Must-Have Wardrobe Staple Fashion Dress - Black Dresses

Why do women love dresses? 

What is the appeal of a dress, why is it a must-have wardrobe staple?
Dress make women feel confident, there is power when in a dress. 

How to make shopping for a dress easy

Choose from a colour palette: The colour palette is working off 3 base colours - Black, Grey (Gray). You can choose 1-3 it's up to you. The idea is you choose 1-4 colours for your capsule wardrobe. Stick to those colours and look more to fabric and texture. Then if you want a pop of colour or pattern you supplement your capsule wardrobe with signature pieces which are adding to this core closet.
For colour palette swatches, more information and style tips: How To Look Stylish Fast

Shop online: Shopping for dresses online makes life so much easier. Have a good think about colour, then that will help keep you on task. Then think texture, what fabrics do you like best. If the feel isn't right it's not an option. A great feeling fabric is essential.

Black OR Grey?: There are people who love black fashion and there are people who love grey (gray) fashion. Most people are one of the other or both. Choosing 1 or both colours will see you building the foundations of high quality, versatile and useful core closet.

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X Still working on this - Grey coming soon!

Happy Capsule Wardrobe Shopping X