweight for the proper Winter months in the rest of the world.
Owning a trench coat and wool coat are the perfect combination and recommended in your capsule wardrobe.
A true all-purpose coat, the trench coat has been made popular as it is durable, and can dress up an outfit due to the smart tailoring.


Coat Envy - Owning The Coat, The One Everyone Wishes They Had

Military Trench Coat | Coach 1941

2. Wool Coat

Wool is the perfect colder climate coat as it insulates warmth, meaning it breathes and keeps you warm at the same time - genius.
Alpaca wool is lightweight whilst sheep's wool heavier both ideal - comes down to your own personal taste, touch and budget.
As this is your outer layer wear it is recommended that you buy in your base colours - more information in the blog post - under 'colour'. 
A wool coat always completes an outfit, is a comfy and prized possession. In the office wear in a cape style way draped over your shoulders.


Wool coat - Capsule wardrobe
Hooded Coat | Vince



1. Denim Jacket

The jean jacket, trucker jacket or the denim jacket are all different names for the same jacket. Made of hard wear denim this is a rugged jacket and gets better with age.
A western-style jean jacket the denim jacket has been made mainstream and is a wardrobe essential.
There is no limit to style and outfit opportunities, from summer through winter it is perfect. Wear over your summer dresses, with tanks and shorts, layer over jumpers, hoodies and even wear under your wool coat.
The versatility of this item makes it on to the travel capsule wardrobe a tight edit, showing how important owing this wardrobe essential is.


Denim jackets - Capsule wardrobe

Denim Jacket | Re/Done


2. Biker Jacket

Leather jacket, moto jacket or biker jacket similar and one and the same. If you don't own one get one - owning this wardrobe piece is life-changing. 
Often living in the hallway or lounge it often does not get returned to the wardrobe it is such a high circulating piece. 
You can choose between leather, suede and synthetic versions in polyurethane or PVC.
A clear association with subcultures of the past the biker jacket style has now become a capsule wardrobe favourite.
Standing the test of time this style of jacket is around to stay.

Biker jacket - Capsule wardrobe
Shadow Grey JacketBlank Denim


3. Blazer Jacket

Blazer tailored jacket - Capsule wardrobe

Madeleine Blazer | Anine Bing


3. Bomber Jacket

Bomber jacket - Capsule wardrobe

Elmira Bomber Jacket | Canada Goose



Splurge Coats

Like No Other - Gucci

Worn for warmth and/or a fashion statement a coat is your top layer. Frequently a coat hides what is underneath only allowing glimpses of a shirt, tank, dress or sweater.
It makes sense to own the best quality design, workmanship and fabric you can afford. Afford indeed - this little amazing museum piece belongs in a capsule wardrobe where it will gain the usage it deserves. 
Gucci - Black coat envy Embellished wool-blend capsule wardrobe
Embellished Wool-blend Coat | Gucci


Splendid Splurge - Burberry

Having owned a vintage Burberry trench for some years I know the quality of these garments. You can rest assured you investing in a wardrobe staple that will last you decades.
Burberry has outdone themselves designing this incredible work of art featured below. Equip with beautiful silver-studded hardware. 
Burberry - Silver studded black trenchSilver-studded Trench | Burberry



Bargain Coats and Jackets

Classic Keeper - Forever New

From the Forever New versatile collection, this brand creates basics and fashion staples that you can wear from years.
Known for their feminine cut garments, Forever New helps you build an effortlessly stylish wardrobe. 
Click for Details | SHOP NOW
Forever New - Black Paige Skirt Coat
Paige Skirt Coat | Forever New

White Oleander font

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please see the disclosure for more information.

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