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How to Build a French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe
Minimalism comes in many forms. OwnMuse embraces minimal concepts to encourage the creation of a wardrobe that follows the less is more approach. 
One form of minimalism is French minimalism which is a style that is synonymous with clean lines, subtle texture and quality tailoring.

Be inspired by this French approach to fashion. No matter which country in which you reside take some style advice and adapt it to suit your own lifestyle requirements.

Owning a French minimalist wardrobe is embodying a way of dressing that is both classic and timeless.
How to Build a French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe
This style of wardrobe is economically a smart choice for a wardrobe infrastructure. Clothes, shoes, bags and accessories are intended to be able to be worn over many seasons.
Chic French women consciously stock and create their wardrobes to transcend trends and seasons. Styling techniques that include layering pieces are encouraged to extend the seasonal life of items. By incorporating layers into your outfits, you will inevitably create alternative styling possibilities with the same pieces.
Carefully articulating the purpose of clothes is another chic French women's technique. What will the item work with you already have? How will the clothing item, bag, shoes or accessory enhance your personal style?
Before you buy to ensure the longevity of your clothes, bags and shoes invest in quality and timeless pieces. Editing and planning your wardrobe contents with care and consideration will help you establish effortless chic. Garments will be able to be mixed and matched which means more outfits for you.

Some essential wardrobe items to include in your capsule wardrobe to follow. Use these fashion items as ideas for how to build a French minimalist capsule wardrobe for yourself. 

Shopping Ideas
How to Build a French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe


This classic and sophisticated French chic style creates an effortless outfit. Especially quick and ideal for busy mornings, it will suit office wear (including an interview) through to street style, classy student and mom style.
Take a little from this and a little from that. Create a capsule wardrobe style that is right for you. Elements of one style can be mixed with ideas from other style ideas. OwnMuse urges you to identify your own wardrobe and style demands and mix and match ideas to create your own personalised wardrobe which is specific to your life and your style requirements. There is a comprehensive explanation of this style ideology in the OwnMuse 'The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe Guide' you can see if here.
Minimalist style in a comprehensive totalitarian way might not be of interest. That's fine, what might work for you is the underlining focus of this style. Clean lines, striking silhouettes, appreciation for garments which last in both style and quality. That is on the lookout for fashion pieces you can envision working if other pieces in your wardrobe. Keep colours neutral or monochromic.
You can add pops of colour through accessories. If you know you can and will wear a pop colour coat for years to come then it is fine to incorporate that piece into your capsule wardrobe. Should you be constantly finding clothes in your closet that have never been worn, or have only seen the light of day once or twice you are a candidate to reign in the colour. A chic French girl knows the benefits that keeping colour refrained and in control will bring to her wardrobe.
A French minimalist wardrobe will suit all body types. When it comes to your body no matter what form it takes, embrace and encourage yourself to be empowered by who you are inside and out.
Identify the outfits that work for you, that is the fashion essential items which come together to create outfits that make you feel good. If an item is not working accept this, be reassured in the knowledge you deep down know why. Move on from it.
Choose fashion essentials items moving forward that have learned from this previous knowledge. Fashion mistakes or faux pas can teach more than getting an outfit right.
Your style, wardrobe and creating outfits is an ongoing process. You will constantly be needing to adapt your wardrobe to suit your life and style. Your life and style are ever-changing so it's ok that you are updating your wardrobe. The idea though is to mindfully do so. That your style is always considered and has a purpose. When you build a French Capsule Wardrobe this is your base wardrobe. 
Build a French Capsule Wardrobe = Mindful style
Your personal style is an extension of who you are on the inside, communicating to the world at a glance. 
Enjoy the process, style is fun, trial and error, play around. 

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How to Build a French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe 

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* Clemence Poesy
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* Julia Restoin Roitfeld
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